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How Much Does Allegiant Charge For Bags

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Saving money on flights is easy if you do your homework and prepare ahead of time.
In your search for flights to your next vacation spot, Allegiant Air may turn up as one of the most cost-effective choices in your findings. Allegiant prides itself on delivering inexpensive tickets and nonstop flights to 23 locations around the United States and Puerto Rico without the usual hassles of flying.

How Much Does Allegiant Charge For Bags? If you’re only flying locally and don’t need to bring a lot of luggage, Allegiant could be a good option. What’s the deal with that? This airline, despite its inexpensive rates, imposes costs for luggage that other airlines may allow for free. Here’s a look at luggage costs on Allegiant and how you may avoid them on your next trip, including a few credit card options.

Allegiant’s baggage policy

It is not unusual for airlines to impose luggage fees and restrictions, and Allegiant is no exception. Carry-ons that aren’t deemed personal belongings are also subject to the fee. You may expect the following when flying with Allegiant.

Carry-on baggage and personal items

Bags no larger than 7 inches by 15 inches by 16 inches are considered personal objects, and this includes handbags, briefcases, and small backpacks. Each passenger is permitted one free personal item that fits under the seat in front of them.

A cost of $10 to $75 is charged if you want to bring a carry-on bag. However, it must be smaller than 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches and fit in an overhead compartment to qualify as carry-on luggage. It’s possible that a roll-aboard bag, a garment bag, or a tote bag might be eligible. If the overhead bins are full, you may be forced to gate-check your carry-on luggage.

There is no charge for bringing a small umbrella or a jacket onto the plane, as well as food and beverages that may be consumed onboard. No fee is required to check in any of the following: car seats, strollers, assistive equipment, and mobility aids. A charge of $50 to $75 may be imposed on carry-on luggage that exceeds the limit size.

Checked bags

Passengers are permitted to check a maximum of four bags, each of which cannot exceed 80 linear inches in length or weigh more than 40 pounds. There are a variety of criteria that go into determining how much you’ll be charged for checked luggage.

You can figure out the cost of checked and carry-on luggage using the Allegiant website’s calculator. The airports at which you’ll be departing from and returning to are required, as is the day on which you plan to do so. As a result of this information, you’ll obtain three quotes ranging in price from $25 to $50, on average. It all depends on whether you pay for your luggage when you book before you leave for your trip, or at the airport when you arrive. 

Payment upon booking is the cheapest, however, airport charges are more costly.
Take, for instance, the following prices for an Allegiant trip on July 12 from Myrtle Beach to Louisville:

  • Checked bag paid at booking: $25
  • Checked bag paid pre-departure: $45
  • Checked bag paid at the airport: $50

Excess, large, or overweight luggage will incur additional fees. Bags weighing 40-70 pounds will cost an additional $50, while bags weighing 71-100 pounds or measuring more than 80 linear inches in length would cost an additional $75. Sporting equipment may also be subject to additional fees.

How to cut or avoid paying the Allegiant checked luggage cost

The last thing anyone wants to do when they find a fantastic deal on a flight is surprised with unexpected expenses. When traveling with Allegiant Airlines, you may save money on baggage costs in a few different ways.

Only take a personal item

When going on a trip, it’s usually a good idea to pack light. You may save money by just taking a carry-on bag when your airline charges for it.

Keep in mind that you can get travel-size toothpaste, deodorant, and other needs in almost every town at a reasonable price, so don’t bother packing your own. Make sure that you just pack essentials like clothing and prescriptions by following this easy step first. Consider wearing the shoes you’ll be wearing while traveling for the duration of your vacation. A carry-on cost may not be worth it if you can make a few minor concessions.

Pay for baggage during booking

As a result, Allegiant hopes to reduce the number of time passengers spend at the airport searching through their luggage by charging for bags when they make their reservations. There are a number of reasons why Allegiant charges different fees depending on where you buy your flight.

Before you buy your plane ticket, make a list of all the luggage you’ll need for your vacation. When making your reservation, make sure to indicate how many bags you’ll be bringing and what kind of fees you’ll be paying.

Bring your military documentation

Military personnel, veterans, and their families can fly free of various baggage taxes while flying with Allegiant. They are as follows:

  • One free carry-on bag
  • Up to three free checked bags
  • Up to one free pet in the cabin
  • Free oversize checked baggage

Members of the military and National Guard, U.S. military veterans, spouses, and dependents with appropriate identification are all covered by this policy.

Use a travel credit card

Due to the fact that it does not cover the cost of checked luggage, Allegiant’s credit card does not place high on our list of the top airline credit cards. You can earn miles that can be used to offset travel costs, or you can receive a yearly stipend that can be used to offset expenditures like baggage fees.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve, for example, is one of the finest travel credit cards since it pays users $300 each year that may be used for travel expenditures, including baggage fees. Capital One Venture Rewards, on the other hand, offers miles for every dollar you spend on the card. Capital One’s Purchase Eraser tool may be used to redeem those miles, resulting in account credit for the travel purchase.

Even if you obtain a fantastic discount on your airline ticket, paying baggage fees is never a pleasant experience. While luggage fees might be expensive, there are typical methods to reduce or avoid them altogether. You may save a lot of money on your next vacation by doing some research and preparing ahead of time.

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