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How To Save On Electric Bill In Summer

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When it comes to the power bill, how much do you typically spend between the months of September and April? Is there a noticeable increase after the temperature rises? That’s because your air conditioner is the primary source of the increase in your energy bill, and you aren’t actively working to lower your energy use. 

There are many people that run into this issue, especially those who have little financial resources. Your power bill may rise during the summer months, but there are ways to keep it low:

Keep your home’s temperature at or above 78 degrees.

While this may seem unbearably hot for the summer, you may be surprised to discover that it is really just chilly enough to keep you comfortable. In rare instances, a temperature as low as 72 degrees is preferred by many. You have the option, but the lower you go, the more your power cost will be. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature higher during the day while you’re at work and lower at night when you get home.

Replace the HVAC filter

Did you know that a clogged air filter might cause your air conditioner to blow hot air instead of cold? As a result, your air conditioner needs to toil more than usual to distribute cold air around your home. A costly and inefficient system is the eventual outcome. Once a month, you’ll need to change out many filters. Find out what is suggested by inspecting your unit.

Keep some of your windows covered 

How much sunlight enters your home via which windows? Get some shades or drapes to hide them when you find out the solution to this. You may reduce the amount of heat entering your house by doing this.

Purchase a whole-house fan

As these fans are best suited for certain regions, this may not be an option in all parts of the country. However, in many places, it is a fantastic idea that is underutilized. To put it plainly, a whole-house fan is just an enormous exhaust fan installed in the roof. As a result, you may enjoy a nice breeze without turning on the air conditioner.

Plant some trees

You might not see any savings for a while, but in the long run this will be beneficial. If you have an air conditioner, having a tree nearby to provide shade will make it work more effectively. Furthermore, trees that block the light from reaching your house (and particularly your windows) will help keep the heat outside.

Forget about the air conditioner and head to the basement.

If your home has a basement, you can be assured that it stays significantly cooler than the rest of the house during the warmer months of the year. By spending most of your time underground, you may avoid using your air conditioner altogether or at least turning it up higher than usual.

The weather is about to get quite hot, and it has arrived at that time of year. Follow the aforementioned steps, lest you incur a hefty power bill. The money you save can then be put toward summer activities or perhaps a vacation.

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