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According to Statista, online grocery store sales in the United States will increase to about $190 billion by 2024. It’s not hard to understand why, thinking of how helpful it is to have groceries delivered straight to your door.

Delivering groceries is a great side hustle to get started with if you’re looking to supplement your income each month. In most areas, supermarket delivery couriers may expect to make far above minimum wage and work whenever it is convenient for them.

In addition, the best grocery delivery firms are always hiring new drivers, so you may get to work immediately.

Among the several supermarket delivery apps available, Shipt is among the best. Becoming a Shipt Shopper is a lucrative and flexible way to earn extra money each month by delivering goods to customers in your area.

How Shipt Customers Act

According to Business Wire, Shipt has grown rapidly since its founding in 2014 to become the leading grocery delivery business in the United States.

After Target’s 2017 acquisition, Shipt expanded its service area to more than 5,000 communities across the United States. Fast delivery speeds, Target same-day purchases, and the ability to have alcohol or prescriptions delivered are the service’s best-known features, and membership is restricted to those who choose to use it.

Shipt’s subscribers can get next-day delivery from many different stores, including but not limited to:

  • ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
  • Costco
  • CVS
  • GNC
  • H-E-B
  • Kroger
  • Petco
  • Publix

Users of the Shipt app may create a digital shopping list, pay for their items, and have them brought to their door.

Shipt Shoppers are the employees who run errands for Shipt members, such as grocery shopping and product deliveries. Shipt’s user-friendly interface breaks down the entire procedure into three simple stages for the shopper.

The Shift Scheduling & Order Acceptance in the Shipt App

The Shipt app is used by customers to arrange delivery shifts for themselves. A delivery zone consists of the maximum wait time and the city or towns within which you’ll accept deliveries.

Zone scheduling is available up to seven days in advance. However, if you wish to work on a specific day, you can choose your hours that day.

Just because you’re on the schedule doesn’t mean you’ll get groceries delivered to you. Your shopping score and the local demand determine which orders become available to you. The offer goes to the Shipt shopper with the greatest rating in a given area, so timely deliveries and friendly service are crucial if you want to rise up the ranks.

However, Shipt temporarily promotes inexperienced shoppers to a more advantageous position in the shopping chain so that they can begin accepting orders. After your initial few orders, you will be given a rating depending on how well you did as a shopper.

You may get more information about an order offer by tapping the order within the Shipt app. Find out which store is nearest you, where your order will be delivered, and how many things you’re purchasing. Please read this information carefully so that you may have an idea of how long the shopping trip will take.

Check your delivery schedule and accept the work by clicking “claim” if it doesn’t conflict with your plans.

Purchases for Shipt Members

When placing an order with Shipt, the first thing you’ll do is check the estimated delivery time, as well as any other notes or instructions.

Members of Shipt have the option to make specific requests and specify item-by-item substitute choices. Accommodating each customer’s specific needs requires a thorough familiarity with their orders.

Send a message to the Shipt shopper as soon as you hit the stores. That’s a wonderful customer care touch that can affect your rating or tip amount since it lets the member know their order is being processed.

Within the app, select the “Shop Order” tab to initiate the shopping process. There includes a summary of the order’s needs and a reiteration of any unique requirements. Given that Shipt sorts your list by store category to help you save time, it’s preferable to follow the shopping order that it suggests.

Stick to your budget and fulfill any specific demands on your shopping list. If you succeed, your patronage rating and the amount of money you make from tips will both rise. Members of Shipt have the option of adding a message to their order specifying the maturity level of any fruit or any substitutions they would like made.

You may check items off your list in the Shipt app as you find them, add them to your cart, and then pay for them. It’s crucial that you get the appropriate size and amount. If you’re not sure if the items you’ve received are what the member ordered, you may quickly and easily check using the Shipt app’s barcode scanner.

If you order the wrong size or quantity, the price will change and the Shipt member may become frustrated. More order offers, and more money, can come your way on Shipt if you take the time to respond to evaluations left by your customers.

Using Your Prepaid Shipt Card to Check Out and Deliver Your Order

Customers pay for purchases with their Shipt prepaid card. Since Shipt can estimate how much your order will cost, the card has sufficient money.

If you find yourself short on funds, though, it’s simple to get in touch with Shipt HQ through the app and have more money added to your card. Take a picture of the receipt within the Shipt app to verify the order is correct before making the delivery.

To aid customers in finding their way to a specified delivery location, the Shipt app includes a GPS navigation feature. The door code of a gated community or apartment complex may be included in an order, as well as any other instructions for delivery. 

In the event that the customer specifies that they want their goods left at the door for contactless delivery, be sure to double-check the order notes.

If the order is not a drop-off, you should inquire as to whether or not the member would like you to bring the groceries inside for them.

After the customer has received their items, the delivery can be canceled through the Shipt app. Keep this in mind so that Shipt can verify that your delivery was completed on time and reward you with a higher star rating.

As members of Shipt can review their delivery experience after an item is complete, a late delivery might also result in a worse Shipt Shopper rating.

There is no need to tip Shipt members. In any case, members can leave tips in cash when they arrive or through the Shipt app after they’re satisfied with the service. Shipt Shoppers get to retain all of the tips they receive.

In some cities, Shipt now provides pickup service for member orders. All you have to do is pack the groceries, go through checkout, and then help the Shipt member load their groceries into their car.

Shopper Shipt Payment

Shoppers working for Shipt are considered independent contractors who are compensated by a flat delivery fee in addition to any tips they receive. Orders placed Monday through Sunday will be paid for on Fridays by direct transfer.

A shipping cost is added to each order depending on the estimated time required to fulfill the order. Delivering an order can take up to an hour and pay upwards of $20, as stated by Shipt. However, that doesn’t apply to all markets or all seasons.

Your hourly wage and the number of gratuities you receive are determined in part by how quickly and efficiently you complete your tasks. Since members of Shipt are not obligated to leave tips, the average amount of a tip per ride is not known.

Shipt shoppers can make anything from $7 to $26 per hour, as reported by Glassdoor. However, Shipt Shoppers often earn $12.50 to $15.00 per hour.

Reviews of the company’s pay policy confirm that workers at Shipt earn $22 an hour. A precise hourly wage estimate is elusive due to the numerous variables at play. 

Asking around with other Shipt Shoppers in your area or giving the app a try yourself are the only reliable ways to find out how much money you may make as a Shipt Shopper.

But if you can fulfill a Shipt order every hour, it’s a steady side gig that pays minimum wage or more and can significantly increase your monthly revenue.

How to Get More Tip Money as a Shipt Shopper

U.S. Foods found that drivers make an average of $4 in tips for each order in 2019, despite the fact that Shipt does not suggest a specific amount for customers to contribute.

In order to boost your chances of receiving advice, try these things:

  • Make as much progress as possible in a short amount of time without endangering yourself or your workers or sacrificing quality.
  • Always maintain a positive attitude when interacting with Shipt clients.
  • Pay close attention to what people are saying they want
  • Keep a regular schedule and never be late.
  • If you want to keep your frozen foods frozen, you should invest in an insulated cooler.

Reduced wait times and faster checkout can boost profits.

How to Sign Up for Shipt Shopping

As with other gigs economy jobs, such as those offered by DoorDash and Instacart, Shipt’s shopper qualifications are comparable to those of these companies.

What You Need to Do to Join Shipt Shop

Check out where Shipt currently has locations before filling up an application. If Shipt is available in your area, the necessary steps will be straightforward.

Buyers of Ships must:

  • Have reached the age of majority (18)
  • Carry proof of auto insurance and a current U.S. driver’s license
  • In possession of a recent and dependable automobile
  • Possess the product and product expertise necessary to fill supermarket orders correctly.
  • To have a minimum lifting capacity of 45 pounds
  • Use an up-to-date version of iOS or Android

How to Sign Up as a Shipt Shopper

The application process for Shipt takes only a few minutes and is quite straightforward. You need to give them the most rudimentary details, including:

Information collected online may include:

  • Data Relating to an Individual. Please provide your full name, preferred city of business, preferred contact method(s), and email and phone numbers.
  • Age. Anyone over the age of 18 can shop on Shipt, but only those over the age of 21 can join the alcoholic beverage delivery program.
  • Address. In order to acquire your Shipt shopper t-shirt and Shipt card, which consumers use to pay for supermarket orders, please fill out the following form.
  • Availability. They are looking for someone who is available to work on Sundays and Mondays because those are the peak days for grocery deliveries.
  • Smoking. Keep in mind that Shipt shoppers are not permitted to smoke cigarettes while on the clock.
  • Specifics for the Driver. Age of vehicle and driving experience.

Within one or two business days, Shipt will send a confirmation email. If you make it through this initial hurdle, you still have to clear a few more before you can start looking for a job.

Prospective employees of Shipt also undergo a computer-based interview. It entails providing written solutions to inquiries about relevant work experience and how you may handle certain customer service and retail scenarios. Applicants are also required to submit a video recording of themselves responding to the same questions.

Some documentation is also involved. Job hopefuls need to sign a W-9 form, as well as Shipt’s shopper agreement and a consent form before a background check can be conducted.

The time it takes to become an actual Shipt Shopper is contingent on several factors, including the length of time it takes to complete the background check, the speed with which you submit your applications, and the demand for Shipt shoppers in your area. Unless demand is really great, you should expect to wait several days, possibly even a week.

You may have to wait before Shipt will let you plan shifts once you’ve been cleared to work. That keeps your city from becoming a Shipt bottleneck due to an influx of users. Expect a shorter wait time when grocery delivery is in high demand and longer waits when demand is low.

What You Should Know Before Using Shipt

Shipt is a convenient buying option because of its adaptability and low entry barriers. On the other hand, there are a few things to think about before becoming a Shipt shopper.

1. Independent Contractor Tax Implications

Similar to other gig workers, Shipt shoppers operate as independent contractors rather than being employed by the company. Working for Shipt as a driver gives you the freedom to choose your own hours and earn extra money. Although the rewards might be great, there are a number of tax considerations when working on the side.

When employees are paid by direct deposit, Shipt does not withhold taxes. Therefore, independent contractors are responsible for keeping their own financial records and making quarterly anticipated tax payments to the federal and state governments.

Freelancers have to pay self-employment tax on their earnings as well if they’re over $400 per year. Taxes like this amount to about 15.3 percent of what someone in business for themselves makes a year.

2. Shipt Doesn’t Pay for Costs

Learning to manage money is also a crucial part of being an independent contractor. The only thing Shipt will cover is your weekly grocery bill. Fuel, repairs, and normal wear and tear on your car are not covered by Shipt. 

To calculate your true hourly rate after your first few Shipt excursions, you’ll need to account for things like gas and car depreciation.

Customers of Shipt who contract coronavirus or are placed in forced quarantine by a public health authority can receive financial support from the company for up to two weeks. The approach helps compensate shoppers for their average weekly earnings from Shipt, including tips, based on their earnings in the four weeks prior to infection.

Shipt does not provide any other benefits, such as compensation for lost wages or medical expenditures, to its employees.

3. Your Shipt Rating Is Important

Maintaining a steady stream of orders requires excellent customer service and the acquisition of a high Shopper Rating.

In order to be considered a successful shopper, one must make an effort to keep in constant contact with members, modify orders to fit their specific requirements, and ensure timely delivery. 

There’s more to it than just going out and getting food and then delivering them. Being professional is essential if you want to make a living with Shipt.

4. Flexible Work Opportunities

Your rating determines how many orders from Shipt you receive. Opportunities may vary depending on your location and the density of Shipt Shoppers in your area.

If you’re in a financial bind and need a quick way to make some cash, Shipt is a great place to work. However, you need to give yourself some breathing room to determine whether or not this side business would be successful in your area. 

Too many Shipt Shoppers in a given area will cause Shipt to postpone the start of workers, and you’ll need some of that extra time to get up to speed.

Benefits of Using Shipt Shopping

If you can land it, working at Shipt is a great job. The compensation isn’t guaranteed, but it’s better than most other vehicle-dependent side gigs. Joining is a breeze. In addition, your schedule is adaptable as long as you’re willing to work Sundays and Mondays (which are the days of the week that are most in-demand).

  • Strong Compensation for Bringing in New Customers. When it comes to the gig economy, Shipt pays fairly well. If you’re a rookie driver and you make at least two deliveries in a given time period, you might make $20 an hour on average, but there’s no guarantee you’ll make that much.
  • Easy and relaxed application requirements. Signing up as a Shipt shopper is simple. To become a Shipt driver, you must meet a number of general requirements, such as living in a city that Shipt serves, possessing a clean driving record, and owning a dependable vehicle.
  • Quick and simple orientation. If you want to work for Shipt, you can do so without having to travel to a physical location for an orientation or having any paperwork notarized.
  • Modifiable Timetables. Shipt is flexible with schedules, with the exception of a preference that shoppers work on Sundays and Mondays. In most cases, you’ll have complete freedom over your work schedule.

The Drawbacks of Shopping on Shipt

There are a number of significant issues with Shipt. The approval process can take some time, the salary ranges greatly, and tips are not mandatory.

  • Advice Can Be Unreliable at Times. It’s not unusual for Shipt drivers to get stiffed on deliveries, despite the fact that many clients do tip. This could eat into your earnings and increase the likelihood that your daily earnings would fall far short of what you had anticipated.
  • Earning potential is highly context- and market-dependent. Pay for shoppers varies widely based on factors such as location, demand, order size, and other considerations, and Shipt cannot give any guarantees in this regard. Even though the average earnings for a gig economy app are substantial, you should still set reasonable expectations for yourself.
  • There’s No Promise That You’ll Get to Work Instantly. Shipt accepts new customers at a rapid pace during times of peak demand for grocery delivery. Shipt stores new shoppers in reserve for times when demand is low. You shouldn’t anticipate beginning immediately.

How Does Shipt Compare?

There are many supermarket delivery apps like Shipt that offer competitive compensation and convenient scheduling for both customers and couriers. Instacart, another nationwide platform used by both part-time and full-time sellers, is a direct competitor.

We’ve compared Shipt vs Instacart so you can see how they do.

Shopper PayVariable, but $20/hr is realisticVariable, but $15/hr is realistic
SchedulingFlexible, but preference for shoppers who work Sundays and Mondays Flexible
In-Store Only Available?NoYes, in certain markets
Onboarding ProcessEasyModerate

Bottom Line

The popularity of Shipt, a food delivery service, has skyrocketed in recent years. Shipt shopping is a great side hustle if you fit the hiring requirements and are looking to make some extra money quickly.

It is critical, however, that you comprehend the repercussions of being an independent contractor. Earnings at Shipt are good, but you’ll have to pay for your own transportation there and back. You must also file your tax returns appropriately and pay any applicable income or self-employment taxes.

Lastly, give yourself some time to get familiar with the system and gauge your interest in Shipt in your area. Working as a Shipt Shopper can be a great way to make some additional cash if you can commit to providing excellent customer service and are able to optimize your delivery skills to finish orders promptly and properly.

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