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Sagicor Life Insurance Review

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Sagicor offers affordable life insurance that does not need a medical check. Making an informed life insurance selection is made easier with the assistance of the Sagicor Life Insurance Review.

How to get a quote from Sagicor Life insurance

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No personal information will be requested until you are ready to submit an application for insurance with Sagicor.

  1. To obtain a quotation, please visit the Sagicor website and select the Get a Quote tab.
  2. Once you’ve completed and submitted the relevant forms with your general information, click the Get My Quotes option.
  3. It is possible to calculate the amount by which your premiums will increase or decrease when your coverage level changes. After determining what you want coverage for, pick the type of insurance you require, add any optional coverages you desire, and then click the “Apply Now” button to complete your application.
  4. After entering all required information, click the Apply button to save your changes. If you already have a life insurance policy, you must submit the policy number and contact information to your doctor.

What types of life insurance coverage does Sagicor Life offer?

Sagicor Life offers a variety of life insurance products, including term, whole, and final expense policies. You may choose from a number of different types of life insurance policies.

  • Term life insurance. Each of Sagicor’s term life insurance products includes a complimentary accelerated benefit rider. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 45, or older if the quantity of coverage necessary surpasses the age restriction of 18. As a consequence, after your application is filed, you will be able to quickly see its status. At any time throughout one’s life, life insurance policies can be converted from term insurance policies.
  • Permanent life insurance is a type of insurance that lasts forever. Individuals aged 16 to 65 who apply for Sagicor’s quick underwriting procedure will not be subjected to medical examinations or telephone interviews. Individuals above the age of 65 must complete all required documents, whilst minors must address concerns arising from their juvenile status when applying for insurance. When it comes to long-term care insurance, you have various alternatives.
    • Whole life. You may be entitled to collect a portion of your death benefit without paying any additional expenses if you are diagnosed with a terminal disease.
    • Life on a grander scale than we can comprehend. This policy has a fixed annual interest rate, lapse protection, and a death benefit that may be customized to the insured’s specific needs.
    • The universal life index is accessible. If you wish to raise the cash value of your universal whole life insurance policy, you have three alternative interest plans to select from. Flexible payment choices let you to pay more premiums to raise the cash value of your coverage or pay the absolute minimum to maintain coverage.
    • At no additional cost to you, your membership includes the expedited benefit as well as the lapse protection riders.
    • Universal life insurance based on a single index of premiums. When implementing this approach, you may select one of five potential bonus alternatives based on your risk tolerance and desired rate of return.
    • Insurance companies supplement the policy’s coverage with a rider that covers both chronic and terminal disease. Additional compensation is available in the form of premium protection refund.

What riders can I add to my policy?

When employing this approach, you have the choice of picking one of five potential bonus options based on your risk tolerance and desired return. Insurance companies enhance their coverage with a rider that covers both chronic and terminal illnesses. Additionally, the premium protection money will be repaid.

  • Accelerated death benefits riders. This scenario predicts that the patient will succumb to a fatal illness within a few years of being diagnosed.
  • Accidental death insurance is a supplemental policy. If you die in an accident, you will get a lump sum payout, which will increase your death benefit.
  • On the reverse, a youngster is shown. Depending on the plan you choose, you may protect your children between the ages of 15 days and 19 years for up to 25 years or until they marry. This rider may be converted into a whole life insurance policy with a face value of up to five times the initial face value, regardless of the insured’s health.
  • A rider guarantees that you will be paid for your damages in the case of an accident.
  • Allows you to obtain extra insurance as needed without constantly verifying your insurability via questionnaires or medical tests.
  • Riders who are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment for reducing lap times. Your insurance coverage will never lapse or expire as a result of the cash value loans you take out.
  • There is also a rider for long-term care. You may be eligible to a death benefit from your employer as a result of your long-term illness.
  • Riders agree to pay a fare that is less than the listed fare. If you become completely disabled and unable to work, this rider will pay your premiums until you are able to resume your prior employment.

Sagicor life insurance reviews and complaints

Sagicor Life has an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau and no pending consumer complaints as of October 2020. It had an extremely good reaction on Trustpilot, with the majority of users praising the ease and quickness with which the application process was completed, as well as the company’s excellent customer service. AM Best assigned them a D.

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