How To Use Southwest Travel Funds

One of our favorite features of Southwest Airlines is the ability to utilize excess cash toward a future journey. Cash in on this benefit if you’ve already taken use of it and have plans for future travel.

On your forthcoming vacation, you can utilize your money to fly for free. Want to use Southwest Travel Funds, but aren’t sure exactly what’s available? We’re here to help you every step of the way!

Southwest Travel Funds

To put it another way, Southwest Travel Funds are like airline miles for future travel. They aren’t the same as the airline miles you get from using a Chase co-branded credit card with the airline. When a traveler cancels a Southwest reservation up to 10 minutes before the aircraft is due to depart, they are eligible for these payments.

In addition, you may earn miles for future flights by visiting:

  • If you’ve received Southwest gift cards, please use them!
  • Southwest LUV coupons you’ve gotten as compensation for problems with previous journeys

They’re similar to Southwest Travel Funds in that they may be used for travel, but there may be some differences.

For future flights, you can use the Southwest website at, call, use the mobile app, or go to a Southwest ticket counter to redeem your money. The customer support number for Southwest Airlines is 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792).

Taxes and expenses related to reward travel can also be covered by Southwest Travel Funds. Because there are no cancellation fees on Southwest flights, you may use the full amount of your canceled ticket against your next journey; you simply pay the difference in fares if there is one.

Flight cancellation policies vary per airline, so it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the one-year grace period for refunds. Booking something for the future just before your funds expire isn’t an option because you must finish your vacation by the end date. In addition, if you decide to cancel again, booking a new ticket will not prolong the expiration date of the funds. The expiration date of gift cards or LUV vouchers may be found on the card or travel voucher, or you can check the expiration date online.

To add insult to injury, you can’t use your Southwest Travel Funds to buy a ticket for someone else. There is no way to transfer money to a friend or family member if they are not going on a trip within the next year. If your Southwest Travel Funds are about to expire, it’s best to book a last-minute vacation before you lose all of your money.

How to use Southwest Travel Funds

View your travel funds on Southwest’s website to discover how much money you have available for your next trip. Please log in to your Rapid Rewards account and select “View Travel Cash” to see your available balance if you got the funds after December 3, 2019. Booking a new flight will need manually entering the information for your travel fund. A separate method is in place if you received travel money prior to Dec. 3, 2019. The Check Travel Funds website of Southwest Airlines is where you may find out about your account balances. A confirmation number will appear, which you may use to look up the status of your canceled ticket.

Your flight confirmation numbers are essential if you want to utilize the lookup function, as this information will not be available via your Rapid Rewards account. If you can’t find your Southwest confirmation email, try searching for it in your inbox.

In order to use your Southwest Travel Funds to purchase plane tickets online, follow the instructions below

  • Begin the checkout process by selecting your flight.
  • Southwest gift card, Travel Funds, or LUV Voucher are all acceptable payment methods under “payment method.”
  • Please provide the requested information (e.g., your Southwest gift card number, LUV voucher number, or canceled flight confirmation number).

Unused money can be redeemed by calling Southwest or visiting a ticket counter.

How to make the most of your Southwest Travel Funds

Your Southwest Travel Funds may not be enough to pay the cost of your ticket at certain times of the year Especially if you weren’t planning on traveling and just wanted to utilize your money, this might be upsetting. With Southwest Rapid Rewards, on the other hand, every transaction you make earns you additional points toward future travel.

Using a Southwest credit card might help you pay for a future flight if your Southwest Travel Funds aren’t adequate. Although the Southwest credit cards are issued by Chase, you’ll receive Southwest points instead of Chase Ultimate Rewards when you use them. One of these credit cards, which are among the finest airline credit cards, can help you build up Southwest points and benefits.

The Companion Pass, which allows you to fly with a companion for free on any Southwest flights (excluding taxes and fees), may potentially be earned faster if you have the Southwest credit card. Rapid Rewards points or a Southwest gift card can also be used in conjunction with travel expenses.

One of the reasons we appreciate Southwest Airlines is because of their fair cancellation policy. It’s important to maintain track of any information you’ll need to redeem your Southwest Travel Funds, even if you have one of the best travel credit cards on the market. If you follow these pointers, you won’t have to stress about having to cancel flights due to a mishap on your last trip and can instead start saving for your next one.

Am I able to use my travel funds on the Southwest app?

When using the Southwest mobile app to book a flight, you can utilize travel funds (including LUV vouchers and Southwest gift cards).

You are restricted to three payment choices per booking on all Southwest booking sites. For flights booked with various travel funds or LUV coupons, be sure they cover the entire ticket (airfare plus any government fees, taxes, or charges).

In other words, you cannot utilize more than two travel money or coupons per booking. This is so that you may pay the difference with a credit card or another payment method without going over the three-payment-method limit. Limits on payment methods

Is it possible to give someone else my Southwest Airlines travel funds?

An individual’s Southwest travel credit is linked to a single person, therefore it may only be used to book flights for that person. If unused travel monies are converted to LUV vouchers or Rapid Rewards points, they can be given to another person or utilized by that person in the future.

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