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What Is The Best Weekender Bag

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Making travel plans for the weekend? To travel light, leave the heavy roller luggage at home. Two nights of traveling would be a stretch with only a commuting bag.

A weekender bag provides a comfortable middle ground, serving as a reliable travel companion for short trips of three days or less. Weekender bags are normally moderately sized duffels that may be handled in one hand. Some of them resemble strong, big tote bags or gym bags. Almost all have some kind of simple internal structure.

There is a broad range of both cost and quality. At Walmart, you can find a functional canvas duffel for around $30, while expensive totes start at $400 or $500. The greatest weekend bags, however, may be found on Amazon rather than Armani. To those looking to save money, I recommend the following weekend bags.

The Top Weekender Bags for Your Next Vacation

You can find weekender bags for both men and women on store shelves, and they’re typically touted as the ideal carryall for short getaways. Some cases are straightforward, while others may be more appropriately categorized as neutral. Also, isn’t fashion more or less a matter of taste?

  1. Away The Weekender

The Weekender, by Away, is a large canvas bag with a removable shoulder strap, an interior padded sleeve for a laptop up to 15 inches, and matching top handles with a sturdy apex clasp.

Larger than a typical overnight bag, its capacity of just under 40 liters makes it a great option for those who would prefer not to gate-check a roller bag on crowded flights.

The Weekender attaches to The Carry-On for hassle-free transit on longer journeys. It has a weight of 4.5 pounds when empty with the shoulder strap and just over 4 pounds when empty.

  1. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel (55L)

Not the largest of Patagonia’s Black Hole Duffel bags, the 55-liter version nonetheless has more than enough space for a couple of days on the road.

The polyester shell has a TPU-film laminate coating that is both water and weather resistant, making it suitable for use in anywhere from light Pacific drizzle to heavy Caribbean downpours. The duffel bag has removable cushioned shoulder straps, a durable carrying handle, and strengthened daisy chains so that it may be attached to other, bigger bags for the duration of a journey.

The Black Hole Duffel, which can be used by either sexes, is one of the lightest weekend bags here at little over 2 pounds empty weight despite its reinforced leather bottom. The large opening of the main compartment, the zipped side pockets, and the mesh lid pockets make packing a snap.

  1. Everlane Twill Weekender

The Everlane Twill Weekender is a tiny duffel bag available in a variety of eye-catching hues, including golden brown and black leather on black, at a reasonable price.

It’s easy to transport thanks to its 12-inch shoulder strap, roomy main compartment secured by a heavy-duty zipper, and metal-foot base, which is especially useful when your impromptu travel plans call for a mad dash between terminals.

An unexpected downpour won’t ruin your weekend because the twill exterior is completely waterproof. Put your weekend necessities like electronics chargers, tablets, and books in the two outside and inside pockets.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger Signature Duffle Bag

When space is at a premium but you still need to pack for a weekend away, consider the Tommy Hilfiger Signature Duffle Bag for men. This canvas tote may be small, but its durability and versatility more than make up for its modest size.

The sturdy zipper, top carry handle, and removable shoulder strap ensure that your bag will survive the rough treatment it will receive in the overhead bin of a low-cost airline. Put your tickets, wallet, and phone in the front pockets, and put anything else you need easy access to in the rear.

  1. Caraa Remus

Men’s Caraa Remus weekenders are more expensive than the majority of the other options below. If you travel frequently, though, the price is justified.

This Italian leather handbag is one of the lightest on the list at only 2 pounds, 6 ounces. It’s also equipped with a number of extras that aren’t usually found on cheap weekend getaways. Some highlights are:

  • Top and side transporting handles
  • A covert 15-inch notebook computer holder
  • An external battery pack with a phone charging port (battery not included)
  • Built-in USB charging cord
  • Four inner mesh zipper pockets can accommodate smaller things
  • Eight ventilation openings to circulate air and manage odors.
  • A removable and adaptable body strap
  • A bag for shoes and damp stuff that is self-contained.

And there’s more than enough space to accommodate a lengthy weekend.

  1. Silhouette 16 Travel Tote by Samsonite

As for the lack of a specific gender, The spacious Samsonite Silhouette 16 Travel Tote can hold a couple of days’ worth of clothing. The outside is made of Tricore Nylon® treated with SamGuard® to prevent wear and tear as well as damage from moisture.

The SmartSleeve cover protects your Silhouette 16 from the elements and allows you can attach it to a bigger backpack, while the outer pockets are perfect for storing water bottles and other bulky goods. Don’t forget to bring it along—it weighs just 1.8 pounds when empty, so you won’t even notice it’s there.

  1. Stubble & Co. The Weekender

The Weekender, made by Stubble & Co., has a larger-than-average storage space of 42 liters in addition to its stylish design. The 15-inch high-density protected laptop pouch and the smaller sheath are concealed under the bag’s full-grain canvas and waterproofed natural grain leather exterior. Your valuables will be safe in a concealed inside pocket.

The Weekender, by Stubble & Co., is an exceptionally adaptable and lightweight weekend bag. You may be certain that your bag won’t slip or slide when you’re tired of carrying it thanks to the six studded feet.

The bag’s weight is kept to a minimum while still receiving extraordinary support from the bag’s wrap-around webbing. The removable shoulder strap is convenient for carrying heavy loads when walking a long distance.

  1. Only Society Weekend in Lacie

The Lacie Weekender, by Sole Society, is a fashionable women’s purse made of cruelty-free vegan leather. The 18-inch removable shoulder strap allows for easy navigation through busy airport terminals. The six-inch dip of the handle allows it to fit into even the smallest of openings.

The best part about the Lacie Weekender is the low cost. Your Lacie will likely cost less than a single night’s hotel on your next trip, barring any discounts you could receive from travel incentives.

  1. Aviator Hassle-Free Weekender by Maverick & Co.

The Maverick & Co. Aviator Hassle-Free Weekender’s sleek shell of waterproof nylon and vegan leather conceals an impressively adaptable interior. The main compartment zips in two directions, allowing for a useful accessory pocket on the bag’s outside.

There are padded compartments inside that can hold a laptop (up to 15.6 inches), a passport, and a phone. It has two pen pockets and a zippered inside compartment for storing small items. The Hassle-Free Weekender’s shoulder strap is fully adjustable, so you can take it with you wherever you go without worrying about finding a comfortable way to carry it.

  1. Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle

The Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle is a durable, unisex bag whose clean, simple appearance conceals its very well-thought-out build and design. There are two sturdy handles for transporting the bag, and below them is a watertight, reversible zipper. If you find yourself tiring of carrying it by hand, just attach the shoulder strap.

The Novel offers a roomy shoe pocket and an inside storage sleeve for personal items.
The Novel offers practically infinite color options, making it ideal for those who value personalization. It is offered in 34 regular colors and a few rare or limited edition ones. Furthermore, the woven label adds a bit of style.

  1. North Face Base Camp Duffel (50L)

For short trips of two or three days spent exploring new territory, the North Face Base Camp Duffel is the ideal weekend backpack. You may travel for three days with just the 50-liter compact size.

North Face even guarantees that the interior of the Base Camp will remain dry thanks to the waterproof and exceptionally durable outside material. It incorporates cushioned side handles for easy carrying in tight spaces, as well as an adjustable, removable shoulder strap for more comfortable carrying on longer journeys.

The main container is compressed using four straps to extract every last drop, and the contents are divided into mesh compartments. Put your ID and credit cards in the top mesh pocket, which will keep them dry in the event of a spill.

The best aspect is that Base Camp is a lot less than fancier weekend retreats that can’t guarantee 100% impermeability.

  1. Oversized Travel Duffle Bag by Newhey

The Newhey Oversized Travel Duffel Bag is a large weekender bag made of waterproof leather and canvas at an unbelievable price. The high-density canvas and waterproof leather are surprisingly sturdy for such a low-priced backpack.

However, the scratchy cushioning is a drawback on long airport runs compared to more expensive bags with padded handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. There are half a dozen nooks and crannies inside and out that provide ample storage for a third night, should you so choose.

  1. Filson Medium Duffle Bag

The men’s Filson Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag is the weekender of choice if you’re seeking to make a statement without breaking the bank.

Although it is one of the more expensive bags here, you will get your money’s worth thanks to its sturdy twill construction and classic color choices. Despite coming in at under 4 pounds, it holds as much as may be safely carried on an airplane without exceeding the limits set by individual carriers.

The Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag has two internal pockets for storing small items, a custom-cut zipper closure with secure storm flap, two-snap grips on bridle leather handles that wrap around the bag for increased stability, and a durable exterior.

  1. Rains Weekend Bag

Despite being marketed for males, the Rains Weekend Bag’s simplicity and versatility make it an excellent choice regardless of one’s gender. It has a spacious 46 liters inside yet is still within most airlines’ weight and dimension requirements to be considered a carry-on.

Waterproof fabric isn’t all the Rains Weekend Bag has going for it, though; it also has a water-resistant zipper. Use the removable shoulder strap for comfort on long treks, and consider getting the mesh divider for a trip that combines business and pleasure.

Bottom Line

As a last resort, I can use my weekday bag on the weekend. Simply said, I’d rather not.
One particular recollection stands out. During my three days in Seattle, I skipped dropping off my heavy backpack and went directly to the top of the highest structure in the city.

The elevator was crowded on a Thursday at lunchtime. I almost knocked the glasses off the poor lady behind me when I whirled around to look ahead. A curse she mumbled in my ear still haunts me.

I’ve given a lot of consideration to how a weekend bag may have averted that embarrassing gaffe. It’s only fair that you have a handbag that doesn’t act obnoxious when you’re in a crowded area, even though you’ve never mistakenly swiped someone with your overstuffed backpack.

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