How To Become A Computer Hardware Engineer

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A computer consists of both hardware – the physical components – and software – the programs that allow the computer to run and perform tasks – in order to function. Engineers of computer hardware are the specialists who design and construct the hardware used in many types of computers, such as:

  • Circuit boards
  • Memory devices
  • Networks
  • Processors
  • Routers

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer hardware engineers design components for devices such as cellphones, tablets, computerized vehicle parts, and medical equipment, in addition to producing components for classic desktop computers.

In order to design new components, computer hardware engineers conduct research on novel hardware concepts and create blueprints for computer assembly. They create models of the gadget based on the blueprints and test these models to determine what modifications are necessary for maximum performance.

Additionally, computer hardware engineers deal with current technologies. They monitor the production of computer parts and oversee the updating of computer hardware to keep up with the evolution of computer software.


Computer and engineering theories and applications are necessary for a career as a computer hardware engineer. With a bachelor’s in computer engineering, you may start your profession right away.

Students who complete these programs will have a solid grounding in both electrical engineering and computer science, two fields in which they will need to thrive in their future careers. Accreditation by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is a good way for students to guarantee that their coursework and training will satisfy the high expectations of prospective employers.

It’s possible, according to the BLS, to become a computer hardware engineer without a degree in computer engineering from your preferred institution. You may accomplish this by majoring in something like electrical engineering or computer science.

For the role of computer hardware engineer, you’ll need extra training in computer science or engineering to learn things like computer programming and engineering concepts, which you may not be able to get via this route of school.

A bachelor’s degree is all you need to land your first job as a computer hardware engineer. Some job seekers, on the other hand, continue their education in order to move up the corporate ladder and into more senior or specialized positions. Graduate students in the field of computer hardware engineering have a wide range of alternatives available to them. For those interested in computer engineering, some seek a master’s degree in computer science, while others pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) (MBA).


According to the BLS, computer hardware engineers make an average yearly salary of $100,920. A typical yearly pay of $109,860 is offered by the computer and peripheral device manufacturing business, which employs around 12% of all computer hardware engineers.

In general, the BLS predicts employment prospects for computer hardware engineers will rise at a slower rate than the average for all types of engineers. But those with advanced degrees from authorized programs in computer engineering, as well as some expertise with computer software and hardware, will still have solid job chances.

Bottom Line

To put it another way, computers and other electronic gadgets would be nothing without the hardware engineers who design and build it. It is preferable if you have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as electrical engineering or computer science, although this is not a must.

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