What Do Hipsters Do

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Trucker hats aren’t going anywhere. Keep ’em if you want to. There is a college degree specifically for you, oh hipster, I promise.

Unlike in 1999, hipsters now reign supreme in all design fields, from online to industrial to fashion to food to advertising and marketing.

They are no longer the exception. They are also drawn to disciplines that emphasize critical thinking and the arts. These are the seven most hipster majors that we’ve discovered:

Design for the Industrial Sector

You’re presumably viewing this on an Apple product because hipsters are obsessed with design. Methods for improving the design and functionality of a product by combining the arts and sciences An emphasis on building a brand and marketing is placed. 

A product’s ID (Industrial Design) tends to focus on the user’s experience rather than the technical specifications.

However, according to Wikipedia, both are concerned with the relationship between a product, its user, and the surrounding environment.

  • Education

Bachelor’s degree in industrial design (B.I.D.) or science (B.Sc) (note: B.I.D. is a 5-year program).


Gardening, especially urban gardening, is hipper than any other pastime out there. This degree, which is often known as Agricultural Science, may lead to a wide variety of careers.

Graduates of this curriculum will be well-prepared for careers in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, and the design of resource-efficient systems.

  • Education

2 and 4-year degree options are offered. Food Science, Agricultural Journalism, and Farming are among the specializations available for AS and AS degrees.

Writing Creatively

Every hipster worth his or her thick black glasses is now working on a book on their laptop. Majors in Creative Writing exercise their imaginations, tell stories, refine their language skills, and develop a professional work ethic.

  • Education

4-year minimum Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), highly recommended Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

Design of Graphics

Hipster Mac users are likely to be the ones who came up with the best ads you’ve ever seen.

Use your imagination to create pictures that may be used in commercials, logos, packaging, and print publications, as well as in digital form for websites.

  • Education

A GED or high school diploma is required. A college degree, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s of Fine Arts, is highly recommended as a path to professional success (MFA).

Design Fashion

Fashion is in your blood. Everyone in the neighborhood pays attention to what you wear.

Students in this program learn how to design and produce clothing for a range of markets while taking into account both the creative and technical aspects of the process, as well as the overall market value.

  • Education

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) is the entry-level degree, while MFA (Master of Fine Art) is a highly recommended option for those who wish to pursue a career in the (MFA).

A Photography

How many of you use Instagram? After that, you may begin to study the fundamentals of professional photography.

Photography, point-and-shoot, and lighting are all skills that can lead to professions in advertising, journalism, or museums.

  • Education

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) is the entry-level degree, and MFA (Master of Fine Art) is highly recommended (MFA).


It’s important to hear what you have to say. Students who pursue a degree in philosophy learn how to think critically and persuasively.

Because of their abilities to do rigorous study, communicate and write well, solve issues, and think creatively and imaginatively, philosophy majors have a wide range of opportunities for future professions in the liberal arts.

  • Education

A 4 college degree (Bachelor of Art)

Bottom Line

The world is full of hipsters, as you can see all around you. Increasing numbers of people are joining the creative class as we move towards the post-industrial digital era.

A respected post-secondary degree will show that you’re more valuable than your classmates, and you’ll have a leg up on your competition.

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