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How To Use Hertz Points

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How To Use Hertz Points? With the Hertz Gold Rewards program, you may save money on vehicle rentals or transfer points to a variety of other reward programs. Everything works like this. Travelers with a keen eye for cost savings are always on the lookout for new ways to reduce their expenses. Joining the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program is a sensible choice for individuals looking to save money on vehicle rentals. In addition to offering rental car-specific benefits, this rewards program has joined with several well-known loyalty programs.

In other words, if you belong to other reward programs, you may earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards status and transfer your points to others. Those who hire vehicles even sometimes should look into becoming a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member since the benefits are many and the program is adaptable.

You’ll learn all you need to know about the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program by reading this article.

About Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

When you reserve a rental car with Hertz, you may earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. This program is free to join. You may join by filling out a quick online form. It’s possible to rise through the ranks of the Hertz loyalty program if you’ve spent a particular amount of money or racked up enough rentals with Hertz to qualify for the higher levels of membership.

Even if you just hire a car once, becoming a member of the Gold Plus Rewards Program is worth considering. Besides, there is no fee to join, and even the most basic membership comes with bonuses like:

  • Spending money at Hertz earns you one point, which may be redeemed for free car rentals or free airline miles. Weekend car rental for 550 points.
  • Allows you to select a vehicle from Hertz’s extensive inventory.
  • To avoid having to wait in line at the checkout counter when picking up and returning a vehicle.
  • One-month trial of CLEAR, a technology that makes airport security clearance speedier.
  • Adding a second driver to a rental car at no additional cost

Upgraded cars, more points for Hertz spending, and the option to transfer your points to partners to book other sorts of free travel besides renting a car at no cost are some of the additional perks that come with higher status levels.

How to join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

If you’re 21 or older, you’re welcome to join the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program at any time. When renting a vehicle from Hertz, drivers under the age of 25 are often paid an extra price. However, they can still participate in the Gold Rewards Plus program. As a matter of fact, AAA members between the ages of 21 and 24 who enroll in the program will be exempt from the price for underage drivers while renting a car.

Getting started is as simple as filling out a form. Visit the Hertz website and pick Gold Rewards Plus from the top menu. Then, click the Join button to become a member.

You’ll be redirected to a page where you can sign up for Gold Plus Rewards. This will necessitate the submission of personal information, such as:

  • Your first and last names
  • Enter your email
  • The password you’ve selected.
  • Enter your phone number
  • In the event that you’re entitled to a lower membership charge because of your place of employment or another organization, a corporate discount code
  • Your birth date
  • The information on your driver’s license, such as your license number, state of issuance, and expiration date
  • You will not be charged for signing up for the rewards program with your credit card information, which is solely used for future reservations.
  • Your credit card bill-paying address

You’ll become a member of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program once you submit this form and confirm that you’ve read the program terms and conditions and agree to them electronically.

The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards status levels

Gold, Five Star, and President’s Circle are the three levels of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership. When you join, you’ll be granted Gold status, but you’ll need to meet certain conditions before you can rise to a higher rank. The bonuses and privileges of each successive status level increase as you ascend the ranks.

How to earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

In order to accrue Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points, you can hire a car, buy points, or transfer them from a spouse.

Renting a car

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members begin earning points for every car they hire as soon as they join. Rewards membership status has an impact on the number of points you earn. You’ll get paid for your work:

  • 1 point per dollar spent with Gold status
  • 1.25 points per dollar spent with Five Star status
  • 1.5 points per dollar spent with President’s Circle status

Purchasing points

After spending a minimum of 500 points on car rentals, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members can buy up to 10,000 more points each year. Purchases of points must be made using a major credit card and each point costs $0.20. A minimum of 50 points must be purchased in order to use the service.

It’s not worth it to buy points at a price of $0.20 a point, so don’t bother. However, if you are just a few points away from redeeming a free car, then it may make sense to buy them. Just sign in to your account and click on “Points Purchase” if you want to accomplish this.

Transferring points from a spouse

It is possible to transfer Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points to a partner who is a Gold Plus Rewards member. To transfer points to your significant other, there is no restriction on how many times you may do it.

How to earn airline and hotel points with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

If you have Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, you don’t have to use them to get free rental vehicle days. Additionally, you may use your points to redeem for free flights or hotel stays with select airline and hotel partners.

Bottom line

Take advantage of the complimentary membership perks that Hertz Gold Plus Rewards offers if you plan on renting from Hertz in the future. Whether you’re a member of other loyalty programs, check to see if you may move up in status. If you’re using a credit card that offers bonus points for travel expenditures, you may double-dip and collect points from both Hertz and your credit card.

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