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Does Target Price Match Costco

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Target has a reputation as a retailer for offering money-saving bargains on a variety of things, including a price match program to keep frequent customers coming back and giving them an incentive to spend at Target.

Because Target and Costco sell a lot of the same products, you might be wondering if Target will price match Costco to provide customers the greatest deal. Here’s what I discovered!

Is Target’s price going to be the same as Costco’s in 2022?

As of 2022, Target will price match items sold at Costco in-store and online, either at the time of purchase or within 14 days afterward. Customers must provide documentation of the cheaper pricing, which can be in the form of a print or digital advertisement. Promotional and on-sale items are not eligible.

Continue reading to learn more about Target’s price match policy exceptions, if Costco will price match Target items, and which company offers more value for money.

What Is Target’s Costco Price Match Policy?

If the items are identical and in stock at both locations, in-store and online, Target will price match them.

This implies the item sold at both stores should have the same model number, be a brand-new product, and be the same size, weight, color, and quantity.

Make sure the pricing of the item you’re presenting is for the current retail location you’re visiting if you’re using the Target app to price match with Costco.

Target also maintains the right to deny a price match if it is unable to prove that an item is truly cheaper at Costco.

Target also limits the amount of price matches a consumer may make every day to just one.

What is Target’s Costco Price Adjustment Policy?

If you find a better offer at Costco within 14 days of your purchase and have the original receipt or packing slip, Target will refund some of your money.

If this is the case, visit a Target store and provide documentation of the better offer at Costco to receive a refund from Target via the payment method you used to purchase the item.

For example, if you pay $50 at Target for an item that costs $45 at Costco, you can get $5 back through Target’s price adjustment program if you return within 14 days.

In a Target store, how can I price match Costco?

If you locate an item at Costco for a lower price than at Target, go to a Target store near you and ask an employee at any checkout counter to price match the item.

You must, however, offer evidence of the cheaper pricing, which the employee will independently check. This may be a printed ad or a product listing on that you’ve opened on your phone.

Target will not accept photocopies of advertisements or screenshots of product listings as proof of a lower price from Costco.

If Target confirms your price match request, you’ll be charged the reduced price for the item, or you’ll be refunded the difference if you’ve already purchased it.

How can I price match Target to Costco?

If you see an item at Costco for a cheaper price than on, call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 and ask for a price match, providing product specifics.

If the price of the item at Costco is lower than Target’s price, the employee will independently verify it, and if it is, Target will conduct the price match or adjustment request.

What Are Target’s Price Match Policy Exceptions?

Target items cannot be price matched with Costco or other shops when used in conjunction with other offers like coupons (such as Target Circle) or things that have already been lowered in price, such as clearance or damaged items.

Manufacturer’s coupons, on the other hand, can be combined with a price match at most Target locations. By using Target’s Store Locator, you may find out more about your local store’s policies.

The following are all of Target’s price match policy’s additional exceptions:

  • Target does not match prices on services such as cell phones and plans, optometrists, product services, pharmacy purchases, clinics, or game reservations.
  • At this moment, Target shops in Hawaii and Alaska do not offer price matching.
  • Rain checks are not available on items that are presently out of stock at Target.
  • Target does not match prices throughout the Thanksgiving holiday and for a week afterward.

Is Costco’s price comparable to Target’s?

Costco does not price match Target or any other retailer because its warehouse stores already offer highly competitive prices.

If you are unhappy with a purchase, however, you can return it to Costco by following the Costco Returns Guidelines. For more information, go to or the membership counter.

If you see a product listing or marketing at one of these stores that shows a product selling for less than Target’s price, you can ask Target to price match it.

Is it cheaper to shop at Costco than Target?

Several internet shoppers ran tests to see which of the two retailers was the cheapest.

Costco’s bulk strategy, according to the general view, provides better value for money. Despite being slightly more expensive, Target is said to have superior quality than Costco.

See our linked postings on whether Target pricing matches Walmart, GameStop, Lowe’s, and Amazon for more information.

Bottom Line

Target price matches Costco products in-store and online to provide customers with the most value for their money. Customers can get a Costco price match at the time of purchase or up to 14 days later by producing proof of a lower retail price at Costco, or by contacting Target Guest Services for a price match on items. Target’s price match policy does not apply to items that are on sale or sold under other promotional offers.

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