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Best Online Colleges for Seniors

Going back to college when you’re older can be fun, and free in some cases. Here are some online colleges that have some great education opportunities for senior citizens, both for-credit and non-credit classes are available, depending on the school. Check it out!

University of Florida

As long as the course you select is not too full, the University of Florida will allow you to enroll in online classes for free if you're a senior over the age of 60. Only residents of the state of Florida can earn credit this way.

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University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland Global Campus has a selection that spans dozens of different fields when it comes to online degrees. All of the classes are presented in an asynchronous format, which allows you a lot of flexibility. Seniors have the opportunity to earn college credit for free if they meet certain requirements.

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James Madison University

James Madison University allows seniors to receive discounts on tuition if they meet certain requirements, such as age and income. If you do not wish to earn credit for these classes, there are no requirements to meet if you're just auditing.

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University of Massachusetts - Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst participates in the Senior Citizen Tuition Credit Affidavit Program which allows a tuition credit every semester. You can apply this discount to help you reduce the cost of your online degree program at UMass.

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George Mason University

George Mason University allows seniors who meet income requirements to enroll in up to three classes per semester, including distance-based classes. You will also need to be accepted into the university to take advantage of this, though.

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Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University has dozens of online degree programs to choose from at the undergraduate and graduate levels; many of the classes are offered in an asynchronous format. Seniors over the age of 60 will not pay any tuition or fees.

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Texas Tech University

In order to obtain credit for 6 free hours of tuition at Texas Tech University in classes where space is available and not needed by fee-paying students, 55-year-old students must apply. This program's goal is to support older people in maintaining their participation in and access to higher education at participating public institutions of higher learning.

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University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota has traditional and completely self-paced online degree programs to choose from. Seniors will benefit from a tuition discount as well as being given the same rate as in-state students when learning online.

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University of West Florida

Seniors at the University of West Florida can audit courses for no credit for free any time, and they are also eligible for a discount on their tuition. Distance-based degrees are presented in self-paced formats that let you study whenever it is convenient.

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Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

On a space-available, non-degree basis, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania accepts students who are 60 or older for free courses. Discounted classes are available online for those who would like to earn a degree. The only thing is that no more-qualified student can need that placement, or they will take priority.

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Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University has an online degree selection that spans business, education, nursing, and tons of other fields. Seniors who are interested can take flexible online courses at this university for free or at a steep discount, depending on where they live.

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College of Charleston

The College of Charleston does not have a broad selection of degrees online; however, seniors are allowed to take college classes for credit (or just to audit) at absolutely no cost to them. You can also earn a small variety of graduate certificates from this school.

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Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University waives tuition for most seniors for the majority of their programs, including online. There are degree programs in nursing, engineering, criminal justice, and more. Out of state students can audit courses for free.

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Western Governors University

Western Governors University is known for offering a multitude of degrees entirely online. The classes at this school are asynchronous so that you can study whenever you want. There are two six-month terms annually, and seniors are eligible for a generous scholarship program.

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Austin Peay State University

Seniors at Austin Peay State University can take advantage of extremely reduced tuition rates when they'd like to study online. Even distance learners can get this discount, and apply it to their fully-online classes.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best degree for older adults?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each older adult's circumstances are unique. However, some things to consider when choosing a degree program as an older adult include whether you want to return to school full-time or part-time, what you hope to gain from your education, and whether you are looking for a more general or specific education. Additionally, many older adults choose degree programs that will allow them to change careers or update their skills for their current field.

Is 50 too old to get a college degree?

No, 50 is not too old to get a college degree. Many people choose to go to college later in life, and there are many programs available to older students.

Is 60 too old to get a college degree?

No, 60 is not too old to get a college degree. In fact, there are many adults who return to school later in life to pursue a degree. There are many reasons why someone might choose to do this, including wanting to change careers, wanting to learn more about a particular subject, or simply wanting to improve one's job prospects. There are many colleges and universities that cater to older students, and there are also many online programs that can be completed at one's own pace. Therefore, 60 is not too old to get a college degree.

Is 70 too old to get a college degree?

No, 70 is not too old to get a college degree. There are plenty of older adults who go back to school to earn their degree, and there are many colleges and universities that cater to older students. So 70 is not too old to get a college degree.