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How Much To Ship Shoes USPS

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Shoes are one of the most popular online buying commodities, and USPS is a popular delivery option for such transactions. Can I ship shoes by USPS? If not, what are the most cost-effective options for doing so?

In 2022, USPS will ship footwear.

When it comes to sending shoes, nothing beats USPS. Priority Mail customers can order shoe boxes for free from the US Postal Service website. 

To mail a pair of shoes, you may utilize Priority Mail for around $20, Retail Ground for about $15, and Media Mail for about $5 with delivery periods ranging from 2-7 days.

Read the remainder of this post if you’d want to learn more about which shoes you may send and how you can ship them, as well as how much it costs to ship them.

What footwear may be shipped using USPS?

Except for a few extremely rare cases, USPS does not impose any restrictions on the kind of shoes you can send using the service.

When it comes to shoes, the United States Postal Service classifies them as “restricted or dangerous mail.”

In other words, you can’t mail a pair of shoes with a knife hidden inside the heel. Only the weight of your box is a restriction on the kinds of shoes you may transport.

You may mail as many pairs of shoes as you like in a single box, as long as the shipment doesn’t weigh more than 70 pounds, which is the maximum weight USPS would allow.

Which USPS Shipping Services may be used to ship footwear?

USPS Priority Mail, which delivers in two days and comes with a built-in tracking system at no additional cost, is the ideal option for mailing shoes.

In addition to the standard Priority Mail shoe boxes, you may get complimentary shoe shipment boxes from the USPS website by clicking here.

In addition to Priority Mail, you have other options. Ground Retail or Media Mail can also be used, if delivery speed isn’t a priority.

Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and First-Class Package all have a tracking function at no additional fee; you can always add tracking to other services, but be sure to keep that cost in while evaluating your alternatives!

Check out the following section for a complete pricing comparison of all of these services!

How much does it cost to ship shoes through USPS?

USPS Priority Mail is the greatest option for sending shoes since it offers the finest combination of arrival times, cost, and complimentary shipping boxes made exclusively for shipping shoes.

Because the weight of an item and its travel distance affect shipping prices, USPS uses this information to calculate its rates for customers.

Based on this measurement, we can begin to gain an idea of the estimated price per service for a pair of shoes that weigh 2.5 pounds.

A delivery option that delivers in one day or less and costs roughly $55 when mailing an average pair of shoes is Priority Mail Express.

If you’re on a tight budget, Priority Mail is a viable alternative that delivers in a few days for roughly $16. In order to save money on shipping, you can select Ground Retail or Media Mail services.

Using Ground Retail would cost around $14 and take about 5 days to deliver while using. Media Mail would cost about $5 and take between 8 and 14 days to deliver, respectively.

These figures were based on the weight and distance traveled by a single pair of shoes; it’s vital to keep this in mind when you’re calculating your shipping costs!

It is much cheaper to send one pair of shoes rather than five than it is to ship shoes across the nation, and it is a lot cheaper to ship one pair of shoes rather than five.

a more accurate estimate of your shipping costs by using USPS’s Price Calculator to input the dimensions, weight, and destination for your item. You can also get a comparison of all of the services you may utilize.

How Do You Ship Shoes Through the USPS?

The first step in shipping anything is to ensure that your item is properly packaged for transportation!

The first step in shipping a pair of shoes is to wrap them in the paper (either tissue paper or newspaper) to assist prevent damage during delivery.

Fill any additional space in the box with padding like more paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc., to keep your shoes from shifting while in transportation and preventing them from becoming damaged.

The final step in packaging is to fasten your box using packing tape. A USPS dropbox or a post office may be used to transport your shoes once they’ve been properly wrapped and are ready to go.

Learn more about shipping by USPS by checking out our other entries on clothing, jewelry, and laptop shipment via the postal service.

Bottom Line

In terms of shipping footwear, USPS is the finest option and offers a variety of services to choose from.

You can monitor your item using USPS Priority Mail, which delivers in two days, and even has boxes particularly intended for mailing shoes available for free from their website.

All of these alternative solutions are available at different pricing ranges and delivery time frames if you prefer not to utilize Priority Mail.

To prevent damage in transportation, place your shoes in a sturdy box before taking them to the post office.

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