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What Does A Black Card Look Like

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But how does it compare to other high-end credit cards for frequent fliers? The Mastercard® Black Card is an option to explore if you’re a frequent traveler looking for a premium credit card. Is the $495 yearly cost worth it for the travel benefits? What are the card’s travel privileges, and are there any more rewards than travel? This Mastercard® Black CardTM review is in order.

Is this a gift card for you?

In the case of frequent fliers, the Mastercard® Black CardTM is an excellent choice. High earners and those with great credit are also eligible. Priority Pass Select gives cardholders access to VIP airport lounges across the world. Global Entry or TSA PreCheck and an airline credit each year are also included in the package.

In order to gain points with every transaction, you will receive a flat rate of one point for every dollar spent. You won’t have to worry about ban dates or expiring points with this card. While booking travel through the Luxury Card website is required, frequent travellers will appreciate the lack of restricted periods. The world is at the fingertips of those who accumulate enough frequent flyer miles to fly for free practically anywhere.

It’s possible that some people may be lured to the card’s distinctive design, which can withstand any atmosphere. While some users may prefer a gold card, the stainless steel finish on this black-PVD-coated model is what really draws notice. To make a statement, travellers can use the Mastercard® Black CardTM.

Top card benefits

  • Redeem your points at a 2% rate for airfare and a 1.5% rate for cash back incentives, which is generous.
  • The concierge service for premium credit cards is available around the clock, seven days a. Is there anything I can do to assist you in arranging travel arrangements?
  • Trying to track down those elusive tickets? Concierge services are available to cardholders around the clock by phone, live chat, or email.
  • A yearly credit on your airline account: Annual air travel credit of up to $100 is available to cardholders. Baggage fees, upgrades, and tickets are all included in this.
  • If you’ve applied for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry every five years, you’ll get an automatic credit of up to $100 on your bill. TSA PreCheck privileges on domestic flights are included with Global Entry as well as the ability to arrive faster from foreign flights.
  • You can visit more than 1,300 Priority Pass airport lounges throughout the world, regardless of your airline or ticket class, thanks to Priority Pass membership. All cardholders get free access.
  • 0% APR for 15 billing cycles (then 14.99 percent (variable)): New cards enjoy a 0% APR for 15 billing cycles. If you’re trying to pay off or consolidate debt on other credit cards, this might be a valuable bonus.

Earning and redeeming currency

Best ways to earn

The Mastercard® Black CardTM simplifies the process of accumulating points: All purchases are rewarded with 1x points for cardholders. There are no higher-rated bonus categories, and the maximum number of points you may earn is unlimited.

Spending of any kind will result in the accumulation of points. In addition to the costs of dining out and traveling, this covers the costs of daily living and paying the bills. Other reward cards, on the other hand, may give you additional points if you use them in certain areas.

Making the most of your rebates

Travel, statement credits, cash back, gift cards, or items may all be exchanged for points. The Luxury Card redemption site is the only place where redemptions may be made.
However, some alternatives are more valuable than others in terms of their redemption value. Take advantage of the 2% air travel redemption rate to maximize the value of your points. There is no option to book travel outside of the Luxury Card website or by phone. Using 75,000 points to redeem $1,500 in flight tickets on any carrier would be a liberal use of the 2 percent redemption value. Only 1% of points may be used for hotel or rental vehicle reservations.

Cash back is the next best thing. Just below the air travel redemption rate, this has a redemption value of 1.5%. Your bank account or statement credit can be used as a form of cash back. What does a return rate of 1.5% mean? You’d get $225 in cash back if you redeemed 15,000 points.

Because you can’t transfer points to travel partners with the Mastercard® Black CardTM, you could be missing out on better deals on travel. There are more than a dozen travel partners that Chase credit cards allow you to transfer points to, for example. The Mastercard® Black CardTM has a lower redemption rate than this choice.

Is it worth it to get a Mastercard® Black CardTM?

When it comes to a high-end luxury credit card, the Black Card isn’t the best option. Even though it offers great travel and cashback benefits, this card’s annual fee makes it less tempting than other rewards credit cards. With no sign-up incentive, justifying the high yearly charge becomes even more difficult.

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