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How To Make Money As An Introvert

By David Krug David Krug is the CEO & President of Bankovia. He's a lifelong expat who has lived in the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, and Colombia. When he's not reading about cryptocurrencies, he's researching the latest personal finance software. 12 minute read

Find the common thread that links Eleanor Roosevelt, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling, Albert Einstein, Frédéric Chopin, and Steven Spielberg. The correct response is that every single one of them is an introvert.

A large percentage of people—anywhere from a third to half—self-identify as introverts. There is no place we aren’t present. But we live in a culture that places a premium on the exact opposite of us: the extroverted personality. In both the entertainment and commercial industries, extroverts are the norm. Extroverts are more highly valued than introverts in corporate America.

Although introverts are stereotyped as being quiet, taciturn, solemn, or reserved, they actually have a lot to give. In the appropriate setting, introverts can sit quietly and concentrate for hours on end, thinking deeply and creatively. Moreover, introverts make fantastic business owners because of the very traits that cause them to be disregarded in other contexts.

If you’re an introvert, you may have fantasized of quitting your 9-to-5 job and starting your own business so you can be your own boss, or so you can enjoy some much-needed quiet time while you work. If so, picking a business that meshes with your own strengths and preferences would greatly improve your odds of success.

Why Understanding Your Personality Type Is Beneficial

Many people have at least a dim notion of the finer points of their own character, preferences, and interests. You probably already know whether or not you are a “people person” or whether you would rather be left alone. You already know from personal experience whether you thrive under pressure to produce results quickly or require more time to execute your best job.

However, developing an in-depth comprehension of your own character leads to more insight into your own mind and heart. Knowing this may help you in all aspects of your life. It can help you in finding a fulfilling employment that utilizes your skills while also allowing you to focus on areas where you can improve.

One of the most popular and widely used personality tests is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It’s given out 3.5 million times annually, according to Forbes. Based on your preferences for social interaction, information processing, decision making, and the need for versus lack of structure in your daily life, the Myers-Briggs personality test assigns you one of 16 possible letter combinations that describe your personality type.

Taking a personality test can be informative, but it shouldn’t (and can’t) be used to determine your complete identity. To sum up, you are neither an introvert nor an extrovert. These descriptions serve as labels, and labels restrict. Take any personality test you find intriguing with the understanding that the result is designed to serve as a map, not a prison.

Introverts’ Special Ability

Then, what exactly does it entail to be an introvert? Psychologists can’t agree on a single definition of introversion, hence there is no universally accepted one. At its most basic level, it may be traced back to how one directs their own energy.

While extraverts recharge in the company of others, introverts recharge while they’re alone. Additional indicators that your introverted nature is at play are:

  • You have excellent listening skills.
  • You’d rather be by yourself than with a big group of people.
  • You are more articulate in writing than you are verbally.
  • You have an aversion to social gatherings. It wears you down to the point where you withdraw emotionally and physically. It will be a while before you feel fully refreshed and ready to go again the following day.
  • After being exposed to too much visual or auditory stimulus, especially in group settings, you may feel exhausted.
  • You don’t appreciate being the spotlight’s focal point.
  • You despise inane chatter.
  • The ability to focus for extended amounts of time comes easily to you.
  • You keep your social network on the intimate side.
  • In most cases, you give your words some serious consideration.
  • As far as you’re concerned, multitasking is the worst. It’s easier for you to concentrate on one subject at a time.
  • You prefer taking your time and being thorough versus working hastily and carelessly.

According to Susan Cain, author of the New York Times bestseller “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” introverts are grossly underappreciated in the corporate world.

After all, it is the extroverted who often stand out. They are more extroverted, confident, and friendly than the average person. They’re the ones who bring up the big ideas in meetings or who can make the team laugh through a tough deadline.

In a nutshell, extroverts tend to be favored in the business world since it’s commonly believed that they are more likely to be effective leaders and business owners, make more sound judgments, and generate more revenue. A level playing field necessitates the presence of both introverts and extraverts. Each type of person, extroverts and introverts alike, contributes something special to the world. You may be an introvert, but you still have a lot to offer the corporate world.

The attention, determination, and ingenuity of introverts make them ideal company owners, even when times are bad. Choose a business that capitalizes on your abilities rather than your flaws, and you will be more successful and happier.

Best Introvert Business Ideas

If you’re an introvert trying to supplement your income or launch a new career, consider one of these opportunities.

  1. Writer

Freelance writers benefit from the quiet focus of an introvert. Hours upon hours of solitude at a computer are necessary for writing. For many extroverts, that sounds suffocating. The perfect situation for a shy person. Are you in need of some additional inspiration?

Freelance writers can choose from a wide variety of fields. You can freelance for blogs or magazines, start your own blog, be a commercial copywriter for businesses and websites, or write and self-publish a book on Amazon. Just make sure you learn how to set freelance writing rates so you don’t shortchange yourself.

Freelance writing jobs might be hard to come by, but Upwork and Mediabistro are two of the finest places to look. You’ll likely find higher quality opportunities on Mediabistro, but they often require solid writing experience and an extensive portfolio. Upwork is often better suited for those starting out in the field.

  1. Editor/Proofreader

For the same reasons that freelance writing suits introverts well, editing and proofreading are excellent second careers. Since many online publications have content that might use some editing and proofreading, the market for these services is thriving.

Due to the development in self-publishing, there is now a higher need for competent editors.
Upwork and Mediabistro are two other places to look for editing and proofreading jobs.

  1. Seller on Amazon or Delivery Person

Amazon offers a wide variety of remote employment opportunities, making it a great place for introverts to make a living. Retail arbitrage is one example of such a chance. Shopping for a product at a discount at a physical store or online and then selling it on Amazon for a profit is known as retail arbitrage. You may either ship the items out yourself when they sell, or you can send them directly to Amazon and let them handle customer support and shipping.

You need the Amazon Seller App to engage in retail arbitrage. It may give you an idea of current prices so you know what to expect to spend for each item and help you get a feel for which things are likely to sell well on the site.

You don’t have to resort to retail arbitrage to profit from Amazon. Amazon Flex allows anybody with a car to make deliveries for the company. The rate of pay is above average, and you get to operate independently.

Used book resale is another viable method of making money on Amazon. As an introvert, you probably already know when all the local used book sales are and you probably have a ton of books you could resale. You may be making money off of this information.

Become an Amazon Affiliate if you want to supplement your income from a blog you create. Any time an Amazon product is mentioned, a direct link to that product’s page on Amazon is included. By linking to, you may earn a commission on any purchases made by your readers.

  1. Online Teacher or Tutor

Helping others succeed is a passion for many introverts. You have a winning combination of this strength and the possibility of working one-on-one on the task at hand. That’s why teaching online or giving private lessons to children or adults may be a fulfilling part-time or full-time career for a shy person.

Teaching on a website like Udemy or Teachable may expose you to a global audience of millions. Online teaching may be lucrative if you take the time to create a high-quality course. 

Online tutoring platforms like VIPKid and Education First make it easy to provide English lessons to Chinese students whenever it is most convenient for you. There’s a chance that lecturing from behind a screen is more comfortable than facing a classroom full of students face-to-face.

One alternative is to provide in-person instruction. Specialized tutors, such as those who aid high school students with standardized test preparation or with crafting an outstanding college application essay, command a higher hourly rate.

  1. Car Sharing Provider

Working from home means spending much of the day with your car parked in the driveway. You might be making money in your spare time by renting out your automobile through a service like Turo or Getaround, where you would be referred to as a “host.”

It’s possible to make $1,000 or more monthly by renting out your automobile if it’s an unusual or in-demand model like a Tesla or a Ford Superduty truck. The nicest part is that you can just drop it off at its destination.

Earnings from this source probably won’t be enough to support your family on their own, but they may make for a successful side career while you focus on building your primary source of income.

  1. Business/Life Coach

By nature, introverts have excellent listening skills. They deliberate thoroughly prior to making a statement, take pleasure in one-on-one interactions with others, and frequently have a strong drive to improve the lives of others around them. For this reason, working as a business coach or life coach might be an excellent profession for those with this kind of character.

Getting the word out about your business will be difficult; you may need to advertise, use social media, or host community events such as lectures or workshops to attract customers. 

However, developing your public speaking skills and investing in life coach training and certification will help you get the self-assurance and credibility you need to effectively lead groups. However, you are not obligated to follow this path. Many business and life coaches attract customers using online and offline means, such as blogging and social media.

  1. Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of options to work as a virtual assistant nowadays because more individuals than ever are choosing to work remotely.

A virtual assistant (VA) is a remote administrative support worker who works with business owners and other professionals. Possible tasks that may be simplified with the aid of a virtual assistant include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Online investigation
  • Travel and meeting arrangements
  • Database entry
  • Presentation Design
  • Email screening and management
  • Taking care of social duties (such as writing holiday and thank-you cards to clients or employees)
  • Investigating business opportunities
  • Taking care of social media accounts
  • Following industry news and trends
  • Giving client service
  • Running a blog

One customer is all you need to start making money. Many VAs strike out on their own and locate customers via networking sites and freelance marketplaces like Upwork. But for a charge, there are virtual assistant agencies that will recruit you and help you discover customers who need your specific set of talents. Belay, Fancy Hands, and Time, Etc. are just a few examples.

  1. Pet Sitter/Walker

If canine companionship is more important to you than human friendships, dog walking might be a rewarding career choice.

It’s a fantastic low-budget enterprise that gives you the freedom to work independently with animals while getting lots of physical activity. When you’re initially starting up, though, it might be difficult to locate customers. After all, your clients must have faith in you to allow you access to their homes and, more significantly, to walk their precious dogs while they are away.

Offering pet sitting services from the comfort of your own home is another option in the same industry. This might be on a daily basis for those who want their pet to be socialized while they are at work, or it could be for a longer period of time for those who wish to board their pet in a house while they travel.

In order to build up a clientele, you may need to start by providing pro bono services to close friends and relatives. As an alternative, you may sign up for Rover, a website that facilitates communication between pet owners and pet caretakers.

  1. Consultant in Social Media

Traditional forms of advertising, such as print ads and television commercials, have been largely abandoned by firms in favor of more modern methods. To succeed in today’s market, companies need to be active on social media. However, many organizations, particularly those in the small and medium-sized range, lack the expertise to make effective use of social media.

Your expertise in marketing and familiarity with social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook might make you a valuable asset as a social media consultant.

An Introvert’s Entrepreneurial Story

The road to success and happiness is paved with the choice of what kind of company or side hustle you launch. I am aware of this fact since I had to discover it the hard way.

I found early on that I enjoyed the idea of being my own boss. When I was 23, I decided to establish my own business since it was something I could manage on my own. What I really wanted was a job where I could be independent and also be of service to others. But I made a critical error at the outset by picking the incorrect industry in which to operate. When I was in college, I started freelancing as a writer, which suited me well because I’m an introvert. Later, I decided to launch a professional organizing firm.

A career as a professional organizer seems, at first glance, to suit me well. I would have the opportunity to work with individuals to improve their quality of life. I realized that going into people’s houses and dealing with huge amounts of clutter was way too stimulating, despite how much I liked working with a single individual at a time. The process of clearing out clutter and arranging was also extremely personal for my clients; while we worked, they often opened up about their lives and shared their most private thoughts and sentiments.

It would take me days to recover from the mental and emotional fatigue of those many hours of this. It all got to be too much as my company took off and I had to deal with a steady stream of customers. It was because I was so exhausted after every session that I made the decision to shut down the company.

I was relieved to make the switch to solo employment since fortunately my freelance writing career took off at the same time. Almost two decades later, I’ve built a thriving writing career that allows me to set my own hours and pursue my own interests. Writing is a fantastic fit for my vitality, ideals, and natural rhythms, therefore I enjoy every minute of it. The fact that I still get to serve people, but in my own way, makes me feel glad and satisfied at the end of each day.

Bottom Line

If you want to avoid making the same mistake I did, you need to learn to appreciate the nuance of your own personality. There is much value in the work of introverts, but this value can only be fully realized when individuals are able to operate in an atmosphere tailored to their particular preferences and strengths.

Whether or whether you enjoy becoming an entrepreneur depends greatly on the type of firm you decide to launch. If you’re an introvert, you probably shouldn’t work in a field that demands you to regularly interact with strangers or give sales presentations in front of large groups.

Cain summarizes the significance of self-awareness as follows: “The key to life is to place oneself in the correct lighting.” Some people see it as a Broadway spot light, while others see it as a lamp-lit desk. Put your talents to use in pursuits that excite and inspire you and that further humanity.

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