Blingle! Of Southwest Denver Plans to Increase Safety and Security With Lighting Designs

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Blingle! Premier Lighting consulted with experts at the Denver Police Department and plans to incorporate crime prevention strategies into their environmental design. The lighting company will focus on key principles of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) approach.

CPTED is a multi-disciplinary strategy used to reduce crime and create environments that are unfavorable to criminals through the design and management of an environment. Lighting is a crucial part of CPTED and can have a significant impact on the level of security and safety of a space. Visit web site here to learn more.

"At Blingle, we prioritize the safety and security of our customers,” says Jessi Nelson, General Manager for Blingle of Southwest Denver. “We believe that implementing CPTED-inspired lighting designs is an effective way to deter potential criminal activity and create a welcoming and safe environment for Southwest Denver."

Blinge Premier Lighting plans to incorporate proper lighting designs to create a safe environment and reduce the chances of criminal activity. The CPTED key aspects Blinge Premier Lighting plans to implement include:

Type: Blingle uses only LED lighting, which is long-lasting, to ensure that the environment stays well lit for a long amount of time. LED lights are also less likely to burn out under heavy use and are more energy-efficient.

Brightness & Color: Blinge uses high-quality lights from premium partners like Lumien Lighting and FX Luminaire. They focus on lighting that is bright enough to provide good visibility, but not so bright that it creates harsh shadows or glare. The color of the lighting is warm and inviting, creating a pleasant atmosphere while also making it easier to identify people and objects.

Positioning: Their lighting is strategically placed to illuminate the natural light levels in a particular space and uses lighting to enhance and supplement these levels. This can help to create a more natural and less artificial environment, which is more visually appealing.

Distribution: Blinge Premier Lighting designs are evenly distributed throughout a space, rather than concentrated in one area. This ensures that all areas of a space are well lit and there are no places left in shadow.

Before incorporating CPTED aspects, homes and buildings can have dark shadows and blind spots, that don’t look flattering and could increase chances of criminal activity. After CPTED principles are involved in a space’s lighting design, there are no more shadows and a home or building looks more welcoming and bright.

Visit now to learn more about Blingle’s incorporation of CPTED and to see before and after pictures of Blinge Premier Lighting’s CPTED strategies in use. The website also boasts photos of the company’s past projects and events.

Blinge! of Southwest Denver is an independently owned and operated, nationally- backed premier lighting service provider that specializes in landscape, patio, holiday, event, permanent home exterior, and commercial lighting services.

The company offers a wide variety of lighting options including low voltage LED lighting, residential lighting, dock lighting, landscape lighting, string lighting, deck outdoor living lighting, and more.

From a permanent home exterior design to a holiday event, all clients can expect a lighting demo before a project is started and finalized. Blinge Premier Lighting utilizes visualization technology for all of their lighting demos. This technology helps clients envision and customize their projects.

The company also ensures quality, offering both workmanship warranties and product warranties on all of their services. If takedown services are needed, Blingle promises installation, takedown, and storage services, with post-Christmas lighting takedown beginning in early January. Visit company website to learn more about Blinge Premier Lighting rates and services.

Blinge! also offers a No Lights Out Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that all client’s lights will stay bright. If a light goes out, a specialist will be out within 48 hours to repair or replace it.

The lighting company serves the Southwest Denver area and has been featured in neighborhoods all around Colorado. Learn more about their safety and security, crime deterrence measures, and CPTED strategies on their website or contact them at 303-381-2434.


For more information about Blingle! of Southwest Denver, contact the company here:

Blingle! of Southwest Denver
1550 S Acoma St, Unit 200, Denver, CO, 80223

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