How To Get A Business Degree Fast

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As reported by US News & World Report, Business Administration is the most popular online degree. Since the curriculum covers everything from analytics to management, this could be one of the reasons for its popularity. The degree also allows students to specialize in areas such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing. More than 6 million working Americans have a bachelor’s degree in business, according to the US Census Bureau. Financial managers can expect to earn an average salary of $90,000 according to Those aged 25 to 29 have a 54 percent ($15,200) wage advantage over those with a bachelor’s degree, while the gap widens to 86 percent ($32,000) by the time they’re in their mid- to late-forties.

The advanced coursework in a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration degree program is designed for working adults who want to improve their business knowledge. A 16-month program at a college with minimal prerequisites and no time limit on transferable units is possible. As a caveat, any prior college credits that may be transferred are required for this quick finish to be possible. This is especially true if you already possess an associate’s degree. ‘Fast-track’ business degree programs use a five to ten-week semester as their method of instruction. Some schools allow students to choose between 7.5 and 15-week terms. Many online schools have year-round start dates or rolling start dates for classes.

Finance, for example, is a specialty within the broader field of business, as previously mentioned. An online bachelor’s degree in this field can be completed in as little as 18 months by students who are interested. There are some colleges and universities that offer what is known as competency-based education (CBE). It’s all about efficiency and relevance in self-paced CBE courses that emphasize project-based evaluations and real-world scenarios. In order to help you apply what you’ve learned in class to the real world, this format was developed by experts in your field. In addition, a self-paced format allows you to complete a course in as little as two weeks or as long as ten weeks. You’re in charge of your own schedule and how many classes you take at once. A variety of college programs use this format, including business degrees.

Work or military experience, as well as current certifications, can speed up the completion of your bachelor’s degree. If you’ve worked for an accounting firm or department in the past or currently, you may be able to get credit for your experience from an online college. The number of credits needed to earn a degree may be reduced if this work experience can be applied toward college credits. The Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) designation may also count as credit toward your finance/business degree if you’ve achieved this certification. Check with an admissions advisor at the college or university you’re considering for an evaluation of relevant work experience, certifications, military and corporate training, and even volunteer work. A copy of your Joint Service Transcript (JST) can be requested to be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar at your chosen school by military personnel and veterans.

A small number of schools also provide a format in which you study the material without having to complete assignments or interact with a mentor. You take an online test after you’ve studied a section of the materials. It doesn’t affect your final grade, but it allows you to focus on the areas you need to study more. Additionally, there is no restriction on how many tests you take. With this kind of format, you might be able to finish your bachelor’s degree in just two years.

If earning a bachelor’s degree online is important to you, check out our guide to the fastest bachelor’s degrees available.

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