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What Promotions Does DirecTV Have Right Now

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I am a great believer in the concept of “hopping about” when it comes to the realm of cable and satellite television. Changing service providers is typically simple and can result in significant cost savings. There are almost never any penalties for canceling service early, and many businesses don’t even insist on contracts. In a nutshell, if another company offers a better bargain, you shouldn’t think twice about making the transfer.

I compared Comcast, AT&T U-verse, and a few other local providers to see if I could lower my monthly cable bill. For this reason, I’m giving DIRECTV a second look. I left them years ago because of an issue with their customer support, but it looks like they’ve ironed out the kinks now. However, despite their past, I still believe they have the finest prices in the market.

A few of the reasons why DIRECTV is one of my favorite TV providers are as follows:

TV Packages and Benefits

When looking for a new service provider, you may have two primary concerns in mind.

  • What do you have that doesn’t cost anything?
  • Have they got a deal that suits me?

Both of these questions are easily answered by DIRECTV.

  1. Basic Providers

The basic set of extras included in every DIRECTV bundle is probably the service’s best selling point. If you decide to make the transition to DIRECTV, here’s what you can expect:

  • There is no need to go out and buy any machinery. To start service, you won’t have to pay for any of the necessary equipment because they cover almost all of the costs.
    Zero Initial Expenses Up-Front Costs? Money Needed to Get Started? Any Costs Associated with Setup? Leave it in the past. Everything is provided at no cost to you.
    HD quality for nothing. My current service provider charges me more for HD than their competitors do. With DIRECTV, that just isn’t the case. All of their plans have high definition programming.
  • Get a free HDTV receiver. Simply said, an HD receiver is a device capable of receiving and decoding high-definition television signals. DIRECTV will provide an HD receiver at no extra cost if your TV does not have one built in.
  • All the paid channels are free of charge. Sounds unbelievable, but for the next three months, join up today and get Starz, Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax absolutely free. Where else can cinephiles get such a deal?
  • Cinema on DIRECTV. Sign up now and have access to over 6,000 TV episodes and movies, including 400 that have just been released in theaters.
  1. Available Packages

Every one of these perks is offered in a variety of plans from which you may pick and choose based on your preferences:

  • 150+ digital channels to choose from, with a free HD or DVR receiver upgrade (now $29.99 per month after rebate and two-year commitment).
  • Optional Extra. 210+ digital channels, free HD and DVR receiver upgrade, and free HD service (currently $34.99 per month after rebate and two-year agreement).
  • Ultimate selection. 225+ digital channels, a free HD and DVR receiver upgrade, and a free HD subscription (now $39.99 per month after rebate and a two-year commitment).
  • Premier. 285+ digital channels, free HD and DVR receiver update, free HD service, and access to every premium movie channel (currently $83.99 per month after rebate and two-year commitment).
  • Alternatives for Business. If you’re seeking solutions for satellite TV for your company, DIRECTV has you covered. Whether you are a tiny start-up or a multi-location business, DIRECTV offers the ideal bundle for you. They may provide you with access to over 160 channels, unique sports packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket, and even foreign content.

You’re a tough client if you can’t find something to your liking on this list. However, if you are interested in making a transfer because you like what you see, it is important to consider any potential issues.

Further Considerations

I feel like I just got hired as a spokesman for DIRECTV (I promise they’re not paying me), so let’s look at some things to think about before making a final choice.

  1. Cable vs. Satellite

Those of you who subscribe to a satellite provider (like DIRECTV or Dish Network) may be debating whether or not switching to cable is a better financial decision. Obviously, you should conduct your own comparison and contrast, but I find that satellite is superior.

I can’t think of any major advantages to having cable. The frequency of interruptions is similar between the two, although DIRECTV offers more content.

  1. Drawbacks

Obviously, there isn’t a flawless product on the market right now, therefore I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t point out the primary cons of DIRECTV:

  • Troubles caused by bad weather. At times of really heavy downpour or gusty wind, I do recall experiencing a loss of signal. Even though the power outages were typically brief, they were nonetheless bothersome.
  • Assisting Clients. While DIRECTV’s customer service was adequate, it never appeared more interested in helping me upgrade my subscription than in fixing the problem I was calling about.
  • Equipment. If you decide to cancel your DIRECTV service, remember that you will be responsible for properly disposing of your old equipment. Really, I still have their old dish on my roof.

When deciding on a TV provider, it’s important to think about whether or not you’ll be getting a good value for your money. Obviously, there are more cost-effective options if you don’t spend your free time watching movies or sporting events and instead engage in other forms of recreation.

On the other hand, DIRECTV is perfect for you if you’re a TV addict, whether you’re a movie buff, sports fanatic, or just a casual viewer.

Bottom Line

I am a big believer in “hopping about” when it comes to TV service, as I mentioned at the outset. Contract cancellation fees and initial investment costs are typically not waived in many other business sectors. The world of “paid TV” is fortunate enough to. So, if you want to save money, my recommendation has always been to make changes wherever possible.

For this reason, it’s important to know that DIRECTV offers some of the most reasonable prices on the market for the greatest bundles available. If you’re looking to transfer TV providers, don’t forget to keep DIRECTV at the top of your list.

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