How To Use Alaska Companion Fare

How To Use Alaska Companion Fare? One of the most popular airlines on the West Coast, Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest in the US by passenger volume. The Mileage Plan reward program and the Alaska Airlines credit card may be helpful if you often fly in Alaska.

Along with Mileage Plan advantages, Alaska’s credit cards provide a number of useful features that assist cut down on travel expenses. To give an example, the Alaska Airlines Visa┬« credit card offers gratis checked luggage, 3X miles on Alaska Airlines purchases, and a 20% discount on in-flight food and beverages.

The Alaska companion fare, on the other hand, is by far the most popular reward. The annual companion price on Alaska Airlines is $99 plus taxes and fees when you renew your Alaska credit card. Learn how to get the Alaska companion fare and then use it to your advantage in this article. This companion certificate can save you hundreds of dollars even after all fees and taxes have been deducted.

What is the companion fare on Alaska Airlines?

Annually, Alaska Airlines credit members receive a complimentary companion fare as a thank you for renewing their card. It costs only $99 plus taxes and fees to add a companion ticket to an existing reservation. This ticket is valid for travel on any Alaska Airlines aircraft.
Six to eight weeks after reaching your Alaska Airlines credit card’s minimum spending criteria, you’ll get a complimentary companion travel code in your account. On the anniversary of your account, you will receive a new companion ticket code.

Mileage award tickets cannot be utilized with these codes. You must use your Bank of America Alaska Airlines credit card to purchase your companion ticket.

Are Alaska Airlines companion fares available on any credit cards?

Both the personal and the corporate version of the Alaska Airlines credit card provide the companion fare perk. The Alaska Airlines Visa credit card is available to consumers, while the Alaska Airlines Visa® Company credit card is available to business owners. As a business owner, you may apply for both the consumer and business credit cards to receive the welcome bonus and yearly companion passes twice.

The Mileage Plan loyalty account will be created for you if you don’t already have one when your credit card application is accepted. As part of the application procedure, make sure you provide your Mileage Plan member number.

Alaska Airlines Visa credit card

Apply for the Alaska Airlines Visa credit card if you want the companion ticket. After spending $3,000 in purchases in the first 90 days after account opening, you’ll receive 60,000 extra miles on this card. You’ll receive a companion fare code once you’ve spent the required amount. Each year, you’ll receive a new companion ticket number when you renew your card. This card has a $75 yearly charge.

All passengers traveling on the same Alaska Airlines ticket benefit from a free checked bag as a cardholder. In-flight purchases of food, drink, and Wi-Fi will earn you a statement credit of 20%. Additionally, by using your Alaska Airlines Visa credit card to pay for your day pass, you’ll save 50%.

In addition, qualified Alaska Airlines purchases earn you three times the points, while all other purchases earn you one mile for every $1 spent. As long as you make regular purchases, your account will never run out of miles.

Alaska Airlines Visa Business credit card

As with the personal Alaska Airlines credit card, the corporate version is nearly identical. For small company owners, the major advantages are the ability to establish credit and the ability to set spending limitations for staff cards. The yearly charge for this card is $50 for the company, plus $25 for each of the firm’s cards, including the principal card for the business owner. Adding three cards for workers, for example, would result in a yearly charge of $150.

How to get the best value from the companion fare

If you use the Alaska companion fare correctly, you may save a lot of money. You can maximize the value of this credit card bonus by following these five tips.

Redeem for the right flights

You should try to redeem your companion price coupon on flights that are a little more costly. When reserving a companion ticket, keep in mind that you’ll be spending about $200 for the card’s annual fee plus taxes and fees. If you redeem for a flight that costs less than $200, you’re missing out on a great deal of money.

Alaska Airlines has almost 1,200 daily flights to more than 115 locations in the United States mainland, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica, as well as in the Caribbean and Europe. To make the most of your companion ticket’s worth, consider booking an overseas trip while redeeming your companion ticket.

Two-player mode

Apply for an Alaska credit card with your spouse as well. It is possible to plan two separate holidays, or a four-person family trip, by using a companion ticket number. Complimentary flight reservations can be made by the ticket holder for other passengers. This implies that you and a family member or friend can save money on a flight by using your spouse’s code.

Double up with your business

If you run a business, you may take advantage of both personal and business Alaska credit card signup incentives and companion ticket codes. Once a year when you renew your cards, you’ll receive two codes for complimentary tickets.
It is possible to buy companion tickets for others using two codes per year. Family, friends, coworkers, and your most valuable customers or suppliers are all good examples.

Status match

Request a status match with Alaska Airlines if you are already a member of another airline. You may check out the newest status match success stories at

You may be eligible for a free upgrade to Premium or First Class with your new elite rank. MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75K members are entitled to complimentary upgrades to Premium and First Class for their companions. These upgrades are not available to customers who purchased saver tickets. If you want a free upgrade for you and your companion, you should keep that in mind when purchasing your tickets and consider upgrading your class of service instead of your original one.

Cashback bonuses

Your Alaska Airlines credit card is required to book your companion tickets, but there is an alternate method of paying for them. Using the signup bonus from an Alaska Airlines credit card to pay for your new cashback credit card might be a smart move.

How to purchase a companion ticket on Alaska Airlines

1. Log into your account. Please log in to your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account at to book your Alaska companion fare.

2. Check your account overview. “Discount and companion fare codes” may be found on the left-hand side of your Mileage Plan account overview. Links to previously used and valid codes are provided. To see and utilize the associated fare codes that are currently available, click “Valid.”.

View available discount and companion fare codes

You’ll find all of the available discounts and companion fare codes below. It is possible to look at the type of code, the terms of use, and the expiration date. A companion pass’s expiration date dictates when you must plan your vacation. Even if your trip dates are over the expiration date, you can still use the voucher. Alaska Airlines credit card holders can have numerous companion fare codes at the same time.

Shop with companion fare codes

Your companion fare code may be used by clicking on “Shop” to choose your desired dates and flights. Afterwards, choose the associated ticket code.

It will automatically signify that you and a buddy will be traveling together when you buy your flight on the internet. Your complete group can go on one itinerary if you increase the number of travellers. Click “Find flights” after deciding on your travel dates, departure city, and final destination.

Only economy tickets are eligible for the Alaska companion fare. Flights operated by Alaska Airlines, as well as flights operated on Alaska Airlines’ behalf by Sky West and Pen Air, are eligible. Both travelers must be on the same itinerary and book their flights together. Multiple stopovers are not permitted with this ticket, which can be used for either one-way or round-trip travel.

Select flight options

The Alaska Airlines website displays two rates in each of your available flight selections. The principal traveler pays the highest fare, while the companion pays the second highest fare. Taxes are included in the “companion price,” as stated in the letter above.

Click “Add to cart” once you’ve selected your preferred departure and return dates, times, and fare class.

Review your flight

After that, you’ll be able to double-check your itinerary before finalizing your purchase.

View breakdown of fare price, taxes, and fees (optional)

By selecting “Taxes, fees and charges,” you may view a summary of the costs associated with each ticket, broken down by line item, for each passenger. Compared to the principal passenger’s $507.81 price, the companion fare was $135.23. The base rate for the companion ticket was $99, with additional taxes and fees of $36.23.

Purchase your flight

To purchase your flight, simply click “Next” on the screen. Make sure to include the names and contact information of all of the passengers, choose seats, and enter payment details. Companion fare owners need to buy a reservation even if they don’t plan to fly with their companions. Remember that you must pay for the flight using your Alaska Airlines credit card.

Bottom Line

Using the Alaska companion fare might save you hundreds of dollars each year. You may receive a companion ticket by applying for either the personal or business version of the Alaska Airlines credit card. With an Alaska Airlines credit card, your spouse or company may be eligible for several companion fare codes.

Alaska Airlines Visa credit cards provide a generous welcome bonus, free checked luggage, and discounts on in-flight purchases as well as Alaska Lounge day tickets. Additionally, qualified Alaska Airlines purchases earn you three times the miles, while all other purchases earn you one mile for every $1 spent. This card offers a lot of benefits for a low annual cost of $75.

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