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How Much Does Frontier Charge For Bags

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How Much Does Frontier Charge For Bags? It’s no longer safe to assume checked luggage is included in the advertised ticket because airline restrictions on baggage are constantly changing. It’s possible to get cheap flights on Frontier Airlines, but can you afford to carry your luggage as well? Frontier Airlines’ luggage fees can be avoided if you’re familiar with the airline’s policies.

What’s Frontier Airlines’ baggage policy?

For your own peace of mind, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with Frontier Airlines’ luggage rules ahead of time. Using Frontier’s price check tool, you can see out how much your bag will cost on your upcoming trip.

Carry-on luggage

One free personal item is permitted for each traveler. Your personal item must fit beneath the seat in front of you and not exceed these dimensions: 14 inches high by 18 inches wide by 8 inches deep.

As a rule of thumb, airline fees do not cover carry-on bags. Carry-on bags cost an extra $37 to $60 on Frontier for many passengers who wish to bring them on board. It is possible to store these luggage in the overhead bin or beneath the seat. If you’re planning on taking a carry-on bag, it must be no larger than 24 inches (height x width x depth) and no heavier than 35 pounds. The bag’s wheels and handles are included in this.

Strollers and car seats are complimentary checked at the gate for anybody traveling with an infant in addition to their own item. Diaper bags are free. If the size and weight restrictions are met, coats, prayer mats, and medical aids can all be brought on board at no additional cost.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandates that all things carried in a passenger’s checked luggage must meet certain standards. On board, there are no weapons or anything that could be used to hurt people. The TSA has issued a 3-1-1 liquids regulation that governs the transportation of liquids.

Checked baggage

For a charge, passengers can have their checked luggage transported by Frontier Airlines if they meet the airline’s requirements for size and weight. $34 to $60 for your first checked bag, $39 to $55 for a second bag, and $85 to 95 for more than three bags are typical costs.

Depending on when you pay for your checked luggage, baggage costs might differ. A checked bag from Albany, New York, to Los Angeles costs $33, but if you pay for it when you get at the airport check-in, the price rises to $50, and it costs $60 if you wait until you reach at the departure gate to check it in. Paying for your checked luggage at the time of your flight reservation is the most economical option.

The combined dimensions of a regular checked bag are 62 inches tall, wide, and deep, with a weight restriction of 50 pounds. Oversized or overweight baggage fees, or perhaps both, may be charged for bags that go beyond this limit. Any checked luggage must not exceed 110 linear inches in length and 100 pounds in weight. Bags that are too large or too heavy will be charged $75 apiece. These costs apply to all baggage.

In some cases, checked luggage may be considered “special baggage” and subject to its own set of rules. For example, if you’re travelling with sports equipment and the luggage weighs more than 50 pounds, overweight penalties may be imposed, but oversize costs will not be. Regardless of the size or weight of your bicycle, you will be charged $75 to check it in.

How to avoid or reduce Frontier Airlines baggage fees

When it comes to Frontier Airlines baggage fees, there are almost as many options to cut or eliminate the additional expense. Here’s how to do it.

1. Only pack a personal item

Choosing this option is the best way to avoid incurring additional baggage charges. Because carry-on luggage isn’t included in the Frontier baggage allowance, you’re limited to only one personal item per passenger.

A medium-sized bag will probably hold enough clothing for a short trip. When it comes to maximizing the space in your personal item, there are several strategies that can help you do so without needing additional luggage.

Consider purchasing toiletry goods at your destination or using laundry facilities while you’re abroad.

2. Pay for baggage during booking

At the time of booking, it’s better to pay for luggage. When it comes to baggage fees, this is the best time since you have the most time to come up with a packing strategy. Baggage charges will increase as soon as your transaction is complete. If you change your mind, you might end up paying more than $20 each bag.

3. Buy a specialty fare

When it comes to luggage fees and other incentives, speciality fares are the best bet. The WORKS and PERKS bundles are Frontier Airlines’ speciality tickets. The only way to get these alternatives is to purchase a round-trip flight, which includes a carry-on and a checked bag for each person traveling with you.

In addition to other benefits like priority boarding and seat selection, these packages can save you money on luggage if you don’t have any overweight or oversize fees when you check in. You may potentially save over $100 depending on where you’re travelling to and how much luggage you’re bringing. A speciality fare, on the other hand, might end up costing you more if you’re positive that you’ll only need one carry-on or one checked bag. If you don’t require a carry-on and a checked bag, you can still pay to select your seat without purchasing a package. You may save money by comparing all of your flight alternatives before making a final decision.

4. Join the myFRONTIER loyalty program

Everyone may join Frontier Airlines’ free frequent flyer club. For the purposes of earning reward miles, every Frontier Airlines flight counts as one mile. Once you’ve accrued 20,000 miles, you’ll be eligible for a free carry-on bag on all flights as an elite member. A free checked bag will be yours once you’ve flown 100,000 miles.

It’s a good idea to apply for the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard if you want to rack up frequent flyer points more quickly. purchases earn you 5X miles, restaurant purchases earn you 3X miles, and all other transactions earn you 1X miles. In addition, cardholders who achieve specific criteria on each account anniversary receive a $100 airfare ticket.

5. Bring your military documentation

If you’re an active duty service member, please make sure you sign in with your military ID. Airline baggage fees for up to two checked bags are waived for active duty, reserve, and national guard military personnel flying on Frontier Airlines.

To top it all off, the first two checked bags are immune from oversize and overweight costs as long as they don’t exceed the airline’s maximum allowance.

6. Get airline fee credits and other perks with a travel rewards card

There are a slew of different credit cards that provide benefits on Frontier Airlines trips that you might utilize. The Chase Sapphire Preferred is one such example.

After spending $4,000 in the first three months, you’ll receive a hefty 60,000 points welcome bonus. When you book through the Chase travel site, you’ll get $750 worth of travel. That’s a lot of bags covered!

Bottom line

Once you’ve figured out how to minimize or avoid paying Frontier Airlines baggage fees, it’s time to plan your next vacation. With your free personal item, you may be able to begin. Check out the airline’s loyalty program if you’ve had a good experience with them and want to spread your luggage around a little more without emptying your pocket. And don’t forget to check your wallet to make sure you have the correct credit cards.

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