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How To Link Chase Business And Personal Accounts

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How To Link Chase Business And Personal Accounts? If you currently have a Chase credit card, you already know how easy it is to access your account information online. The procedure should be more simple if you use a Chase corporate credit card to make the purchase. But there’s a slight caveat.

As a result, you will have two separate online accounts: one for personal cards and one for business cards, assuming your wallet currently contains Chase cards. Fortunately, you may consolidate all of your Chase credit cards into a single account. It’s a lot easier than you may imagine. Make it happen by following these steps.

The advantages of combining your Chase business and personal credit cards

Organizing all of your Chase cards in one location may make a world of difference. Not only is it more convenient for you, but it also simplifies your financial management.

Easier to track spending

Even if checking your daily spending totals in one account is an effective use of time, efficiency is sacrificed when switching between two distinct accounts. You can’t keep track of many credit cards at the same time since you have to log out of one to log in to the other.

All of your Chase cards are in one place, so switching between them is a cinch, and you can see precisely how much you’ve spent and where it’s all going. To make the most of certain card privileges, this is extremely helpful. If you use the Ink Business Preferred for internet, cable, or phone service purchases, you’ll be rewarded with more points.

The likelihood of missing a payment deadline is reduced.

You may miss a deadline if you take an additional step in the process of paying off your credit cards. You’ll have to verify your card payments twice if you have two online accounts, so make sure you’re on top of things. A single account makes it easy to keep track of all your credit card balances and due dates.

Ability to view and combine rewards in one place

It’s simple to see why Chase Ultimate Rewards is so popular among travelers. Travel benefits and various redemption choices make it a worthwhile investment. For example, Chase Ink business cards allow you to redeem your points for cash, gift cards, travel, and more.

For those of you who haven’t yet linked your Chase consumer and business cards into a single account, it might be difficult to see your rewards and combine them if you want to. Pooling Chase Ultimate Rewards points together is easier when you have access to all of your credit cards and rewards in one location.

Easy mobile view

Non-mobile users may have the same difficulties when trying to access their Chase consumer and business card accounts using the Chase mobile app. You’ll need to log out of one account and then log back in to the other one. In the app, though, you may simply choose between the two if you merge them into a single account. To see your personal cards, hit the “Personal” tab, and to see your business cards, tap the “Business” tab.

How to View Your Chase Business and Personal Cards Together

In order to merge your Chase business and personal accounts, complete these procedures. Regardless of whether you open a company or personal account first, you will need to call Chase to merge the two.

Using the Chase consumer credit card as an example, we’ll presume that you already have a Chase account. To link your business card to your personal account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link to open a new account on and you’ll be all set.
  2. Fill out the registration form and set up an account for your business card (s). To create a business account, be sure to choose the appropriate radio choice. You’ll want to have your application, card, or account number, as well as your social security number, readily available.
  3. Make a call to Chase at 1-877-CHASEPC (1-877-242-7372) and request that your personal cards be linked to your company login.
  4. In your account, you should be able to see all of your business cards.

You may link your personal and corporate Chase credit cards in one of two ways.
On the back of your credit card, there is a phone number that you may use to contact Chase. Send a secure mail to the firm requesting that they link your account or login to your online account. From the account with the sign-in credentials that you want to continue using, you should do this action.

As a condition of linking the accounts, you must verify that you are the registered owner of both accounts and that your Social Security number is associated with both. To complete the procedure, you will no longer require two separate logins when Chase has linked your accounts.

Bottom Line

To optimize your benefits, you should sign up for a Chase corporate credit card as well as a personal card from the bank. You can find the greatest business credit cards from Chase in a range of categories and scenarios. The Chase Ink Business Unlimited credit card is a good option if you want to earn points on every transaction. The Chase Ink Business Cash Credit card, on the other hand, offers high cash back incentives on office supply shop purchases.

Choosing the right credit card for you depends on your financial situation and spending patterns. To make things even easier, consider merging your personal and small-business accounts when you apply for a credit card with a Chase business card.

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