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Ameritas Life Insurance Review

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Ameritas, one of the country’s oldest and most recognizable insurance companies, offers a variety of various forms of life insurance policies. Let’s take a closer look at Ameritas Life Insurance’s offerings in this review of their services. Here’s our Ameritas Life Insurance Review for you.

Your geographic location, age, gender, general health, the amount of coverage you select, and the policy type you select all affect the price of your Ameritas life insurance policy. Ameritas can offer you a no-obligation quotation if you supply them with your birth date, state of residence, gender, and desired level of coverage.

What affects my rate with Ameritas?

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Ameritas prices are classified into four categories: Standard (the lowest), Select (the next cheapest), Preferred (the most expensive), and Preferred Plus (the most expensive) (the greatest level of pricing).

If a tobacco user satisfies the criteria for an extra rate tier, they will qualify for either the Standard or Preferred rate. As a result, smokers pay more for Standard and Preferred coverage than non-smokers do. Numerous variables affect your health and well-being, some of which may result in a reduction in your insurance costs. These considerations include the following:

  • Triglyceride levels are elevated.
  • Palpitations in the heart are a symptom of instability. a ratio of one’s body mass to one’s height
  • Tobacco use is increasing.
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks or other illegal substances
  • Violations of traffic laws
  • Convictions for prior offenses
  • My family has a history of heart problems, which is cause for alarm.
  • To gain an edge, individuals engage in high-risk behaviors such as flight.

How to get a quote from Ameritas life insurance

  1. The Ameritas website is an excellent illustration of this. The Find a Financial Professional link will take you to a directory of local financial experts that can assist you with your financial requirements.
  2. Throughout the transaction, we will gather your name, email address, cell phone number, and zip code.
  3. Decide on the type of insurance coverage you require. In the comment box, identify and resolve the recaptcha, and provide any further information that may be necessary.
  4. When done, click Submit to email us your submission.

After Signing Up

You will be matched with an insurance agent in your region if you complete the Ameritas website and submit your contact information. This treatment typically lasts between one and two weeks.
After being matched with a life insurance agent, you will be able to submit a life insurance application. You may receive coverage within one month after completing your application, depending on how long the insurance company takes to process your application.

What types of life insurance coverage does Ameritas offer?

Additionally, Ameritas offers term and universal life insurance, as well as a variety of other products.

  • Term. As a result, Ameritas Value Plus Term for Families insurance provides a guaranteed death benefit and guarantees prices for the policy’s term, among other perks. At the conclusion of your term, you will have the option of renewing your contract forever. The period of the contract may range between one and thirty years.
  • Whole. Ameritas offers a variety of whole life insurance plans, including the Ameritas Growth Whole Life, the Ameritas Value Plus Whole Life, the Keystone Whole Life, and the Keystone Foundation Whole Life. Ameritas also provides term life insurance through its Ameritas Term Life product. In other words, all of these participation plans enable policyholders to accrue cash value over the duration of the policy’s term while simultaneously collecting dividends and earning at least 4% interest.
  • Universal. Ameritas offers a variety of universal life insurance policies, including the Ameritas Value Plus Universal Life Insurance, the Excel Essential Universal Life Insurance, the Excel LifeValue Universal Life Insurance, and the Excel LifeValue Survivor Universal Life Insurance. Ameritas also offers the Excel Essential Universal Life, Excel LifeValue Survivor Universal Life, and Excel LifeValue Survivor Universal Life. Premiums can be modified while remaining covered at the $1 minimum cash surrender value level under these universal plans.
  • The usage of variables is prevalent in all settings. Variable Excel Performance of Ameritas Excel Performance Variable for Ameritas If you have universal insurance, you may set aside a part of your premiums to invest in a variety of different asset types. You’ll have access to a range of investment management tools, and your premium payment schedule may be customized to your unique needs and financial position.
  • The indexing process takes place on a worldwide scale. Ameritas also offers the Excel Plus Index Universal Life Insurance and the Growth Index Universal Life Insurance, both of which are index universal life insurance policies. Each of the three plans is an index-linked universal life insurance policy. Ameritas provides insurance coverage for all three of these distinct types of plans. For example, policies following the S&P 500 Index track the performance of a stock index and accrue cash value proportionately to the index’s performance.

What riders can I add to my policy?

These optional coverages enable you to personalize your insurance to your individual needs. While each rider has a separate premium, you may personalize your coverage and add an additional degree of security.

  • Accelerated death benefits riders. According to the legislation, persons who die with terminal diseases get a percentage of their death benefit.
  • Accidental death insurance is a supplemental policy. You will be eligible for an extra death payment if you are killed in an accident.
  • Riders automatically qualify for a discount. To protect yourself, it’s a good idea to boost your insurance coverage by 1% to 10% annually.
  • Under the age of eighteen, riders are not authorized. With these riders, each child receives an additional $25,000 in coverage, with the opportunity to upgrade to permanent coverage if necessary.
  • Conversion rider. Term life insurance policies that are converted to permanent life insurance policies have an expiration date.
  • Riders benefit from critical illness. In the case of a terminal illness, such as a stroke, the recipient of this rider receives a lump sum payout.
  • In the event of an accident, you may be assured that the. Rider will protect you. In rare instances, you may be able to obtain additional coverage without seeing a doctor.
  • Riding over an extended amount of time while maintaining a minimal risk of harm. While this add-on is active, the benefit amount will remain the same.
  • Additional Benefit. When you die, your beneficiaries will be entitled to an additional benefit equal to the amount of lifetime life insurance premiums you paid.
  • Riders are joined by their spouses. As a result of this change, you may now provide additional coverage for up to five family members or business partners, which is similar in many respects to child health insurance.
  • A long-term care insurance rider. Due to the fact that term insurance policies can be extended during the course of the insurance contract, you can obtain a lower rate while receiving a bigger death benefit.
  • At the moment, riders are not required to pay any premiums. If you become handicapped, your premiums will be refunded.

Ameritas life insurance reviews and complaints

Ameritas has an A+ rating from Standard & Poor’s and an A (Excellent) rating from AM Best (Strong). Since the firm’s inception in 1948, the Better Business Bureau has given it an A+ rating.
The fact that this insurance business has had so few complaints indicates that its clients are satisfied with its services. Clients have often expressed unhappiness with Ameritas’ claim handling and excessive transaction fees.

How does Ameritas protect my data?

Ameritas’ website states that no personally identifiable information about its clients is ever published or promoted to third parties. Any Ameritas service provider’s privacy and security rules must be followed to the letter. No one else will have access to your medical information except underwriters.

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