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Can You Use Non Machinable Stamps On Regular Envelopes

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Automated mail sorting devices are a big part of the USPS’s efficiency. These devices are capable of sorting 36,000 pieces of mail each hour! When the mail is standard-sized, they’re excellent, but what happens if the mail isn’t?

It is necessary to cancel the stamps on letters that cannot be processed by machines. Obviously, that takes longer.

A Non-Machinable stamp surcharge is applied when this occurs. So, if you have any inquiries concerning Non-Machinable stamps, feel free to contact me.

What Are Non-Manufacturable Stamps?

Stamps produced by USPS that cover postage on First-Class domestic mail items that do not fit the approved size specifications are known as non-machinable stamps. Squat greeting cards, hard lettering, or lumpy notes with pens are examples of non-machinable things There is a fee for hand-cancelling items that do not fit into sorting machines.

Read on for answers to all your queries, such as the price of Non-Machinable stamps, as well as where you can get them.

What Is Non-Automated Mail?

To understand what Non-Machinable stamps are, it’s necessary to understand what Non-Machinable mail is.

Non-Machinable mail is any piece of mail that is unable to be sorted by USPS machines because of its size or form is irregular.

Nonetheless, square greeting cards are the most frequent. USPS defines a standard-sized letter as:

  • Rectangular
  • Measurements must be at least 312″ in height, 5″ in length, and 0.007″ thick.
  • As little as possible: 6 1/8″ high by 112″ long by 1/4″ thick.

As a result, letters that don’t fulfill these requirements slow down and can even jam machines.

USPS workers remove unusually-sized mail and hand-cancel the stamps to avoid any technical problems.

Hand sorting is obviously more time-consuming than machine sorting. As a result, the US Postal Service charges an additional fee for mail that does not conform to conventional postal dimensions (i.e., Non-Machinable mail).

What is the Surcharge for Non-Machinable First-Class Mail?

The regular, automated mail procedure is unable to deal with oversized or shaped mail items, as previously stated.

In most cases, they are manually sorted by USPS staff, making them more expensive to handle, which is why there is a fee on them.

That stated, the USPS charges a Non-Machinable premium on First-Class Mail that meets any of the following conditions:

  • To be less than or equal to 113 but not more than 212 in terms of its length to height (square envelopes)
  • Anything taller than 414 inches or wider than 6 inches, but thinner than 0.009 inches
  • Closure devices such as clasps, threads, or buttons on a letter.
  • Irregularity in the letter
  • The shorter side of a mailpiece has the delivery address written on it in a straight line
  • Uneven thickness caused by things such as pencils and keys in a letter.
  • That which is encased in any plastic substance or has an outside surface that isn’t paper is called a poly-bagged letter.

The non-machinable fee is $0.30 at the time of writing.

What is the cost of non-machinable stamps?

Non-Machinable stamps are now priced at $0.88, which is 30 cents more expensive than standard-sized First-Class mailings.

Are Non-Machinable Stamps Permanent?

“Non-Machinable Surcharge” stamps will always be valid for the current Non-Machinable surcharge, much as Forever Stamps.

Non-Machinable stamps can still be used even if the USPS raises the price of stamps the next day, even if you acquired them at a discount.

Can I Use A Stamp That Is Not Machinable On Standard Mail?

You can use conventional postage stamps with Non-Machinable stamps, according to the rules in effect.

Non-Machinable stamps, on the other hand, cover the First-Class postage rate for a one-ounce letter, plus the current Non-Machinable premium.

Also, if your letter is standard-sized, there is no need to pay the fee. Therefore, if you use a Non-Machinable stamp on your letter, you’ll be overpaying for no good reason.

Can I Use Two Forever Stamps If I Don’t Have A Non-Machinable Stamp?

If you have two Forever Stamps left over, you can use them to pay the Non-Machinable Fee. 

To put it another way, if you buy two Forever Stamps for $0.58 each, you’ll get $1.16 worth of postage.

In addition, Non-Machinable stamps cost $0.88. Because of this, two Forever Stamps will pay the additional shipping.

Using numerous Forever Stamps in place of a Non-Machinable stamp can save you money, but the cost of shipping will be higher.

In other words, if you can get your hands on a Non-Machinable stamp, doing so will save you money.

Where May I Purchase Non-Machinable Stamps?

At your local post office, via the USPS website, or by phone at 1-800-STAMP-24 (1-800-782-6724), you can purchase Non-Machinable stamps.

Individual stamps can be purchased while purchasing stamps in person. When purchasing Non-Machinable stamps online or over the phone, you will need to purchase a sheet of 20 stamps.

What Is the Price of Non-Machinable Stamps?

Non-Machinable stamps are now priced at $0.88 apiece, which includes the $0.58 First-Class postal rate and the $0.30 Non-Machinable surcharge.

To put that into perspective, a sheet of twenty Non-Machinable stamps costs $17.60.

How Do Non-Machinable Stamps Appear?

Because they always feature butterflies, non-machinable stamps are frequently referred to as butterfly stamps.

That being said, USPS and the Greeting Card Association worked together in 2010 to get to this conclusion.

Consumers with heavier or irregularly-shaped envelopes sought a simpler way to determine whether or not they had put enough postage on them.

Because of this, the USPS decided to incorporate butterflies on all of its Non-Machinable stamps, and greeting card businesses began printing a butterfly emblem on cards that required a Non-Machinable stamp.

The California Dogface butterfly and the Colorado Hairstreak butterfly are two of the US Postal Service’s current butterfly stamp designs.

Additionally, both stamps have the phrases “USA,” “Non-Machinable Surcharge,” and the year of the stamp’s issue.

In addition, if you’d want to learn more about military stamps, priority mail stamps, and semi-postal stamps, check out our postings.

Bottom Line

Sending a unique wedding invitation or a creative birthday card is easy with USPS’ Non-Machinable stamps, which are available in a variety of colors and designs.

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