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Listed below are companies that welcome dogs. Even while most firms would not accept Fido as an essential member of your work team just because he wears a suit and tie, there are those that do.

Furthermore, pet-friendly organizations may even have an advantage over their competitors since pets in the office may reduce employee stress and boost employee trust, which can lead to an increase in productivity. Having a pet isn’t only good for your health; it may also help you make ends meet between paychecks. According to a recent poll by FinanceBuzz, 93% of pet owners believe that owning a pet helps their mental health. Here are jobs where you can bring your dog.

List of 15 of the most pet-friendly firms

1. Amazon

Amazon’s Seattle headquarters is home to up to 7,000 dogs. Unconventional perks have always been a part of the workplace culture at this organization. An early Amazon page was launched by a dog named Rufus, who placed his paw on the mouse and clicked. Treats for the Amazonian dogs are offered at the front desks, and they receive a lot of attention.

In one structure, there is even a phony fire hydrant and many doggy water faucets. A costume contest for dogs as part of Barktoberfest this year, which was sponsored by Amazon, which had just opened a dog park in the area. For some Amazon employees, donating their time to local animal shelters is a favorite activity.

2. Zynga

Every day, dogs are welcome at Zynga’s San Francisco headquarters, where the popular online game “Words with Friends” was invented along with other hits. Dogs at Work, an advocacy organization promoting the advantages of having dogs in the office, awarded it the 2018 DOG Award for its pet-friendliness. It’s not only that dogs are allowed in the office; the firm also distributes free snacks for the pets of its workers. The building’s roof features a playground as well.

Along with health insurance for human employees, Zynga offers pet insurance as an additional bonus. Think over the following data from a recent FinanceBuzz study if you are debating whether or not pet insurance is worthwhile: Ninety-three percent of pet owners say they are satisfied with the coverage they have for their animals.

3. Tito’s Vodka

It’s possible that Tito’s Vodka is the perfect firm for you if you want to generate money while also promoting your favorite animals. Pet-friendly office rules were recently promoted by the company in conjunction with the advocacy group Dogs at Work. Dog-friendly workplaces are becoming increasingly popular, and this company is setting the bar high. Employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work (known as “co-woofers”), and Taki, the distillery dog, lives on-site.

In the past, Tito’s had a bottle labeled “Vodka for Dog People.” Animal rescue and protection is the goal of this initiative. To get pets to loving homes, they partner with non-profit groups all around the country. They end up being co-woofers for some of the dogs. The Tito’s Dog Toy is a great way for you and your pet to support this goal.

4. Trupanion

The fact that Trupanion, a pet insurance provider, permits both cats and dogs in the office is not entirely shocking. More than 400 employees and 230 pets are now part of the Trupanion family, which started with the founder and his dog, Charlie. Employees with veterinarian and pet care experience are part of a special Pet Team, which provides assistance and advice to pet owners.

Employees at Trupanion may take advantage of discounts on pet care and a free on-site dog walking service. Trupanion, on the other hand, provides its employees with a free, zero-deductible pet insurance policy for one of their own furry friends. Trupanion can help you add pet insurance as a perk to your company’s benefits package.

5. Kabbage

Atlanta-based Kabbage is a financial technology startup that helps small companies. There are no additional bonuses for dogs, but there are many benefits for their owners that will make them happy – even if they don’t have a dog at work. Kabbage employees get daily catered lunches, on-site health and meditation workshops, and unlimited paid time off.

6. Redtail Technology

Financial advisers can use Redtail’s web-based client relationship management software. The company’s red dog emblem was inspired by the founder’s red-tailed golden retriever. “Work/Fun Balance and Loyalty to Our Core Users” are the company’s values, Redtail states.

Dogs are welcome at Redtail because the company acknowledges the positive effects of dog-human connection. Additionally, there is a dog park on-site, and employees use a dedicated Slack channel to coordinate when they plan to take their dogs for a walk.

7. mParticle

For mParticle, a New York City-based software firm that provides a cloud-based consumer data platform, the benefits of having dogs in the workplace include improved coworker interactions. Pawternity leaves, a new perk for dog owners, is also available. Two weeks of paid time off are given to employees who adopt a rescue dog or cat. When it comes to house training a new puppy or kitten, this may be extremely useful.

mParticle’s cooperation with Front Street Animal Shelter allows you to foster an animal even if you aren’t ready to adopt.

8. VMware

An open campus allows friends and family to join employees at work activities, which is provided by VMware, a San Francisco-based software business that specializes in cloud computing and visualization. It also implemented a policy in 2014 that permits four-legged pets to accompany their owners to work every day.

As an employee perk, VMware provides pet insurance, and employees are given two business days to grieve the loss of a family pet under the company’s bereavement policy.

9. Ben & Jerry’s

The ice cream shop not only offers a wide variety of mouthwatering flavors but also allows dozens of dogs belonging to the company’s employees to visit each day. Its so-called k9-5ers may even be shown on the company’s website. They’ll have a treat waiting for them at the front desk, which makes them very happy. Having dogs around helps Ben & Jerry’s workers cope with their work-related stress since the dogs get lots of attention, hugs, and walks throughout the day.

10. Zogics

More than half of the nation’s gyms rely on Zogics for their fitness supply needs. Natural pet care items are also available from the company. Every day, dogs are welcomed in the office and maybe found sitting with their owners at their desks or in meetings. At Zogics, there are presently 21 dogs working as part of the team.

Additionally, Zogics’ office offers a welcoming environment for dogs, and the company has an amazing pawternity policy. In addition to an extra week of paid time off, you’ll receive a $200 gift card to a local pet store, and a lifetime supply of Zogics pet shampoo for new puppy parents.

11. Mars Petcare

In order to help keep pets healthy, Mars Petcare provides them with high-quality nutrition and veterinary care. When it comes to innovation, they employ data analysis and transformative technology. So it’s hardly surprising that Mars Petcare staff love their dogs, and the workplace has been pet-friendly for a decade. Petiquette policy allows many Mars Petcare employees to bring their dogs to work, and the office has been specifically constructed to accommodate them.

There are dog-friendly paths, playgrounds, gathering places, and activities all around. Additionally, Mars Petcare offers pawternity leave, which allows employees to take 10 paid hours off to assist their new pet to acclimate to their new surroundings.

12. Modernize

One of the many perks of working at Modernize, an online platform that links homeowners in need of renovations with local contractors, is the ability to bring your dog to work. The company, on the other hand, restricts the number of dogs allowed on each floor to one. On a shared calendar, pet owners can plan days with their dogs.

Humans can also take advantage of a variety of enticing perks, such as unlimited access to craft beer, three days of catered lunch per week, and flexible PTO.

13. Google

Google, a dog-friendly company since its inception, received the DOG Award from Dogs at Work. Dooglers are Google’s canine companions, and the company refers to them as such in 70 offices around the world. Special dog treats may be purchased in the corporate cafe.

Google is recognized for having outstanding advantages for humans, yet it is famously difficult to secure a job at Google. It’s more difficult than applying to Harvard, according to recent data.

14. Build-a-Bear

In addition to being a recipient of the DOG Award, Build-a-Bear is a dog-friendly business with some of the most generous rules in the industry. There are special benefits for pets at Build-a-Bear, such as dog birthday parties, free treats, and a canine concierge service that allows dogs to be groomed or sent to a day camp while their owners are away from the office.

Workers at the St. Louis office can bring their dogs to work, but they must sign a Doggy On-Boarding agreement and agree to abide by a set of restrictions. An organization called Canine Companions delivers assistance dogs free of charge through Build-A-Bear.

15. Petsmart

There are no restrictions on bringing pets to work at PetSmart’s headquarters in Phoenix. This may not come as a surprise given that Petsmart locations around the country allow pets. Petsmart employees enjoy more than just a plethora of wagging tails at the office thanks to the company’s pet-friendly policies. On-site dog parks, Halloween costume contests for canines, and more are all part of the package. An on-site exercise center and child care center are also available to employees.

Bottom Line

It’s no surprise that some firms are taking the lead in bringing pets into the office because of the many benefits they bring. If you’re looking for a new job where you can bring your pet along, there are plenty of places to look. It’s probable that a firm can accommodate you and your pet’s requirements, whether you only want to bring them to work on occasion or want extra benefits like dog parks and pet insurance.

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