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What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Prime, the company’s paid membership program, has evolved considerably since its 2005 launch, when it offered simply free two-day shipping. Since then, it has expanded to offer members more value through features like movie and music streaming, cloud-based photo storage, same-day and next-day delivery options, and special discounts. Members swelled as word of its advantages spread, eventually benefiting millions of individuals all over the globe.

Yet by the year 2020, a new rival had appeared. Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, has its own membership program called Walmart+. It improved Walmart’s grocery delivery service by making more items available for free shipping and providing more convenient options for online purchasing.

It’s evident that it’s trying to compete with Amazon Prime. Consumers comparing the two options may reasonably wonder: which one offers the best value?

Walmart + and Amazon Prime Benefits

According to CNET, Janey Whiteside, Walmart’s chief customer officer, termed the new service “the ultimate life hack” for customers. Walmart+ may claim to be the best, but it’s not entirely obvious that it delivers.

It’s more similar to the original Amazon Prime, a simple delivery service, than the current version of Prime. It’s useful in certain respects, but it can’t compare to the features offered by Amazon Prime.


You may choose between a monthly and yearly membership with both Amazon Prime and Walmart+.

Amazon Prime Membership

If you sign up for Amazon Prime, you’ll pay either $14.99 monthly or $139 annually. Students receive a monthly discount of $4.50. Payment is as low as $6.99 monthly for those who qualify for government assistance programs like SNAP.

If you’re only interested in using Amazon’s video streaming services, you can get them for $8.99 per month with a separate Prime Video membership. The majority of programs provide a free 30-day trial. Prime Student, on the other hand, has a longer free trial time.

A single Amazon Prime membership can be used by all members of the same household. As many as two adults and four children can have their Amazon accounts linked in one convenient place with Amazon Household. Children are not permitted to make purchases on Amazon, but up to four members of the same family can share a subscription to a streaming service.

Walmart+ Subscription

A membership to Walmart + is less expensive than an Amazon Prime membership. You may pay $12.95 monthly or $98 yearly. It offers a free 30-day trial period, much like Amazon Prime.

Advantages of Delivery

The main selling point of both Amazon Prime and Walmart+ is, and always has been, free shipping. In spite of this, the advantages of the two services are not the same in this respect.

Amazon Prime Delivery

For those who subscribe to Amazon Prime, the company provides many delivery choices.

  • Shipping times of 2 days or less are guaranteed. Prime members may enjoy free two-day shipping on any item that meets the Prime criteria. Standard shipping is free on many goods for other Amazon customers who spend $25 or more. Prime members get quicker shipping and no minimum order requirements.
  • Shipped in a single day. For certain items, you can have your order in as little as one day. More than 15 million items, denoted by the Prime emblem and “FREE One-Day,” are eligible for free one-day shipping from Amazon.
  • Delivered the Very Same Day. Orders ordered before midday on a weekday with a minimum value of $25 are guaranteed to arrive by 9pm the same day in hundreds of locations across the United States. Plus, if you place an order before 5 PM, the company will have it delivered to you the next day in Dallas, Orlando, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.
  • Amazonian Holiday. Choose to have all your Prime items delivered on the same day every week if you’d like to cut down on the number of times we send packages to you. During the week, if you add Prime-eligible items to your shopping cart and then choose “Amazon Day” at checkout, those items will all be delivered on the Saturday or Sunday of your choosing.
  • Deliver on the Date of Release. Some items are available for presale and will be dispatched as soon as they become available. Neither Alaska nor Hawaii can access this service at this time.
  • Fast Shipping! It will just take two hours to get your order to you. Amazon provides a free grocery delivery service in some of the country’s largest cities. Amazon Prime members now get two-hour grocery delivery from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market. However, there is a location-specific minimum order size.
  • “Amazon’s Key” While you’re off and about, you may still have Amazon packages delivered to your garage by using the Amazon Key service. Only certain cities have access to this service at this time. In order to allow delivery workers access to your garage even while you’re not there, you’ll need to install a smart garage kit.
  • Internet Center for Amazon Products. The Amazon Hub program allows you to have some purchases delivered to a nearby store for pickup. You may get inside these safe deposit boxes by scanning a code.

Walmart+ Delivery

When you sign up for Walmart+, you get free shipping on all of your purchases. Nonetheless, it has fewer delivery choices than Amazon Prime. At the moment, it provides:

  • We’ll pay for shipping both ways. If you sign up for Walmart+, you may get free two-day or next-day shipping on any online purchase, no matter how little. Any item that has the words “delivered by Walmart” next to it qualifies for free two-day delivery, and in some areas next-day shipping is free as well (with a minimum $35 order).
  • Deliveries from Stores. The Walmart+ app allows users to place in-store orders of more than $35 and have them delivered to their home, often the same day. Within an hour’s time frame, you may choose when you’d like your purchase delivered, and the app will keep you updated on its progress. More than 180,000 goods, including perishables and groceries, are included in this promotion. However, there is a $5.99 shipping fee for orders under $10. (Walmart also offers delivery service for non-members, but they have to pay a delivery cost of $7.95 to $9.95.)

Other Advantages of Shopping

Both Amazon Prime and Walmart+ provide members with exclusive discounts and promotions in addition to free shipping. However, Amazon offers a bigger selection of advantages than its rival.

Amazon Prime Shopping Benefits

The following benefits are available only to Amazon Prime members:

  • Best Offers. A variety of Amazon Prime-exclusive deals are available on a regular basis. Prime Day sales span several product categories, from apparel and accessories to furniture and technology. Discounts are also available on all products purchased through Amazon’s brick and mortar locations. Discounted deals and early access to Amazon’s lightning sales (called “Lightning Deals”) are two further perks of a Prime membership.
  • This Prime Offer Allows You to Try Before You Buy. The inability to try on garments before purchasing is a major drawback when shopping for clothing online. With Prime Try Before You Buy, you may receive up to six items of clothing at no additional cost and return the ones you don’t like within seven days. In addition, you may meet with a personal stylist up to once every month for an additional $4.99 per session.
  • Highest Demand Time. Known as Prime Day, it is Amazon’s annual two-day sale. Amazon Prime members have access to exceptional discounts on a wide variety of products.
  • Prescription Drugs (Rx) First-Priority. You may save money on prescriptions using the digital discount card that comes with your Prime membership. It’s accepted in over 60,000 pharmacies around the country, including Amazon Pharmacy, where you may save up to 80%. Find the lowest cost at the Prime Rx website.
  • Discounts at the Grocery Store. A Whole Foods discount is available to Amazon Prime subscribers. In-store and online clearance items (excluding alcoholic beverages) are discounted an additional 10%.
  • Grubhub+. Members of the Amazon Prime program are eligible for a free year of the premium service Grubhub+. This service, worth $9.99 a month, grants you access to discounts on orders and free delivery from Grubhub and Seamless. At any moment after you sign up for Prime, you may begin using Grubhub+ for free for a full year.
  • Premium Loyalty Card. Amazon Prime members may apply for a Chase credit card that offers rewards for shopping on Amazon. It offers 5% cash back on purchases made at Amazon and Whole Foods (with an additional 1% back on Prime Day), 2% cash back at restaurants, petrol stations, and drugstores, 10% cash back on a rotating selection of Amazon items, and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Walmart+ Shopping Benefits

When compared to Amazon, Walmart+’s selection of deals and special offers is limited. However, it does have certain practical advantages.

  • Shorter Wait Times at the Register. In-store purchases made by Walmart+ members utilizing Mobile Scan & Go can be processed immediately. After enabling it in the Walmart app, you can scan items as you shop and a QR code at the self-checkout to pay with your phone. As a result of this innovation, making a payment is both speedy and convenient. However, discount coupons are not accepted.
  • Cost Savings on Gas. More than 14,000 Walmart, Exxon, Mobil, and Murphy gas stations provide discounts of up to $0.10 per gallon when you use Walmart+. If you fill up your car at a Sam’s Club gas station, you’ll pay a discounted price. If you have the Walmart app, you may use the “member pricing on gasoline” search to locate the closest gas station.
  • Get in early! Members of Walmart+ are the first to know about sales and other perks. The online Black Friday sales at Walmart are included, as are recently released products.
  • A Walmart program called Walmart Rewards. In a manner similar to the shopping app Ibotta, Walmart+ provides users with cash rewards for making purchases using the Walmart app. Shop for items with cash-back offers on Walmart’s website or app, and then activate them with a click. In exchange for your purchase, you will be able to collect points for a future discount.

Advantages of Entertainment

If you’re trying to decide between Amazon Prime and Walmart+, you should know that the former’s entertainment features are what set it apart from the latter. Unlike Walmart+, it provides access to a broad variety of digital media formats, such as movies, music, books, and games.

Amazon Prime Entertainment

Amazon Prime members who pay the annual fee of $139 get access to several streaming video and audio options, such as:

  • Videos. When it comes to American streaming services, Amazon Prime is among the best. It contains hundreds of movies and TV series that you can view instantly, including Amazon Originals. Due to its immense popularity, Amazon now provides a separate membership tier just for Prime Video, as mentioned above.
  • Gaming. With a Prime membership, you may get free downloadable games every month. Prime Gaming also provides complimentary in-game items like weapons and clothing for your avatars. In addition, Prime members may watch live streaming of their favorite gamers on at no additional cost.
  • Music. Amazon Music streaming is included in the Prime membership and is unrestricted. It offers over 2 million songs, thousands of playlists, and hundreds of radio stations, all commercial-free. It’s possible to listen without an internet connection, and you may skip songs at will. The Amazon Music Unlimited service provides access to 90 million tracks for an extra $8.99 each month.
  • Reading. Unlimited access to more than three thousand digital books, periodicals, comics, and audiobooks is part of Amazon Prime Reading. On Kindle, you may read the editors’ choices a day early.
  • Archiving Pictures. Prime members may save an unlimited number of photos and 5GB of videos on Amazon Photos at no additional cost. Prints ship for free, and you receive unlimited storage (other Amazon users get 5GB total for images and movies combined; upgrading is available for a fee).

Walmart+ Entertainment

When Walmart+ initially launched, it lacked any kind of entertainment options. On the other hand, it now has two as of September 2022.

To begin with, it provided a free six-month Spotify Premium trial. That’s like getting $60 worth of music streaming once, but you can only receive it once. People who have never subscribed to Spotify Premium are the only ones eligible for this deal.

Beginning in September 2022, Walmart+ subscribers will have access to online video streaming as well. The Paramount+ Essential package is included in everyone’s membership. This adds around $60 in value to a $98 annual Walmart+ membership, because the monthly fee is $4.99. Also, this deal is permanent so long as you keep your Walmart+ membership, unlike Spotify’s limited-time offer.

The addition of this additional function does not bring Walmart+ on pace with Amazon Prime in terms of video content. However, Walmart+ is a better deal overall because it is less expensive. A year of Walmart+, which includes shipping and shopping advantages, costs less than a membership to Prime Video on its own.

Bottom Line

Despite the fact that Walmart+ currently lacks many of the services offered by Amazon Prime, this is not necessarily set in stone. Amazon Prime’s early offerings were much more limited than Walmart+’s current selection.

There’s no reason Walmart+ couldn’t follow in its footsteps and develop into a one-stop solution for shopping and entertainment. If you are on the fence about joining Walmart+ right now, you might want to consider keeping an eye on the service in the future to see if its benefits increase.

Meanwhile, there are many more membership options than Walmart+ and Amazon Prime. Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu all provide more content than Amazon Prime Video. Streaming music services like Spotify and Pandora and digital distribution platforms like Steam make it possible to get a wide variety of musical and video game content for little cost or for free.

As for the benefits of shopping, you may discover that warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club provide more for the money than online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, especially when factoring in free delivery.

Keep in mind that neither Amazon nor Walmart require membership in order to offer free delivery. To save money, you should hold off on placing an order until you have enough money to buy several items, say, $25 worth at Amazon or $35 at Walmart. That’s a better value than paying for a membership if you don’t frequently purchase at either of these megastores.

Do not view choosing between Amazon Prime and Walmart+ as an either/or scenario. These services are only two examples; there are many others to choose from.

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