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What Are The Best Luggage Brands

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My wife and I have bought several cars jointly. We acquired an older home and furnished it. We have made improvements to our home, such as putting in a new driveway and building a patio in the backyard.

Planning and carrying out significant purchases are nothing new to us. But none of the above compares to our most recent joint investment—a new suitcase—in terms of effort made per dollar spent.

We spent countless hours poring through product descriptions, sorting through Amazon customer reviews, studying expert opinions, and creating various lists while balancing our financial restrictions against the apparent value of each potential luggage. 

We had been using increasingly worn-out hand-me-downs up until this point and this was to be our first new piece of baggage ever.

The Best Cases for Regular Travelers

The manufacturer’s ballpark price is shown for each entry below. When purchasing much luggage as a set, which is a smart decision for traveling families, you may find greater bargains on gently used, seasonal sale, and clearance items.

1. SWISSGEAR 7272 Energie

Three sizes of checkable and carry-on polycarbonate hard-side suitcases—19 inches, 24 inches, and 27 inches—are offered in the fashionable yet useful SWISSGEAR 7272 Energie range.

Eight multidirectional spinning wheels, a retractable locking handle, a built-in TSA lock, and an extended packing area are all elements of each bag, which allows for omnidirectional maneuverability. 

A hidden USB wire for on-the-go device charging is included with the 19-inch carry-on model, the SWISSGEAR 7272 19-inch USB Energie. On extended trips and in isolated locations, that can be a lifesaver and is a surefire way to lower overall travel expenses.

Black, gold, olive, and periwinkle are available color possibilities. For models 19 and larger, the empty weight varies from 6.9 pounds to 11 pounds. You can receive 15% off your purchase by subscribing to SWISSGEAR’s email newsletter.

2. CALPAK Ambeur

Three polycarbonates hard-side carry-on, medium, and large suitcases are available in the striking CALPAK Amber series. Prices on the website range from $135 for the carry-on model to $180 for the largest size.

Each bag has eight multidirectional spinner wheels, a telescoping trolley handle, a padded top, and side handle, expanding packing space, polyester inside, zippered interior dividers and side pockets for easier organizing, and a TSA lock.

For frequent travelers who are sick of lifting and carrying heavy luggage through strange airport terminals, a relatively lightweight design is advantageous.

Black, gold, and rose gold are available color choices. The carry-on model has an empty weight of 6 pounds, while the large model is 10.3 pounds. Orders over $75 qualify for free shipping inside the continental United States.

3. Herschel Supply Highland Carry-On Luggage

The retail price for this surprisingly roomy outside number is just $149. Its dimensions of 22′′ x 14.75′′ x 9.25′′ make it small enough to fit in most airplane overhead bins. According to a raving internet review, it’s the perfect size for any travel. I’ve taken advantage of it for weekend getaways and even extended trips abroad.

There are other benefits to the Highland Luggage carry-on besides size. A three-position retractable trolley handle, four multidirectional spinning wheels, and zippered front- and top-access compartments are further selling elements. 

For fast business visits, it also has an internal mesh pocket with a garment strap and a branded identification slot in case other passengers on your flight share your taste. If there is a flaw in the Highland Luggage Carry-On, it is the color:

4. Freeform 21″ Spinner by Samsonite

The Samsonite Freeform 21′′ Spinner is a small, stylish hard-side that is trim enough to pass the carry-on restrictions of the majority of airlines. 

An inside cross ribbon and divider for maximum space efficiency, a TSA lock, eight multidirectional spinning wheels, a built-in identification tag, a retractable handle, and a fabric extension are among the features.

Tangerine, sage green, white, silver, and black are the available colors. It weighs 6.5 pounds when empty, and verified reviewers raved about how lightweight and simple to carry it is.

On the Samsonite website, the Samsonite Freeform 21′′ Spinner, which regularly sells for more than $300, is only $120. Join Samsonite’s email list to receive 10% off your first order and further save. There is no cost for continental U.S. ground delivery on

5. Rockland Luggage 20-inch Carry-On Melbourne

The 20-inch extendable carry-on from Rockland Luggage in Melbourne is a wonderful value at about $45 on Amazon. ABS is a very resilient polymer that can withstand a lot of abuse, and it is used to create this hand side. 

The eye-catching and soothing aluminum telescoping handle. Navigating through crowded airport terminals is made simple by eight multidirectional spinning wheels. And there are numerous color possibilities available with Rockland.

The majority of the reviews are favorable, and the maneuverability and carrying capacity also receive excellent ratings. However, it’s not entirely reasonable to expect the maker to go above and beyond for a $45 bag. 

I’ve seen some comments about it having shoddy-looking construction and a meaningless five-year warranty. This carry-on fits through the bin opening with ease, although other reviews advise against using the expander for travel!

6. Maxlite3 21″ Spinner Luggage from Travelpro

Only $85 to $100 can be spent on the Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 21″ Spinner. It is another large carry-on that, according to an Amazon reviewer, Maxlite swallowed all my items with ease. 

Furthermore, it complies with the size requirements of the majority of carriers. Similar to the Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20′′, it could be a good idea to skip the expander here unless you are certain that your airline won’t verify sizing. You’ll have more room without the expander because it’s a soft side, so you won’t need it.

The patent-pending Contour Grip rubber trolley handle with two locking positions, four multidirectional spinner wheels, a full-length internal lid pocket, and adjustable interior hold-down straps are just a few notable Maxlite3 features. Its empty weight is 6.5 pounds, and color possibilities include blue and black.

7. Fashion Samsonite Winfield 2

Three strong polycarbonate hard sides, measuring 20′′, 24′′, and 28′′, are available in the Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion line. Although you might be able to discover better bargains elsewhere, their website offers discounted prices that vary from approximately $160 for the 20′′ to about $220 for the 28′′. 

Our 28″ cost less than $150 to purchase. The TSA lock, an inside partition with a full-zip closure, big outside zippers, and a retractable handle are all standard features.

The 24′′ and 28′′ are checking-only, while the 20′′ is small enough to satisfy the majority of carry-on size restrictions. The 28′′ is the largest luggage I’ve ever owned when the expander is turned on. 

The polycarb shell isn’t completely hard; rather, it temporarily deforms to absorb shock and gradually returns to its regular square shape. being subtle

8. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Bag

Since Amazon sells so many rival bag brands, it might as well join the fray. Here’s one of the many lines of baggage with the Amazon brand: AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage. The 20″, 24″, and 28″ Hardside Spinner variations are available for between $50 and $90.

The primary differential here is price. Although I haven’t directly confirmed it, Amazon boasts that it’s ABS exterior is thicker and more robust than similar products.

Three interior zipped compartments make on-the-go organizing simple, and the expander increases packing capacity by 15%. Eight multidirectional spinner wheels and a telescoping metal handle complete the set.

The available colors are blue, black, orange, and navy blue; nothing spectacular. Most user reviews are favorable, with one stating, Can’t beat this suitcase for the price.

9. Samsonite Fiero

Samsonite’s Fiero line of polycarbonate hard-side luggage, which includes a large 28-inch checkable and a 20-inch carry-on, is the brand’s response to AmazonBasics.

Similar to the Winfield 2 Fashion, the shell is exceptionally scratch-resistant; however, Fiero cases credit this to their rough micro-diamond pattern, which hides the visibility of scuffs.

All three Fiero cases have inside dividers, cross straps, and TSA locks, and when extended, they all expand by two inches. Weights range from 7.5 pounds for the 20′′ to 11.3 pounds for the 28′′. 50% off the suggested retail price is given for website orders. Additionally, delivery is complimentary for purchases above $99 in value.

10. Expandable 16-inch Carry-On Spinner from Samsonite

Because of the built-in Power Hub pocket that conceals and charges your mobile device as you go through the airport or catch some z’s during your journey, the Samsonite Silhouette 16′′ Expandable Carry-On Spinner can be considered a soft side power carry-on. 

The Silhouette 16 is the perfect travel companion for shorter journeys when you’d prefer to bring only one piece of luggage. It is small enough to fit under most economy seats while being roomy enough to accommodate multiple outfits.

There’s more. The Silhouette 16″ comes equipped with a number of exterior pockets for convenient compartmentalization, a gusseted tri-fold suiter that maximizes inside capacity, tie-down straps for compressing soft contents, 0.75″ of expansibility, dual spinner wheels, and an eight-position retractable handle. All of this is available for $230, which is saving.

11. Duffel bag RTIC

The RTIC Duffel Bag has enough room for your upcoming four-day trip and, if you’re a skilled packer, may even fit longer. It has 70 liters. With its weather-resistant zipper flap and construction of the puncture-resistant waterproof fabric, heavy-duty handles, and heavy-duty handles, it is highly durable. 

Furthermore, it is built for contemporary travel, featuring internal mesh organization, a separate ID pocket on top that is water-resistant, alpine-cut shoulder straps that reduce twisting, and more.

All these high-end capabilities would be expected to raise the RTIC Duffel’s pricing to a premium level. However, for around $90, this bag is a relative bargain, giving you plenty of money left over for actual travel.

12. Fieldbrook II 2-Piece Set by American Tourister

The American Tourister Fieldbrook II 2-piece set will be at the top of my list should my disposition alter, but I’m not coordinated enough to carry about a multi-piece baggage set of my own. 

A 15-inch duffel that is thin enough to slide beneath the seat is a practical addition to the 21-inch carry-on. It is tough, with reinforced corners, and can withstand a lot of damage in the cargo hold despite its softside structure. The carry-on just weighs a little under 7.5 pounds, so it is lightweight. 

Additionally, the set is affordable, being on sale for less than $60. Furthermore, American Tourister has a history because it is a Samsonite brand.
Other benefits include a smart sleeve on the duffel that serves as the perfect boarding pass holder.

13. U.S. 2-Piece USB Port Ez-Charge Spinner Set for Travelers

Another affordable baggage package is the U.S. Traveler 2-Piece USB Port Ez-Charge Spinner Set. With a matching hard-side carry-on and checkable luggage, this one is perfect for longer travels. 

The carry-USB on’s charging port is also very useful on multi-stage trips where there aren’t many outlets available. Verified users claim that the majority of power packs fit in the charging pocket, and you can secure any that don’t use the case’s convenient cross-straps.

Other features offer simple navigation through packed terminals, such as a retractable handle and 360-degree spinner wheels. Feedback is mostly favorable, with durability being a glaringly weak point. 

The trouble I’m finding is that the more I travel with them, the more they are getting destroyed, writes one Amazon reviewer. I mentioned that before.

14. 25′′ Expandable Rolling Upright Travelers Choice Travel Select Amsterdam

In addition to having a “add-a-bag” front strap for your under-seat duffel, the Travelers Choice Travel Select Amsterdam 25″ is a stylish softside that sells for less than $50. 

The Amsterdam is an excellent substitute for bulkier 27′′ and 28′′ competitors since the expandable section increases carrying capacity by a remarkable 25% when completely employed. In situations where trunk room is limited, it’s also fantastic for road trips.

Additional selling qualities are the PVC backing and dual shoe compartments, which are excellent for business travel. The inline wheels may be difficult for individuals used to spinners to adjust to, but seasoned users gush about Amsterdam’s mobility in reviews. You can judge whatever you choose.

15. The Bigger Carry-On Is Off

The appropriately called Bigger Carry-On ($245), which has been widely Instagrammed, barely fits into the overhead bins of larger airplanes. It will most likely be checked luggage on regional jets. 

However, it’s not a big deal since the built-in phone charging the battery is a lifesaver on multi-leg trips ejects effortlessly and is TSA-compliant in any case. Get the ejectable battery if you’re unsure of whether you need it. You never know when you’ll need it, and there is no price premium.

The Bigger Carry-On is equipped with a TSA lock, padded handles, multidirectional spinner wheels, and an internal compression system that might just help you extend the life of your carry-on by one or two days. 

Additionally, you can keep your backpack clean and organized for longer owing to a well-hidden internal laundry bag.

16. Borderless Convertible Carry-On by Eagle Creek

In Eagle Creek’s tough National Geographic Guide Series, the Borderless Convertible Carry-On is the most compact model. 

It has a rip-, water-, and dirt-resistant exterior, a separate waterproof compartment for wet and dirty items, zip-away backpack straps for hands-free use, and above-and-beyond safety features like an emergency whistle and low-light reflectors. It is made for tourists who want to venture off the beaten path. 

You don’t need to be a lumberjack to manoeuvre this adaptable carry-on through the terminal because it weighs only 7.5 pounds.

The Borderless Convertible Carry-On costs $299, which is not a small sum. However, Eagle Creek’s three-day free shipping policy and no matter what warranty serve to mitigate the financial burden.

17. Columbus Rolling Overnighter Solo New York Case

The Solo New York Columbus Rolling Overnighter Case more than makes up for any shortcomings in toughness with style. A padded carry handle, a useful, affordable feature that is surprisingly unusual in the budget baggage market, complements the elegant polyester body. 

The 15.6-inch laptop compartment is also a useful addition, especially on a roller that is small enough to slide beneath an aircraft seat. On longer journeys, utilize the roomy overnighter compartment.

You’ll spend only a little bit over $100 for everything, and standard delivery is free within the contiguous United States.

18. Scout 44L Duffle from North St.

The handcrafted North St. Scout 44L Duffle is a roomy piece of luggage that was inspired by vintage military duffel bags. It is unfussy and has all the essentials for a few days or longer on the road. 

The Scout 44L’s small design and durable construction make storing a snap, but you’ll need to check with your airline to see if it qualifies as a carry-on; discount airlines probably won’t accept it. 

Additionally, the Scout 44L has a built-in shoulder strap. For 10% off your first order, join North St.’s email list. A Scout 44L should cost roughly $145.

19. Bryker Backpack Roller Case Logic

The Case Logic Bryker Backpack Roller is a small, handy bag that is spacious enough for a long weekend away from home and small enough for a daily bike commute. 

You are free to remove the laptop sleeve and remove the internal elastic compression straps to expand packing space. Padded storage compartments allow for the safe, concurrent carriage of laptops up to 15.6″ and tablets up to 10.5″. 

Transitions between carrying methods are simple thanks to built-in shoulder straps, a telescopic handle, and tuck-away wheel covers. For this cutting-edge piece of luggage, budget around $120—a great price is given everything you receive.

Bottom Line

My wife and I used to rely on a number of hand-me-downs, some of which dated back to the 1980s, before purchasing our Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion 28″. 

Even if several of them are still used as carry-ons, those hand-me-downs are still kept in our attic and are essentially worthless on the secondary market. They’re still structurally robust, despite being bigger, flimsier, and worse off than our new suitcase.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t anticipate your new suitcase to last for a very long time, barring an unforeseen tragedy. You’ll want to have the option of keeping your current suitcase as a backup or giving it to your children if and when you decide to upgrade to a larger or more opulent one. Making appropriate purchases

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