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What Happens If I Cancel My Spotify Premium

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What Happens If I Cancel My Spotify Premium? Here’s how to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription if you’re not using it. There are several advantages to having a Spotify Premium membership. You don’t have to listen to annoying commercials when listening to music on a plane or train, your phone, or even at home.

You can drop to the free tier at any time, even if you haven’t utilized your membership or it doesn’t match your budget. With these strategies and tricks, you’ll never have to worry about paying for an unwanted membership again. Unsubscribe from any or all of your subscriptions, no matter how old they are.

Truebill helps you identify subscriptions you no longer use so you can stop overpaying. If you don’t like a subscription, they’ll take care of canceling it for you. Their subscribers have canceled nearly 1 million memberships.

How to Unsubscribe from Spotify Premium in a Browser

1. Access your Spotify account.
2. Scroll down to Your Plan under Account Overview.
3. Look for the “Cancel Premium” option beneath Spotify Free.
4. After clicking “Cancel Premium,” you’ll have your Spotify subscription until your next paying date, at which point you’ll be downgraded to the free tier.
5. Take use of Spotify’s free features, such as access to over 50 million songs with advertisements on the web and the opportunity to carry your music overseas for up to 14 days.


If you don’t see a plan change option in Spotify, it’s possible that you have your plan through a partner firm, such as your phone or internet provider. On your account page, you’ll find a contact link under Payment. It’s also conceivable that you pay through iTunes, in which case we’ve got you covered. Scroll down for details on how to cancel Spotify Premium via iTunes.
If your account is already set to Spotify Free, but you notice a charge on your monthly bill, you may have another account. You can use account recovery for several email addresses until you find the correct credentials for the account that has to be terminated. If you can’t locate an account using another email, contact Spotify and let them know what’s going on.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium on an iPhone or Android

Because you can’t cancel your Spotify Premium membership using the mobile Android or iPhone apps, you’ll need to utilize your preferred mobile web browser. Then, repeat the procedures mentioned above. Please keep in mind that it will seem somewhat different on your mobile web browser. To access your Account Overview, click the sign-in symbol in the upper right corner.

On iTunes, how do you deactivate Spotify Premium?

From your iPhone or iPad

1. Open the Settings app

2. Click your name under your Apple ID

3. Click “Subscriptions”

4. Select “Spotify”

From your Mac

1. Open the App Store and log into your account via the sign-in icon or your name at the bottom of the screen

2. At the top of the window, click “View Information”

3. If you’re asked to log in again, enter your login credentials

4. A page will pop up. Scroll down until you see “Subscriptions”

5. Click “Manage”

6. Next to Spotify, click “Edit”

7. Click “Cancel Subscription”

From your PC

1. Open or download iTunes for Windows

2. Click “Menu” at the top right

3. Select “Account” from the dropdown

4. Choose “View My Account”

5. Enter your Apple ID login credentials if prompted

6. Click “View Account”

7. Scroll down to “Settings”

8. Next to “Subscriptions”, click “Manage”

9. Next to Spotify, click “Edit”

10. Click “Cancel Subscription” 

If you pay with iTunes, you may easily cancel Spotify from your Apple Watch or Apple TV. The processes are the same as for your iPhone or iPad.

How to Make Subscription Management Easier

Using a budgeting tool may make it easier to keep track of all your monthly subscriptions. Set aside a half-hour to cancel any subscriptions you don’t use. Keep track of any subscriptions you purchase through iTunes, Amazon Prime, your cable provider, or any other source. If you sign up for a free trial, set a reminder on your phone for the day before the service will cost you so you may cancel if you aren’t satisfied with the trial.

If you’re wondering how to save money without thinking about it, Truebill can help. Truebill allows you to securely link your accounts, and the app will discover recurring fees and ask you which subscriptions you want to cancel.

There’s more. Truebill will assist you in negotiating reduced prices on your streaming services and telephone bills, as well as getting reimbursements for outages. Here’s how it works: You may link all of your bills simply by taking a photo or login into your account. The Truebill team then contacts your provider to negotiate your bill, either for a cheaper monthly cost or a one-time credit. Truebill keeps 40% of the savings and passes the remainder on to you. It’s simple savings that take little effort on your behalf.

Bottom line

It might take time to learn how to handle your money, and you may end up paying for a few memberships you don’t need along the way. Most subscription services make it simpler to join up than it is to cancel, so you may have a few recurring expenses that you are unaware of. Make time to examine your budget, analyze your credit card and bank account activities, and cancel any subscription services you no longer use. If all of that sounds like too much effort, use a solution like Truebill to do it for you.

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