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What Is The Best Food Delivery Service To Work For

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What Is The Best Food Delivery Service To Work For? Look no further if you’re looking for a side hustle that makes people happy. Choosing which meal delivery business to work for might be tricky. For those seeking a new job with flexible hours or a side hustle to boost their income, there are methods to generate money that don’t need schooling, training, or a defined amount of hours.

Your clients’ faces will light up when you work for a food-delivery business. Because the person who arrives just in time with a pizza when someone is about to go hysterical is like an angel in disguise. There is good news for you if you’re thinking about doing this as a side hustle but aren’t sure which meal delivery app to use. With this list, you may be someone’s savior while also earning some additional income to help you attain your financial objectives.

How we compared these meal delivery services

We analyzed the most popular meal delivery services on the market to assist you choose the ideal side hustle for your situation.. The following factors were taken into account:

  • We looked for services that could be accessed from anywhere in the country.
  • Each firm was examined on potential and average compensation, and those with clear pay structures and easy access to revenue were preferred.
  • We only worked with organizations who gave their employees the freedom to set their own work schedules.
  • Easy onboarding was a factor in our selection of service providers.
  • We preferred firms that allowed workers to keep all of their tips.
  • Some meal delivery services provide benefits such as special discounts and we chose these providers above others.

8 Greatest Food Delivery Companies To Work For


To deliver with DoorDash, all you need is a method of transportation and a smartphone. You can even deliver by bicycle in some places. To become a Dasher, you must be 18 years old or older and pass a background check. There are no car inspections, and you may start earning money within days. We also enjoy that DoorDash allows you to make money when traveling and not only in your local city.

DoorDash, like the other delivery services on our list, allows you to work around your schedule. When you’re ready to start delivering, simply open the app to see if there are any available orders nearby. You’ll also get to keep 100% of your tips.

However, keep in mind that DoorDash does not refund for any charges, including tolls and parking fees, and you must maintain your own insurance coverage. However, if you are injured while working for DoorDash, you may be entitled for disability benefits as well as medical expense coverage.

The Pay: Hourly wages vary depending on geography and other considerations. 2 The base compensation per delivery ranges from $2 to $10, based on the projected distance, time to deliver, and popularity of each order. If you deliver during peak hours or accomplish a challenge, you may be eligible for additional promotional compensation. You’ll also keep all of your tips, which will be unaffected by your base salary. People who like working while traveling are ideal candidates for DoorDash.

Uber Eats

In some areas, UberEats allows you to deliver by vehicle, scooter, bike, or even on foot. Requirements vary per delivery choice, but to become a delivery worker using the Uber Eats platform, you must be at least 18 or 19 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and be insured if using a motor vehicle.

To get started, you must agree to a screening, but no further training is necessary. You may begin taking delivery orders as an independent driver after downloading the app and agreeing the delivery terms. You may turn them on and off as needed, ensuring that you can always deliver on time.

Tolls will be automatically reimbursed by Uber Eats. Despite the fact that Uber offers liability insurance, you must maintain your own state-mandated insurance policy. You’ll also have to pay for your own petrol, but if you use the Uber Visa Debit Card, you can get a discount. Another benefit of utilizing the Uber Visa Debit Card is that you may withdraw your profits up to five times each day at no cost. Although you may use your own debit card to get Instant Pay, you will be charged 50 cents every transaction. For more information, see our Uber Eats review.

Pay: Because pay varies per location, Uber Eats does not give hourly estimates. Delivery drivers, on the other hand, keep 100% of their tips. Each delivery fee is determined by time, distance, and any promotional compensation. Uber deducts a service charge from the total price. Uber Eats is ideal for delivery drivers that need immediate access to their revenue.


Full-service Instacart shoppers pack and deliver grocery store orders. To work as an independent contractor with Instacart, you must be at least 18 years old, able to pass a background check, and have continuous access to a motor vehicle. When you conduct grocery delivery for Instacart, you will be able to set your own hours, just like the other services on our list.

Instacart also allows you to work as an employee and pack orders in-store, which does not require a vehicle but requires you to book your shifts ahead of time.

Instacart does not compensate for petrol or vehicle maintenance. However, the corporation does provide a few benefits to contractors. Customers receive injury protection that will help pay medical expenses for on-the-job injuries, discounts on health insurance, and free access to More information may be found in our Instacart review.

As a full-service shopper, you’ll be paid each delivery batch, with the amount based on the quantity and kind of products, delivery distance, and level of labor needed. Instacart occasionally conducts promotions that allow you to make extra money, and delivery drivers also keep 100% of client tips. Instacart is best suited for people who like browsing food shops.


As a Postmates driver, you may pick up or deliver orders from a variety of venues, including restaurants and liquor stores. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and there is no need for any special training. Simply launch the app and begin making deliveries whenever you’d like. You are entitled to retain all of the tips you receive. You must be at least eighteen years old and have your own insured vehicle, such as a car or scooter, in order to use Postmates’ delivery service (unless you have a bike in some markets). Along with the smartphone requirement, applicants must also pass a background check.

Postmates doesn’t pay for car upkeep or mileage reimbursements, and you’ll need to have your own insurance policy, but being a regular delivery driver does have its perks. PerkSpot discounts are available to Postmates drivers who have made ten deliveries in the preceding month and are eligible. See our Postmates review for more details.

The rate of return on investment varies considerably depending on where you live. Every pickup and delivery will cost you a certain amount, as will the time you spend waiting, as well as a per-mile fee for each delivery. You’ll also be able to preserve all of your tips.
Postmates is perfect for: People who like exploring their city’s many businesses.


Deliveries are picked up by Shipt drivers at Target and other big-box shops and grocery stores and delivered right to clients’ doors. Drivers must be at least 18 years old, have a trustworthy automobile (1997 or newer), have their own driver’s license and insurance, and have a smartphone.

When you work as a contractor with Shipt, you get to choose your own hours. Free Shipt membership and access to Shipt shopper community events are among the perks.
Fuel and vehicle upkeep are your responsibility as Shipt does not refund mileage. 

Additionally, you are unable to use a bicycle for delivery. The only downside is that you’ll be able to take advantage of special savings on everything from car insurance to maintenance to petrol. Our Shipt review has further information. A typical hourly wage for Shipt shoppers is $22, however real earnings might vary. Payrolls are sent out every week.

Who should use Shipt? Those who spend a lot of time at Target.


Takeout orders from local restaurants will be delivered to Grubhub customers by you as a delivery driver. An optional training session will teach you all you need to know about the service. When you’re ready to receive deliveries, launch the app and you’ll be set to go.

A car with insurance, or a bike depending on where you reside, is required to deliver food for Grubhub. Additionally, you must be at least 19 years old and have a smartphone to participate.

In spite of the fact that Grubhub does not refund mileage, the firm offers advantages such as 15% off at Jiffy Lube and cashback credits for petrol purchases made through GasBuddy. Payouts are available immediately if you have or open a Chase bank account.

Earnings are sent into your bank account on Thursdays, or you can cash out for 50 cents at any time (the fee is waived if you bank with Chase). Earnings for each trip are based on miles, time spent traveling, and any incentives that may have been granted. Additionally, all tips go directly to the drivers. Who should use Grubhub? Foodies who bank with Chase


When you sign up for DoorDash, you may accept deliveries from both Caviar and DoorDash. Orders placed via Caviar are sourced from a carefully chosen selection of establishments. This delivery might lead to bigger tips because caviar generally targets more upscale eateries, but this is not always the case. If you’re already a member of DoorDash, you’ll have the same access and benefits.

If you drive during rush hour or successfully complete a challenge, you can earn an additional $2–$10 on top of your standard wage. You’ll keep all of your tips, too. People who like dining at high-end establishments


Everything from snacks to basics to booze may be found at Gopuff’s network of micro-fulfillment facilities. 650 U.S. communities provide the service, and most markets are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it ideal for night owls. With this service, you’ll only have to bother about travelling to one pickup spot, where you’ll be able to park hassle-free and work whenever you like.

You must be at least 21 years old and have a smartphone, a car, a valid driver’s license, and insurance in your name in order to deliver for Gopuff. In addition, Gopuff will reimburse you for the cost of an alcohol delivery training course. Gopuff does not compensate drivers for mileage or provide any other benefits.

If you’re a driver, you’ll get paid a fee for each delivery and retain all of your tips.
GoPuff is best suited for those who are worried about parking but still want to get their hands on some liquor.

How to Get the Most Out of Food Delivery Services

  • Keep track of your finances. Taxes on your earnings as an independent contractor are due every three months, and you can deduct some costs to lower your taxable income. The use of a service such as Keeper Tax might assist you in keeping track of your earnings and expenditures.
  • Don’t forget to get a good insurance policy. For those that use a car for delivery, you’ll require auto insurance. Because you’ll be driving for work, you’ll either need a rideshare endorsement on your auto insurance policy or commercial auto insurance.
  • Fuel up and reap the benefits. Because you’ll be driving a lot, it’s a good idea to acquire a petrol credit card and a cashback app like GetUpside in order to maximize your benefits.
  • Be mindful of what is expected of you. Even while a background check may be necessary, not all convictions will automatically exclude you from employment. If you’ve made a mistake in the past and your record shows it, be prepared to explain what happened. Too many traffic violations might affect your prospects of getting employed.
  • Get your hands on a functional phone. You won’t be able to perform at your best as a delivery worker if your phone is outdated or unreliable. To conveniently follow GPS directions, make sure you have a functioning smartphone (Android or iOS) and a way to show it on your dashboard.
  • Work for a variety of companies. In many cases, delivery drivers prefer to work for more than one of the most popular meal delivery apps. For example, one app may have a sluggish delivery time, but another may be giving a bonus, so signing up for more than one service may be beneficial.
  • Make sure your customers are happy. According to a FinanceBuzz poll, Americans tip 15% on average when they order takeout, and while many consumers may instinctively tip this amount, you might earn more or less based on the service you give. Follow up with a nice phone call or text to make sure the consumer received their things if you’re providing no-contact delivery due to the coronavirus outbreak.
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