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Leading Life Insurance Providers SelectQuote Life Insurance Review may be able to allay some of your anxieties. It is entirely up to you to choose an insurance provider; SelectQuote has no control over how much you spend. SelectQuote Life Insurance, on the other hand, offers coverage for as little as $1 each day, according to the broker.

SourceQuote is an insurance quote comparison website that enables you to compare quotations from up to 12 different insurance providers simultaneously. If you are candid and open about your personal information, such as your health, SelectQuote will be able to connect you with the most qualified provider at the best price.

How to get a quote from SelectQuote life insurance

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Requesting a quotation takes only a few minutes, and you will receive a response shortly thereafter from a representative. Begin by doing the following tasks:

  1. To receive a complimentary estimate, complete the company’s online form and click the Get Your Free Quote option to the right.
  2. To begin, enter your ZIP code in the supplied field. After completing the form and providing all required information, click the Get Quote option.
  3. At a subsequent step, the user’s gender, birth date, height, and weight will need to be determined. Please click the Next button if you wish to proceed.
  4. You may customize the insurance policy’s coverage and length to meet your specific needs (or indicate that you want to buy a permanent policy). For instance, you may be asked about your smoking habits and whether or not you have ever jumped from an airplane.
  5. Finally, your application must include your contact information, which includes your name, phone number, and e-mail address. To complete the operation, click the Finish button at the bottom of the page.

What happens next?

A Select Quote agent matches you with a provider who suits your needs based on the information you submit. They will make touch with you to finalize the arrangements.

What types of life insurance coverage does SelectQuote offer?

SelectQuote is the nation’s leading provider of term life insurance. The policy has a limit of $50,000 to $1 million and a term of 10 to 30 years, depending on the partner’s wish.

We represent the following life insurance companies: Prudential, Protective, AIG, Legal & General, Mutual of Omaha, and Pacific Life.

What riders can I add to my policy?

Depending on the insurance policy you ultimately pick, you’ll have a variety of rider options. Among the riders who are frequently chosen are the following:

  • Rider for accidental death benefits. You may be entitled for an extra compensation if you die suddenly as a consequence of a qualifying accident.
  • The death benefit provision is being applied more rapidly. If you are diagnosed with a terminal disease, you may be eligible to receive a lump sum payment for a portion of your death benefit.
  • A passenger for a youngster of a specific age. Due to the absence of a separate kid insurance policy, this rider offers protection for a child up to a specified age.
  • Riders who are uninsured or underinsured do not pay a premium. If a policyholder becomes disabled for a defined length of time, he or she is not obligated to pay premiums.

SelectQuote life insurance reviews and complaints

Since 1996, SelectQuote has been a member of the Better Business Bureau, earning the organization’s highest rating of A +. On the other hand, buyers gave it an average rating of 2/5 stars. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) received 14 complaints regarding the company’s communication in the past three years.

Consumers have rated Select Quote five stars for its ability to discover the most complete coverage at the lowest available price. If you are assigned to a different agent, the level of help may vary from the prior one.

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