What Is Verifly

Passing through an airport, especially when flying internationally, may be a nuisance. It can take a long time to check luggage, travel through security, and go through customs. Depending on your route, you may also be needed to supply information on COVID-19 testing and other comparable paperwork.

For both passengers and airport workers, VeriFLY aims to alleviate some of the stress of flying by allowing you to go through basic pre-flight screenings. To find out if VeriFLY is suitable for any of your future journeys, check out the website.

What is the purpose of VeriFLY?

With the help of VeriFLY, an identity assurance software developed by Daon, travelers will have a simpler time complying with the COVID-19 travel rules. Since you may upload vital documents to the VeriFLY app on your mobile device, it has been referred to as both a digital wellness application and mobile health passport.

Using VeriFLY can speed up the time it takes for agents to review test results, passenger locator forms, and other types of data at the airport. In order to expedite the procedure, you can upload this information into VeriFLY before you arrive at the airport, so you can just show the relevant agent that you have finished the VeriFLY process.

This is akin to TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, which can expedite your travel through the airport. For frequent fliers who want to save time at the airport, credit cards that feature TSA PreCheck or Global Entry may be worth considering.

What’s the deal with VeriFLY?

You can download VeriFLY for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for both iOS and Android smartphones. You’ll need to download VeriFLY and set up an account before you can use it. You may then use the app to create a “pass” for a specific journey. Create a pass for your travel to the United Kingdom, for example. For further travels, you’ll need to create separate passes.

Enter the flight and passenger information for each pass, and then submit the necessary papers. Passes may now be organized by country of destination, allowing VeriFLY to keep abreast of any changes in international air travel regulations. These specifications are subject to change, but VeriFLY should be able to keep up with them. It’s possible that you’ll be required to enter or upload information or documents, such as:

  • Passengers’ personal information
  • Airports of embarkation and arrival
  • Passport details are included in this section.
  • Assistive material (if traveling with others)
  • Taken directly from the camera on the phone, these are images of you and any partners you may have on your trip.
  • Negative Test result for COVID-19
  • Authorization for travel (if necessary), such the U.K. Passenger Tracking Form

Pre-departure checks in VeriFLY, which simply validates things like possessing a valid passport and printed copies of appropriate papers, are likely to be required within the next 24 hours before your travel. At this moment, you should see a green check mark indicating that your pass has been successfully completed. When you arrive at the airport, simply present the check-in agent your completed boarding permit.

Travelers using VeriFLY should not have to spend additional time going over their documentation at the check-in counter if all goes well. Your check-in time will be cut in half because the verification procedure will be a lot quicker using this method! However, VeriFLY is presently only approved by a few airlines and only in a handful of countries around the world.

The VeriFLY system is used by what airlines?

As a result of this limitation, VeriFLY is unable to be utilized to its full potential. Flying with VeriFLY-certified airlines may not be a problem, though.

VeriFLY is used by these airlines:

  • Aer Lingus. The service is available for all flights departing from the United States bound for Dublin, Ireland, as well as select flights returning from Dublin to the United States. Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom are among the European countries that have lent their support (certain airports).
  • American Airlines. There are numerous flights from the United States to overseas locations such as the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and South America. Supports all international flights into the United States.
  • British Airways. All international flights into the United Kingdom and many international flights out of the United Kingdom, such as to the Caribbean, North America, Europe, and Asia, are supported by this system.
  • Iberia. To the United States and Puerto Rico from Madrid, Spain.
  • Japan Airlines. There are no restrictions on how many flights from the United States (including U.S. territory) and how many flights from Japan are supported, and vice versa.
  • Qantas. It appears that VeriFLY is no longer facilitating flights to or from Australia at this moment (Sept. 20, 2021), most likely because of travel restrictions in Australia. A trip from Turkey to Australia was supported in May 2021.
  • Royal Air Maroc. Casablanca Mohammed V international airport and all flights from John F. Kennedy Airport in the United States to Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport in Morocco.

Bottom line

Due to VeriFLY’s uneven and clumsy user experience, it has gotten mixed reviews. However, when it works, it appears to be a useful tool for accelerating the review of information by airport staff. If you’d want to give it a go, it’s completely free. Consider applying for a credit card with travel-related perks to enhance your vacation experience. TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and CLEAR are just a few of the programs that may refund you for your application cost, or allow you to relax in an airport lounge with your complimentary Priority Pass.

About the author: David Krug is the CEO & President of bankovia. He’s a lifelong expat who has lived in the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, and Colombia. When he’s not reading about cryptocurrencies, he’s researching the latest personal finance software.