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How To Design Bedroom Interior

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What are some images that come to mind when you think of your bedroom? Is it like escaping to a peaceful oasis after a long day? Or is it a hodgepodge of unmatched garments, uninspiring wall art, and uninteresting furniture?

The bedroom is the part of the house that normally receives the least amount of care and maintenance. In any case, you probably don’t spend much time there besides sleeping, and neither do your guests.

Unfortunately, this means that the bedroom is often the most boring and unorganized space in the house. That doesn’t mean it can’t be the most welcoming. Your bedroom should be a place of repose and renewal. Spending time in a space increases when it is neat, well-organized, and furnished with items you find comforting.

If you want to redo your bedroom but are limited by your budget, here are some innovative suggestions to get you started.

Ideas for Bedroom Interior Design

1. Repaint

Primarily, you should paint the walls. One’s perspective on a space can be dramatically altered by selecting a fresh paint hue. For instance, the main bedroom in my new house has been painted a shade of green that I immediately came to despise. 

I couldn’t bring myself to even change clothes in there because of the painted hue. I used to hate the room, but once I painted it a beautiful, calming blue the color of the ocean on a sunny day, I began to really enjoy being in there.

Think about how you’d like to feel while you’re in your bedroom and pick a paint hue. The bedroom needed to be a soothing space, so I went with a blue color scheme.

If you want your bedroom to have a sensual and private vibe, a crimson or purple paint color on the walls is a good choice because it may inject energy and romance into a room. Green is wonderful for establishing a soothing atmosphere and fostering a supportive setting. 

Choose a warm hue like yellow or orange for your bedroom walls if you want to wake up feeling refreshed. The ceiling and the moldings should also be painted. This doesn’t have to be a white space!

2. Discover Great Art

When you look around your room, do you see any walls that have artwork on them? While not everyone agrees, personal artwork in the bedroom may be a great way to make the space feel more like your own.

It’s excellent news that you can acquire modern and contemporary fine art without breaking the bank. For instance, the online marketplace Etsy is an excellent spot to find exceptional works of art. Individual artisans from all over the world sell their one-of-a-kind creations and vintage wares on the site.

The best artwork can also be found in museums and galleries that house works from renowned art institutions. At the close of each semester, several institutions host student performances. Students often sell their work at extremely low costs because they want to encourage others to purchase it. 

In addition to helping new creative voices get their foot in the door, this can be a great way to find gorgeous bedroom furnishings. Buying a blank canvas is another low-cost art idea. Show off your literary prowess by copying and pasting your favorite passages or phrases from your favorite book in beautiful handwriting.

3. Go DIY with Furniture

Why not be cheap and environmentally conscious by purchasing second-hand components rather than a brand-new bedroom set if money is tight? Used furniture can be found and purchased at a fraction of the cost in thrift stores. At my neighborhood Salvation Army, I’ve scored some incredible finds for pennies on the dollar.

Look at chairs, tables, and bureaus without worrying about the paint or finish. Always keep in mind that you can repaint or restain any of these objects whenever you like. Knobs and pulls can be updated with new or repurposed old hardware. Don’t forget that adding a personal touch to your furniture is what makes it truly unique.

4. Use Your Creativity to Accessorize

Don’t feel like you have to go to IKEA and get a vase that everyone else already has. Just use your imagination! An old coffee container from the 1950s that I keep in my room to display flowers is one such example. 

My jewelry is stored in a beautiful ceramic pot that an artist friend gave me. That hideous light I found in a thrift store? Now that I’ve draped a beautiful, inexpensive silk scarf over the ugly lampshade, you can’t even tell it’s there.

5. Rework Your Headboard

Have you ever fallen asleep staring at the headboard of your bed? Use what you already have around the house or anything you find to create a unique headboard that won’t break the bank.

Why not recycle an old door, for instance? Reduce the length, smooth it out, refinish it, and lay it on its side. You should feel quite proud of this one-of-a-kind headboard.

Another option would be to use fabric to disguise an existing headboard. Cover the wood with quilt batting, then secure the batting and fabric to the wood using staples. Put three “rows” of tacks down the center. This will add visual interest and aid in keeping the batting and fabric together in the center.

Some other materials that could be used to make a headboard are wrought iron, short wooden fencing, plywood covered with cedar paneling, or even a collection of ancient mirrors. Here, the only thing holding you back is your own creativity.

Added Bedroom Design Advice

  1. TV should not be present in the bedroom if you want it to be truly restful. According to feng shui specialists, one of the worst things you can do is put a TV in your bedroom.
  2. Why? Because you could be tempted to stay up late watching TV, and it’s been shown that doing so might interfere with your sleep by keeping you awake longer.
  3. Concentrate on tidying your area first if your bedroom manages to accumulate debris from the entire house. To keep countertops tidy, use storage containers underneath the bed and make sure your nightstands have enough space.
  4. Utilize scarves or pieces of cloth that complement the hue of your walls to conceal drab nightstands and dressers. The fabric should simply be draped over the counters and let hang off the sides.
  5. Instead of keeping your clothing in the closet, you may make a creative statement by hanging them on the wall. You can create a really cool industrial clothes rack to show off your more intriguing pieces if you get some pipe from Home Depot and fasten it to the wall.
  6. Avoid covering every wall in your home with posters, even if you have a ton of them that you adore. Gather them all together on one wall to create a more striking effect that resembles wallpaper. The use of classic movie posters, graphic design, and vintage posters benefit from this very well. Albums on vinyl are another medium for doing this.
  7. For your bedroom, think about purchasing some hip wall decals. On Etsy, you may find many wonderful, handcrafted wall decals. For example, you might see pictures of crows swooping across the walls or a vast field of realistic-looking daisies clinging to the floor molding. There are numerous options.
  8. Another approach to injecting life and personality into your bedroom is by adding plants. In addition to purifying the air, plants are advantageous for their ability to provide humidity. Think about getting some cheap shelving (like the LACK shelves from IKEA, which are vibrant, simple to hang, and a tremendous steal at about $10). On tall shelves, plants look amazing!
  9. If you can’t afford a duvet cover, buy two flat sheets and sew them together to conceal an unsightly bedspread. And to give your bed some individuality, spend on a vibrant throw.
  10. Family portraits are frequently hung in the bedrooms of many people. Before you act, think it over carefully. It is intended for you and your spouse or lover to have privacy in your bedroom. You might feel uneasy even unconsciously if you see images of your relatives all over the place.
  11. Find gorgeous, one-of-a-kind accessories by perusing flea markets and garage sales. These are fantastic sites to find lamps, candles, and one-of-a-kind trinkets that add to your personal style.
  12. By stacking old hard case luggage on top of one another, you can create unique side tables. The use of huge, heavy books is also permitted.
  13. When leaning against a wall, antique doors make excellent accent pieces. Your creativity might run wild when you paint them a bright color. To hold jewelry or purses, you can hammer nails or install tiny hooks in the door.

Bottom Line

I enjoy designing on a tight budget, especially when I can uncover unique, cool old things. Do you have any inexpensive bedroom decorating suggestions?

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