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What Is Richard Branson Famous For

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Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group (which includes Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Virgin Galactic, and more than 400 other businesses), has been a successful businessman since he was 16 years old. 

For this reason, his off-the-cuff sayings are frequently cited in financial and lifestyle magazines, much to the relief of readers who have grown weary of reading about how the same few millionaires answer the same few questions.

The way Branson operates his businesses is indicative of his undying enthusiasm for life, which is largely responsible for his success. Perhaps you’ll find some motivation in my selection of what I think to be his ten best quotes to inject some life into your professional and personal endeavors.

The Famous sayings from Sir Richard Branson

1. “A business must be interesting, entertaining, and stimulating to the imagination.”

You can’t expect to accomplish well and achieve success if you don’t appreciate what you’re doing. While it’s possible to go into an office and sit at a desk all day doing work you despise, that doesn’t mean you’ll ever be the boss or have input into major choices. 

I would wager not. Branson’s success is due not only to his diligence and good fortune but also to the fact that he takes pleasure in his work.

2. Following rules is not how you learn to walk. You gain knowledge through experience and failure.

Nothing new would ever be done if everyone stuck to the same rules. By challenging conventional wisdom and establishing new standards, Google, for instance, revolutionized the web search industry. 

Seventh Generation, founded by Jeffrey Hollender, popularized eco-friendly cleaning products that were once the domain of purists.

You won’t grow as a person or in your career if you always do things the same way and never try anything new to spark your creativity. Success can be sparked by trying a new approach rather than repeating old ones. And don’t give up if at first, you don’t succeed; that’s just part of the process of honing your resourcefulness.

3. “Irresponsible boats, private jets, and huge limousines won’t make people enjoy life more, and they send horrible signals to the people who work for them,” the author writes. It’s important to strike a balance, so it would be much better if that money were used in Africa.

Without a doubt, Branson appreciates his wealth, and rightly so. But he knows that it’s not just the money that’s making him happy; rather, it’s a combination of perspective, experience, and judicious financial management. Contrary to what those without money may believe, having money and showing it around isn’t a recipe for happiness.

4. To start a firm from the beginning, you need a strong personality, but you also need to know how to delegate. I must be adept at assisting others in managing their own enterprises and willing to take a back seat. The business needs to be organized so that it can function without me.

When you reach Branson’s level of success, it’s not just due to your own hard work and determination. He has a knack for finding talented people and then stepping back to let them do their thing. 

Try to take a step back and look at the organization or corporation you’re a part of as a whole, rather than just as a means to an end. Working together towards a common objective can increase the likelihood that everyone involved will benefit from the effort.

5. The next business opportunity is constantly on the way, just like buses.

You can miss out on your next big idea or concept if you close yourself off to fresh prospects due to a lack of knowledge or fear. When one project you start doesn’t work out, guess what – there are always many others to try. So get cracking!

6. “What inspires me most? I just want to keep pushing myself. Every day I learn something new, so I nearly consider life as one long, never-ending academic course.

The inability to learn is a sure sign of stagnation. And it’s tough to be successful in the long run if you’re not growing. Branson is constantly taking risks, some of which pay off for him and others of which he has to abandon. Who would’ve thought that in 2011 we’d see the first tourist space flights with Virgin Galactic?

7. What is the meaning of the name Virgin? We are a business that enjoys battling the big guys. These giants have gotten their way in far too many sectors. It will be enjoyable to compete against them.

Branson is attempting to revolutionize the corporate world by challenging established players in a variety of sectors. 

As a result of being complacent with their established practices, stagnant industries rarely attempt to improve upon their status quo by means of improvisation, innovation, or other means of self-motivation. 

Branson is able to compete with these companies by delivering consumers novel and improved products, and these customers are willing to pay for them.

8. To succeed, you must put yourself out there, start working right away, and if you have a solid support system and more luck than you can handle, you might succeed. Although you can’t ensure it by simply using another person’s method.

As the old adage goes, you need to pave your own way and keep going until you succeed. What if, instead of trying to get computers into everyone’s hands, Bill Gates wants to make huge, government-only computers that fit in a closet? 

Without the setback, we might not have received the laptop computer for a very long time. It’s not often that someone like Branson can make it big without blazing their own trail.

9. You want to make something you are proud of most of all, says the author. My approach to business has always been that. I’m willing to admit that I’ve never started a business with the intention of making money only. You would probably be better off doing nothing if that were your only motivation.

Once again, we see that monetary motivation alone is not and should not be sufficient for venturing into any given industry. 

The corporate job I left behind paid well. Nonetheless, I was miserable there and it was causing me serious health problems and stress. Though the pay is substantially lower now that I work for myself, I couldn’t be happier. And I take great pride in my work.

10. I’m open to giving anything a shot.

The only way to tell if an idea will succeed is to try it out. This is such a great saying and one that I try to remind myself of frequently. Since when do you stand to lose anything by trying?

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the many motivational statements made by Richard Branson. The exact words may be difficult to recall on a daily basis, but even a cursory reading can provide food for thought. I find inspiration in Branson’s positive outlook on life.

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