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How To Spend The Right Amount Of Time Together

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Spending a lot of money on a significant other is not necessary to have romantic moments. In fact, if you can forego the grandiose plans, you’ll have a lot more room to really express your affection for that particular someone. Since this question has been discussed at length in several online publications, I decided to consult a professional in the field of interpersonal relationships for an authoritative answer.

Lissa Coffey has consented to share her insights with us because she is a renowned authority on the subject of love and relationships. Let’s get right to her five suggestions for spending quality time together without emptying the cash account:

Take chances

Lissa believes that the most romantic thing a couple can do is spend time together. However, you shouldn’t settle with the typical evening of supper and a movie. “Get out and see the world!” she urges. “Geocaching is all the rage now since you can have a great time doing it without spending any money.

To some extent, it resembles a treasure hunt. You and your partner work together to decipher clues and locate the hidden treasure. You may also use your imagination to create clues and conceal your own stockpile. You can hang around the local area or travel further afield.

Start writing

One of the best ways to display one’s romantic side is by leaving mushy notes about the house. Oodles of inventiveness are not required though, so long as you utilize your own words to provide a personal touch. It’s not necessary to be a poet to leave a love note, Lissa says.

Using sticky notes, “put small notes of adoration where your honey will discover them randomly: in her make-up drawer, in his sock drawer, in the glove box of the car, on the inside of the washing machine door, on the milk carton – get imaginative!” The greater the surprise of the reveal and the greater the impact of your gesture, the more arbitrary the hiding spot should be.

Collaboration is key

In a nutshell, Lissa believes that couples who work together to achieve their goals are more likely to feel a sense of romance. Simply spending time with one another is more valuable than any specific activity you could perform together.

Have no idea what to do? If you and your significant other like cooking together, Lissa offers planting a herb garden so you can season your meals with fresh herbs from your own garden. “Or restore or paint your old furniture together to give it a fresh new look.” If you and your loved one spend time together with the same objective in mind, you may find that the time spent together strengthens your bond.

Attend a high school athletic event

If romance isn’t your thing, you could be pleasantly surprised by this. The professional sports that cost an arm and a leg to attend are no match for these free games. What Lissa suggests. You may use it as an inexpensive and entertaining alternative to going out on a regular date.

Add some excitement

Just staying in may get boring, so why not spice things up with some games? But we’re not talking about plain old board games; Lissa advises putting a new spin on things. There are sexier adaptations of classic board games that you can play in the comfort of your own home, she suggests. “Wanna play some strip Scrabble? Are you kidding me?

We hope these suggestions serve as a springboard for you to think of other ways to express your individuality without breaking the bank. Always keep in mind the age-old adage that it’s not how much you spend but how much consideration you put into your preparations that matters the most. Actually, it’s possible to come off as lazy and generic even if you spend a little sum if it’s clear that no real effort was put into making an impression.

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