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College credentials are sought after in record numbers, and students are looking for degrees that may be put to immediate use.

There are still a handful of majors that are highly sought after by employers across a wide range of industries, even in a down economy like ours.

Here are five degrees that are more likely to land recent grads a job than not.

Degrees in Computer Science

Having a computer science degree is useful in a variety of fields. It is possible that graduates will be engaged by the government in addition to working on complex mechanical and electrical projects. 

Is not uncommon for federal military initiatives to call for highly skilled coders under the age of 30.

Furthermore, all multinational firms hire IT professionals to supervise their customer service divisions.

For these businesses to be successful, employees must have an extensive understanding of current computer software.

Nursing Diplomas and Degrees

There will be an unprecedented surge in the need for nurses as a result of the aging baby boomer population.

Geriatric centers and assisted living facilities are expected to develop in the future years as the old population continues to grow.

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia require 24-hour care for the remainder of a person’s life.

Because of this, new college grads with nursing degrees have a great chance of finding work right away.

Engineering Degrees in Aerospace and Aviation

Opportunities for progress in the aerospace engineering field will be plentiful with NASA’s new space program.

The ultimate objective of the space agency is to someday bring humans to Mars. Engineers will be needed to help with the ongoing development of new fuel sources for such a risky undertaking.

Even if engineers aren’t employed by NASA, they’ll still have plenty of work to perform in the private sector. Building weapons, aircraft, and weather stations might be among their duties.

Education in Marketing

Degrees in marketing will continue to bring good incomes in the years to come in a world where business is clearly king.

From print and digital advertising to webpage design, marketing experts have their hands in everything.

Because the industry is so intensely competitive, every reputable company will be striving to establish marketing departments to aid in their growth.

Marketing degrees that include majors in business, finance, or accounting will be very valuable in the workplace.

Degrees in History

Employers will reward the abilities historians have honed throughout their careers. Historians, in addition to being excellent communicators and writers, will be able to make predictions about the future based on historical patterns.

Students with a history degree can work in a variety of fields, including teaching, business analysis, writing, and archives.

Bottom Line

Endless degrees will help young people find work in today’s fast-paced environment. With their training in engineering, nursing, and marketing, graduates will be well-equipped to succeed in their chosen fields.

A student’s capacity to get work should never be in doubt if they major in the correct thing.

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