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Where Is My Capital One Credit Card

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Students may earn cashback and boost their credit with the Quicksilver Student Card from American Express. Because they’re meant to be introductory cards, student credit cards often don’t provide the finest rewards or features. Credit card firms like Capital One have been making advances in the area of creating credit cards that may assist students to establish their credit while also providing them with useful advantages.

Here is a thorough examination of the new Quicksilver Student Card from Capital One, which reveals the card’s best and worst features. See whether it’s a good fit for your scenario.

Which students should apply for the Capital One Quicksilver Student Cash Rewards Credit Card?

Only college or university students who are at least 18 years old and have a valid U.S. address are eligible for the Capital One Quicksilver Student Card. When it comes to student credit cards, there isn’t much of a credit check required to get one, and this one is no different.

If you are a student looking to develop your credit history while receiving a flat cashback rewards rate, this card might be a good option. There are several starting cards out there, but this one stands out from the rest. The Quicksilver Student Card may not be right for you if your preference is for a rewards program that allows you to earn additional rewards in certain areas rather than a flat rate on every transaction.

Foreign transaction fees aren’t charged with the Quicksilver Student Card because it has no annual cost. Many students who don’t want to worry about fees will be able to fit this into their budgets. Additionally, if you want to study abroad, having no international transaction costs might prove handy.

Benefits and Advantages

  • With this card, you may earn 1.5 percent of your purchases in cashback rewards every day! It might be advantageous for students who have a wide variety of costs, from meals to books and more, to have this sort of incentive rate.
  • If you don’t have exceptional or decent credit, you’re probably going to get accepted. Students may find it easier to get a student credit card because it normally just requires a minimal or good credit history.
  • With the Quicksilver Student, there is no yearly fee to be concerned about.
  • Use this card while traveling or studying abroad, and you won’t have to pay any international transaction fees.
  • Warranty protection. Purchases bought with this credit card are covered for an additional year.
  • When you use this card to pay for your plane ticket, you’ll be insured for any eligible losses.
  • Using Eno, you’ll be alerted to any potential mistakes, recurrences, or recurring charges that may be on your statement. Changes to your TransUnion or Experian credit reports can also be notified to you via CreditWise’s alert feature.


  • There is no sign-up incentive with this card. Typically, early spend incentives reward you for spending a specified amount on your card during the first several months after account activation. Student credit cards, on the other hand, often do not give significant sign-up benefits. Visit our dedicated website to compare credit cards with other card alternatives and reviews.
  • There is no introductory APR offer for balance transfers or purchases. Unfortunately, this card does not have one of these features. Check out our list of the top debt transfer credit cards if you’re looking for these kinds of deals.

The most effective methods of earning

This card doesn’t earn bonus rewards in different categories, such as groceries or gas. Rather, it has a flat 1.5% cashback reward on every purchase, every day. So the best way to achieve cashback earnings with the Quicksilver Student Card is to use it on all your everyday purchases.

This could include using your card for groceries, filling up your car, eating out, and anything else you’re already spending money on. If you’re able to pay any of your bills or utilities with a credit card (without incurring fees) then it could make sense to use your card for those as well. Using your card for everything doesn’t mean spending more money than you typically do. It simply means changing your purchasing habits to take advantage of credit card rewards.

Utilize your redemptions to the fullest extent possible

At a rate of 1.5 percent, using your card to make purchases earns you cashback. Earning enough cashback means that you may choose how to redeem your prize.

Quicksilver Student Card cashback may be redeemed in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Credits are given in the following statements:
  • I sent a cheque in the mail.
  • Prior purchases will be reimbursed in full.
  • Cards as gifts
  • PayPal purchases are covered.
  • Use Points to Make Purchases

In terms of incentive redemption rates or the relative worth of the various redemption options, Capital One does not make this information publicly available. 

When it comes to cash back credit cards, the finest redemptions are those that have a monetary value in addition to the points or miles earned. It’s possible to convert points into cash by obtaining a statement credit or checking your bank account. The best value may not always be found in gift cards or online transactions covered by gift cards.

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