SalesNexus and Partner to Streamline Enrichment of Customer Contact Information

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Houston, TX USA ( Thursday Mar 16, 2023 @ 1:30 PM Pacific —

Houston, TX – SalesNexus, a leading CRM and Marketing Automation platform, has partnered with, a provider of B2B lead data, to provide customers with the most up-to-date and reliable customer information instantly. With the integration of RampedUp’s powerful API, SalesNexus users can enrich their customer contact information with just one click, saving time and eliminating the need for time-consuming research and manual data entry.

“Making it easier for our customers to access high-quality customer data is an essential need of any B2B business,” said Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus. “Partnering with was a natural fit for us as they are known for providing the most accurate B2B lead data. With this integration, we are able to enhance the value our customers get from our platform.” SalesNexus created a short video of how the integration works here.’s data integration allows SalesNexus users to quickly and easily reach out to more customers by ensuring their contact information is up to date and accurate. The SalesNexus-RampedUp integration has already received acclaim, with customers seeing positive improvements in engagement time and lead quality.

“SalesNexus customers can now enjoy access to the same high-quality lead data used by some of the world’s largest organizations,” said Klein. “RampedUp has built their business on ensuring contact information is always accurate, using social media accounts to detect status changes and update the contact info.”

The SalesNexus-RampedUp partnership is an important step towards providing customers with a more streamlined and efficient experience. With the new integration, SalesNexus users can focus on their core business functions without searching for contact info or worrying about the accuracy and reliability of their contact data.

SalesNexus has also taken a step further to demonstrate the value of the partnership by showcasing to its customers how B2B lead lists from RampedUp can be automatically engaged using the SalesNexus CRM and Marketing Automation platform. A video demonstration is available here.

“The video demonstration goes a long way into showing how SalesNexus empowers customers to reach out to vastly more potential customers, automatically,” said Craig Klein. “We want our customers to know that we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that will give them a competitive edge.”

SalesNexus is confident that the integration with RampedUp is just the beginning, as it looks forward to a long and successful partnership that will benefit its loyal customers.

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