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What Is A World Elite Mastercard

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If you hold a World Elite Mastercard, you qualify for significant World Elite Mastercard perks. You should be aware of the differences between the two World Mastercards. Are you making the most of your benefits? The many perks offered while evaluating different credit cards must be taken into account. Travel rewards credit cards and annual credit cards are two examples of this type of credit card. Credit card issuers also give extra perks, such as cashback and reward points, through the use of Mastercard and Visa.

All Mastercard credit cards come with a variety of perks based on the tier of your credit card. With each Mastercard tier, you gain access to additional perks with greater potential value. The World Mastercard and World Elite Mastercard have some of the best perks, and this article will explain them all to you.

Overview of Benefits

MasterCard’s World and World Elite categories are the most elite. All of these tiers have more and better advantages. Remember that Mastercard is a payment network, not a credit card provider. The card issuers, such as Chase, Citi, Barclays, and more, are ultimately responsible for any and all credit card perks. So it’s possible to have a World Elite Mastercard without all the World Elite advantages since the card issuer hasn’t permitted them.

World Elite Mastercard benefit

Long lists of advantages are appealing, but do you really need all of these Mastercard perks? Let’s take a closer look at each of the World Elite Mastercard perks to see which ones would be most appealing to you.

Zero-risk insurance coverage.

In the event that your Mastercard is lost or stolen and someone uses it to make illicit purchases, Mastercard’s zero liability guarantee will cover you. In-store, over-the-phone, internet, mobile, and ATM transactions are all covered by this policy. As soon as you discover that your credit card has been lost or stolen, inform your financial institution to avoid being held accountable for any fraudulent purchases.

International customer service hotline

At any time, in any location, in any language, Mastercard’s worldwide service hotline is ready to provide immediate support. You can use it to report a stolen or lost card and to obtain a new one if you so want. You may also use it to get information about your account or locate an ATM if you need it.

Protection against identity theft

Free identity theft protection is offered by Mastercard because millions of Americans are victims of identity theft each year. New accounts started in your name or new credit inquiries, both of which might be indicators of fraud, can be kept an eye on with the aid of this perk.

You’ll be alerted when suspicious behavior is spotted so that you may take prompt action to prevent any possible harm. Our identity theft resolution professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in securing your accounts and resolving any difficulties you may be experiencing.

MasterCard Cities of Unimaginable Worth

Mastercard members get unique access to a variety of activities through Priceless Cities. This might entail gastronomic, travel, or celebrity encounters, among other things. Previously, experiences included virtual tours of prominent worldwide monuments, culinary courses, and conveying greetings from great sportsmen to loved ones.

Guaranteed hotel stay and pricing

The Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle Services program has a certified agent who will assist you in the event that you are dissatisfied with your three-star or above hotel stay booked via the program. It also provides a price match guarantee for hotels booked through the Mastercard Travel and Lifestyle Services program, which allows you to claim back the difference in price if you discover a better deal elsewhere.

In-flight assistance

There are over 700 airports across the world where you may book a personal agent to help you navigate your way through the process of arriving, departing, or connecting. They’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make your trip through a new airport go more smoothly.

Travel services provided by a travel agency

Consider taking advantage of this Mastercard perk to obtain assistance in arranging your forthcoming vacation. For all your travel requirements, a team of professional consultants is at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll get better-tailored and more curated results as you add more of your preferences.

ShopRunner membership

Become a Mastercard World Elite member and get a free ShopRunner subscription. Members of ShopRunner enjoy free two-day delivery and free return shipping on purchases from more than 100 online stores. Under Armour and Tommy Hilfiger are a few of the most well-known retailers.

Adventures and deals in golf

Mastercard’s Priceless Golf program offers special golf incentives and experiences to Mastercard World Elite cards. Over 1,000 private country club golf courses in North America are at your fingertips, plus you’ll save money on Topgolf bookings and get access to a slew of golf tournaments and special events.

Advantages of luxury hotels and resorts

Mastercard’s premium hotel and resorts portfolio offer considerable perks to those who can take advantage of the program. Free daily breakfast is included, as are accommodation upgrades and an amenity gift valued up to $100. In addition, you’ll also enjoy complimentary early check-in and late checkout when available.

Car, air, cruise, and vacation packages

There are discounts and privileges available via Mastercard that you may take advantage of while arranging a vacation. Car rental companies like National, Avis, and Sixt automatically provide you VIP status. Additionally, you may be able to save money on other areas of your trip as well.

Discount on Onefinestay

Use your World Elite Mastercard to get a 10% discount on onefinestay reservation. In more than a hundred countries, Onefinestay lets guests rent out thousands of residences and villas. For your comfort and character, all of the properties in the onefinestay portfolio have been meticulously selected. Only one out of every ten houses that are inspected makes it into our portfolio.

Other special partner discounts and advantages

These collaborations also benefit Mastercard World Elite cardholders:

  • Lyft. If you use your Mastercard World Elite credit card to pay for five qualified Lyft trips in a month, you’ll earn $10 in Lyft credit. In order to use this credit, you must do so once a month.
  • Boxed. Your Mastercard World Elite credit card offers 5% back on Boxed purchases. Boxed rewards may be used for future purchases on Boxed.
  • Fandango. Whenever you buy two movie tickets through Fandango with your Mastercard World Elite credit card, you’ll get $5 off future movie tickets or at-home purchases (in the form of Fandango VIP points).

World Elite concierge

Receive complimentary access to a personal assistant-like 24/7 concierge. It’s a valuable perk to have access to a World Elite concierge who can assist with more specialized requests. Contact your World Elite concierge if you require tickets to a sold-out performance or a table at a renowned restaurant.

Bottom Line

There is a lot more value in a World Mastercard or World Elite MasterCard than a standard Mastercard credit card. However, there isn’t much difference between the two highest Mastercard categories. To take advantage of World Elite Mastercard privileges, you may not want to apply for a card in the first place, but you may want to do so if you already have another card with similar features.

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