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Plenty of other sites provide similar services to Morningstar when it comes to researching investments, but few can match the authority and reach of Morningstar.

In contrast to CNBC and other investment blogs with narrower foci, Morningstar provides serious, intelligent analysis of pretty much every facet of the conventional financial world.

The lack of coverage of cryptocurrencies and other alternative assets is understandable and perhaps beneficial for inexperienced investors and portfolio managers who prefer more traditional approaches.

About Morningstar

Members get access to exclusive material and research tools on Morningstar, yet membership is free. If you’re only looking to keep tabs on your assets, the free Basic plan may be all you need. For investors with larger portfolios, the premium “Investor” plan’s extra features may be worth the extra money.

For end users, Morningstar offers two tiers: Basic and Investor. The premium Investor plan improves upon the already robust offerings of the free Basic plan with additional tools and materials. In sum, Morningstar is a fantastic tool for individual investors. Find out all it has to offer by reading on.

Morningstar Standard Plan

One of Morningstar’s tiers is called “Basic,” and it’s free to use. To join, all you need is an email address and a password; no further information or payment is necessary. The following pieces of material, created by Morningstar and its partners, are included in the Basic plan.

Market Data

Morningstar provides a wealth of market information, both current and historical:

  • Calculated values of the market. Daily and long-term trends for the world’s most prominent and obscure market indices are summarized here.
  • Indicators of the Market. By comparing different market segments and equity classes against one another, this block chart provides valuable insight for investors. It has different market cap sizes (small, medium, and big). For instance, it may reveal that small-cap value companies consistently beat their large- and mid-cap counterparts on a given trading day.
  • Sectors by Morningstar. Morningstar’s analysts have selected many industries, including Basic Materials, Consumer Cyclicals, and Real Estate, and plotted their relative performance on this chart.
  • Movers. The highest percentage daily movers in the market are highlighted here.
  • Performance. From the standard-bearer S&P 500 and the Dow 30 to closed-end funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tracked by Morningstar, this area of the website provides a seemingly limitless trove of information on numerous market indexes and sectors.

Market News

Market news is gathered by Morningstar from many online sources. Dow Jones, a prominent financial wire service, looks to be the primary source of information covering both domestic and global markets.

Investors may quickly browse the day’s headlines and then go deeper into a select topics that catch their eye.

Quarterly Reports

The original Morningstar quarterly reports analyze market and industry movements. Although this part looks to be shorter than Market News, it really contains far more information and is thus better suited for leisurely perusal on the weekend or after work.

Calendars for the markets

With the help of third-party calendars like and Zacks, Morningstar announces important impending market events. You may get a sneak glimpse at upcoming stock splits, initial public offerings, economic reports, business earnings releases, and more here.

Portfolio Administration

You may use the Watchlist feature to monitor your portfolio’s day-to-day and long-term performance after importing it from another financial site (supported partners include Yahoo! Finance and Quicken) or adding your stocks manually. Filling out the Portfolio tab with purchase and sale information for each investment allows you to track your portfolio’s real performance from inception.

Planning Tools

Tax planning, college funding, retirement provision, retirement investment, and personal finance are the five primary subjects covered by Morningstar’s planning vertical. Articles, guides, worksheets, and other materials are provided for each individual topic. Budgeting and calculating your net worth are two tools you might find in guides on personal finance.

Educational Materials

For new and intermediate investors, Morningstar provides a comprehensive education section (“Learn”). While only Investor members have access to the beginner-focused “Start Investing” modules, Basic members may still access hundreds of other courses in the Investing Classroom.

Stocks, bonds (both investment-grade and high-yield), mutual funds (from the cheapest to the priciest), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and portfolio management are the five main areas of study in the Investing Classroom (detailing portfolio-building and -management strategies).

Sponsorship Center

Throughout Morningstar, but notably on the homepage, you will see traditional display and banner advertisements. Sponsors, who are often financial services providers like TD Ameritrade and E*Trades are given their own section of the Morningstar site, the Sponsor Center.

The sophisticated investors Morningstar targets are probably already familiar with the site’s well-known brand names as sponsors, yet they visit the site anyhow.

Morningstar Investor Subscription

Enjoy these Investor-only perks for only $34.95 a month or $349 a year. You’ll need to give a credit card to subscribe to Investor, but you won’t be charged until after your seven-day free trial has ended.

Email Digests for Investors

Morningstar Investor subscribers receive two free weekly newsletters:

  • The Morningstar Report. You will find here a summary of the most recent findings and analysis from the analysts at Morningstar. Before this information is made available to the general public, it is made available to members first.
  • Excellent Stock Report. Members are given advanced notice whenever Morningstar announces the addition of a new 5-star stock.

Premium Articles

The premium articles on Morningstar provide deeper dives into the same themes and issues covered in the free articles. The scope is not different between the Basic and Premium articles, only the quantity.

Premium Video

Although it is unclear which films are available just to Investor members and which are available to Basic members as well, Morningstar appears to offer unique video material for Investor members.

Content ranges from the timely (“What Happens If Everyone Indexes?”) to the evergreen (“3 Stock Ideas From the Ultimate Stock Pickers”).

Premium Audiences

Premium stock and fund screeners assist sophisticated investors separate the wheat from the chaff with less effort by providing more detailed data and allowing for greater customisation.

Premium Education

Morningstar Investor members get access to the “Learn” modules, which are designed for beginner investors and provide them with practical guidance for their DIY portfolios.

Paid Content from Morningstar

Morningstar has been issuing newsletters to paying customers on a regular basis for quite some time. You should be interested in the subject matter enough to pay for Morningstar membership if you want access to this information; otherwise, you will be disappointed. Each one includes a complimentary first issue.

  • FundInvestor. This newsletter provides unique insights and analysis on mutual funds by drawing on Morningstar’s comprehensive database.
  • ETFInvestor. This weekly email features analysis from Morningstar’s research team, as well as data from their extensive ETF database.
  • StockInvestor. This publication centers on the two investment strategies known as The Tortoise and The Hare, both of which are handled by Morningstar. Each portfolio’s top and bottom performances are highlighted in this issue.

Bottom Line

There is a plethora of trustworthy resources available to investors nowadays. What is it about Morningstar that makes it so exceptional? Is Morningstar Investor really worth its high price?

Morningstar stands out from the crowd thanks to its wealth of useful information and its well-earned reputation for providing impartial and expert analysis. That is to say, unlike CNBC’s usual meaningless fluff and Seeking Alpha’s usual obscure and frequently biased specialty dives, Morningstar provides a wealth of useful content for investors.

Morningstar Investor is perfect if you’re a no-nonsense investor who wants to learn more about the securities in your portfolio, or who wants to learn how to create a portfolio for the first time from professionals who aren’t attempting to sell you anything. There is always the Basic option if you don’t have the liquid funds or investable assets necessary to make Investing cost-effective.

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