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American United Life Insurance Review

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Through American United life insurance products, you may have access to a financial advisor, which may be beneficial if you want to carefully plan out your portfolio and want assistance making changes along the way. For additional information, here’s a American United Life Insurance Review.

In many jurisdictions, financial advisers are not widely available, leaving customers with no other option except to apply for insurance over the phone.

Pros and Cons of American United Life Insurance


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  • Customers obtain solutions that are completely customized for them.
  • Colleagues referred to some members of this team as “There is a conversion option”.


  • There is a conversion option.
  • As of yet, there has been no web publicity for this.
  • A scarcity of financial expertise is impeding everyone’s ability to find work.

American United Life life insurance rates

Regrettably, AUL does not disclose upfront fees and expenditures. Filling out an online form does not guarantee that you will receive a quote. The only other option is to call or organize a personal encounter with a representative. Regrettably, AUL does not disclose upfront fees and expenditures. Filling out an online form does not guarantee that you will receive a quote. The only other option is to call or organize a personal encounter with a representative.

What factors play a role in your American United Life insurance rate?

There are many broad strategies that may be employed to obtain cheaper rates even when AUL fails to articulate its eligibility or underwriting requirements in its application.

  • Take control of any medical complications that may arise. If you seek medical care and maintain a healthy lifestyle, a health insurance provider may view you as a less risky customer.
  • Substitute virtues for vices in your life. Smoking and ingesting alcoholic drinks on a regular basis may result in an increase in insurance prices. Reduce both to achieve the greatest outcomes while implementing the most draconian reduction imaginable.
  • Consult a licensed financial advisor. You may be able to negotiate reduced charges if you meet with an AUL representative. Additional information on the issues AUL considered while analyzing your application can be obtained from someone who is familiar with the underwriting process and who can assist you in acquiring it.

How to get a quote from American United Life life insurance

Please contact (877) 999-9883 or send an email to ([email protected]) for further information or to obtain an estimate. Another option is to pay a visit to a certain site.

The following are the steps to take to locate an AUL financial expert in your area:

  1. Please visit OneAmerica’s website for further information.
  2. Choose from a diverse selection of products and services.
  3. If you’d want to learn more about life insurance coverage, visit this page.
  4. Consult a lot of knowledgeable financial specialists.
  5. Consult the map to determine whether a financial adviser is located in your neighborhood.
  6. Make an appointment to discuss the purchase of extra insurance with your insurance representative.

What types of life insurance coverage does American United Life offer?

American United Life Insurance Company (AUL), a subsidiary of OneAmerica Financial Partners, offers two forms of life insurance.

  • Whole life insurance. Cash values in American United whole life insurance plans can be borrowed, and premium prices are guaranteed to stay steady during the policy’s term. Additionally, dividends are conceivable, however they are not guaranteed by the corporation.
  • Term life insurance. For a period of ten, fifteen, twenty, or thirty years, you may commit to anything. As a result, your recipients will get the full amount due to them, as benefits are tax-free under current legislation. In any scenario, the policy is worthless and may be cancelled at any time for any reason.

What riders can I add to my policy?

Consider the following changes to your life insurance policy when making changes to your coverage:

  • Accelerated death benefits riders. If you have a chronic condition that makes daily personal care difficult and are diagnosed with a terminal illness with fewer than 12 months to live, your whole-life insurance policy may contain a lien on your payment.
  • The loan has an interest rate limiting rider. Failure to repay a whole life insurance loan on time may result in the policy’s coverage being discontinued entirely. The cyclist now joins the maelstrom of events. When the loan surpasses 95% of the face value of the insurance, the rider kicks in and ensures that the death benefit is paid.

American United Life life insurance reviews and complaints

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has officially recognized AUL after recognizing the firm in October 2020 and granting it an A+ rating. Six government complaints have been filed against the corporation in the last three years. Five of the six concerns have been addressed, and one has been settled amicably. As of yet, no consumer complaints have been registered against AUL with the Better Business Bureau.

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