What Is The Shortest Nursing Program

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Nurses have the option to start their careers fast and then continue to further their studies and their careers at their own speed.

Many nursing degrees may be earned in only a few years, and some of these programs can be completed completely online.

The fastest LPN programs

Registered nurses supervise the work of licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses (LPNs and LVNs) (RNs). State licensing and certification is required to practice as an LPN/LVN in the United States.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, obtaining a practical nursing certificate usually takes one to one and a half years of study at a community college, technical school, or hospital program (BLS). Nevertheless, even the shortest nursing education can be expedited in some cases. 

According to the Houston Chronicle, certain expedited programs may be finished in as little as 11, 9, or even six months — although you may require prior experience as a certified nursing assistant.

Avoid expedited LPN programs at all costs. Because these programs are so short, they can be difficult to complete in a short period of time, which can make passing the NCLEX-PN credentialing exam even more difficult, advises East Coast Polytechnic Institute University, which provides both standard and accelerated alternatives.

Some high schools provide a practical nursing curriculum that enables students to finish a full year of study to become an LPN before they graduate.

ADN Route with the Fastest Speed

Even if you already have an associate’s degree or a professional nursing certification, you may be able to earn your degree even faster. In most cases, the BLS estimates that these courses need two to three years of full-time study.

Find out what your state’s requirements are if you’re considering getting an ADN. Some jurisdictions, like New York, now require ADN holders to complete a BSN within ten years in order to preserve their licenses.

Second Most Rapid ABSN Schools

Nursing is a popular choice for people who have earned a bachelor’s degree in another field but are interested in switching careers.

Then you should know that if that sounds like your situation, you don’t have to start your nursing school from the beginning.

It is possible to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) even if you have previously earned an undergraduate degree.

In contrast to a standard BSN degree, an ABSN degree program allows you to build on the courses you have already taken and receive credit for work you have already completed. 

School options for accelerated programs include:

  • One academic year at Regis University
  • Summer through Summer at the University of Washington — five quarters of study
  • Three to four semesters (1+ year) at Cleveland State University

The transition to nursing may be simpler if you previously studied a subject that prepared you well for a degree in that field.

Fastest Schools for RN-BSN

With an ADN or diploma, registered nurses can speed up the process of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Many online BSN programs can be completed in a shorter period of time than traditional programs. 

Some of the most rapid nursing bachelor’s degrees available online are:

  • Indiana Wesleyan University – 15 months
  • Liberty University – two years
  • Columbia College – two years 

The American Nurses Association has been pushing for a bachelor’s degree as a minimum admission requirement for RNs for more than 50 years.

What to Know About Accelerated Nursing Degree Programs

Know what you’re getting into before enrolling in a rapid nursing degree program. Invest your time and money in a degree program that is regionally and institutionally accredited to avoid acquiring a worthless credential and squandering both. 

Also, be certain that you know exactly what the program’s needs are and how long it will take to complete under various conditions.

Be aware of applications that promise unreasonably quick completion timeframes. If you want to complete your degree in the time specified, you may need to have some prior experience working as a CNA.

Once you’ve confirmed that your program is properly approved and authentic, expect a heavy workload. There is still a lot of work to be done in an accelerated program, but it is done in a shorter period of time, which might be stressful.

If you decide to enroll in an online program, be sure you are aware of the requirements for clinical training.

Finally, if you want to complete your nursing degree quickly, consider attending a school like Capella University, Gwynedd Mercy University, or California Baptist University which offers the most transferable credits.

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