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What Is The Most Ordered Food In America

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What Is The Most Ordered Food In America? Deliveries of your favorite foods and beverages are now as simple as placing an order online and having them delivered right to your home. Is there anything in particular that everyone is hankering for these days?

There has been a massive increase in online meal ordering services like DoorDash, Grubhub or UberEats since many Americans have decided to stay at home and eat their favorite dishes amid the COVID-19 outbreak. We prepared a list of the 15 most popular foods and drinks being delivered throughout the country based on the DoorDash State of Flavor Report and Grubhub’s list of the year’s favorite dishes. DoorDash and Grubhub’s meal delivery goods have been increasingly popular over the past several years.

Make sure to check credit cards and take advantage of those that provide points and advantages for meal delivery services if you often buy food online. One of the best ways to prevent frequent money blunders is to take advantage of rewards programs for purchases you currently make.

Chicken fingers and fries

Chicken fingers and fries were the most frequently requested meal item on DoorDash last year. What astonishment! Even if that is the case, it’s difficult to go wrong with this classic dipping pair. It’s a one-way trip to munch town as long as you have sufficient of your favorite sauce on hand.

Chicken sandwich

If you can get rid of the fingers and replace them with a spicy fried chicken sandwich, you’ve found yourself a true winner. There’s no denying that the chicken sandwich is a crowd-pleaser, whether it’s served simply with a little sauce and pickles, or with lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

Mac ‘n’ cheese

Please, yes. It is time to introduce you to macaroni and cheese, the most comforting of comfort meals. Even if you can prepare your own mac ‘n’ cheese at home, there are instances when it tastes better when you order it from a restaurant. To acquire the correct balance of pasta and cheese, they may have a secret ingredient, or they may just get the pasta and cheese ratios just so. This is something we’d be down with. Mac and cheese is a favorite dish of ours at local eateries, so keep up the good work.


Is there such a thing as sushi delivery that’s unlimited? If this isn’t the case, it must be. It’s no secret that Americans like sushi, which is why this late-night delicacy has earned its place. It’s no surprise that the iconic California roll is DoorDash’s ninth most popular item of the year. You’ll have to order more Vegas rolls if you want to keep up with this sushi staple.

Pad thai

Is there anything better for a late-night meal than a steaming bowl of pad thai? It’s hot, consisting of noodles and veggies, and covered in a delicious sauce. To get you out of that midweek malaise, this sounds like a great option for dinner.Is there anything better for a late-night meal than a steaming bowl of pad thai? It’s hot, consisting of noodles and veggies, and covered in a delicious sauce. To get you out of that midweek malaise, this sounds like a great option for dinner.

Iced coffee

Let’s not forget about our chilled buddy, the iced coffee, for a different type of pick-me-up. With the rise of remote employment, the morning commute for many Americans has become a thing of the past. There’s no need to stop at the coffee shop now that you’re working from home. Good thing meal delivery services are available to help out. Delivered to your door, iced coffee to keep you energised and focused.

Milk tea

If you’re not a fan of coffee, you may prefer a cup of tea. Milk tea, sometimes known as bubble tea, is a popular food item for meal delivery services. It has increased in popularity by 168 percent on Grubhub alone. The purple taro milk tea and the green matcha milk tea, for example, are likely to be familiar to you from your travels. boba (tapioca pearls) are an excellent addition to this dish.

Veggie burger

It appears that plant-based diets are here to stay. 291 percent growth in Grubhub orders for plant-based burgers is close to the 299 percent growth of the spicy chicken sandwich. In my opinion, that is one of the greatest achievements of all time. Thank you, black beans and mushrooms, soy products, and tofu. Thank you for making your impact on the world.

Chips and guacamole

It’s hard to think of a better appetizer or side dish than this one, so we won’t go into any further detail here. When it comes to game nights, whether it’s for football or board games, chips and guacamole are always a hit, which may explain why they get so many orders. However, the only requirement is a desire to consume something wonderful.

Tacos and burritos

Tacos and burritos are two of the most popular options for meal delivery in Mexico. Tacos and burritos topped the list of most requested foods in Uber Eats’ 2020 Cravings Report, the company found. Everyone expects limes and pinto beans with their tacos and burritos, respectively.

Also, don’t forget about quesadillas and chimichangas, which are also quite popular. It seems like everyone’s favorite Mexican cuisine is being requested more and more frequently nowadays.

Chicken tikka masala

If you’re in the mood for Indian food, go for the creamy, orange bliss of chicken tikka masala. Get your basmati rice and naan ready for this delicious meal. Make sure you have a mango lassi on hand to cool you down if things get too spicy. Ordering from an Indian restaurant is a great way to save money on food and time.

Breakfast sandwich

The breakfast sandwich made it onto this list despite the fact that it was intended to be excluded. Because of how popular it’s become, the basic combination of sausages, eggs, and cheeses on a biscuit is a perfect example of this. For DoorDash deliveries, it was the most popular item, with a 2,872 percent surge in popularity.


When it comes to meal delivery, it’s not just about the main course and the side dishes. Dessert is a special treat served at the conclusion of a meal to round out the experience. Delivering dessert is a great way to spoil oneself even further. There are a lot of individuals doing it. According to Grubhub, the popularity of vanilla milkshakes has increased by 273%.

Cinnamon rolls

Do cinnamon buns belong on a menu as a sweet treat or a savory one? Is it possible that they are a breakfast meal masquerading as a dessert? Is it really that important? Even if it were not possible, we’d consume them any time of day or night. The majority of Americans appear to agree, too. On Grubhub, cinnamon roll orders increased by 205% and 1,450%, respectively.


Baked, frosted, dusted with or without sprinkles, jelly-filled or custard-filled. When it comes to donuts, there’s no limit to the variety, especially in the United States, where people can’t get enough of them. Contrasting with the 859 percent increase in blueberry muffin deliveries and the 741 percent increase in biscuit deliveries in 2019, DoorDash doughnut deliveries grew by 902 percent in 2019.

How to get the most out of your food delivery

Using your credit card rewards when purchasing meals online is a great method to maximize your spending power. A great way to get more value from the purchases you’re already making is to apply for a rewards credit card. Expenses such as transportation, groceries, eating, and subscriptions to streaming services are included.

Cash back is a convenient perk that you can put toward whatever you desire. When you get cash back on your purchases, it’s as if you’re getting a discount on every transaction. You may also accumulate points or miles in this manner. In many cases, these may be exchanged for free or almost free hotel stays, automobile rentals, and more.

You may get additional perks by using a rewards card for specialized eating or delivery services. You may be able to acquire statement credits for certain food delivery services or free premium food delivery subscriptions by earning extra points on your dining and food delivery transactions. These cards might be useful if you frequently order takeout or dine out.

Bottom line

It doesn’t matter which meal delivery service you choose; the appropriate rewards credit card may help you maximize your eating out experience. Because of the perks of your credit card, you may be able to acquire free subscriptions and food. That translates to an abundance of chicken sandwiches, tacos, doughnuts, and any other food you like.

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