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How To Use Drop

By David Krug 5 minute read

You won’t make a fortune using Drop as a side job, but you may get free gift cards just by utilizing them on a regular basis. Using any linked credit or debit card, you may earn points on the purchases you make on a daily basis using Drop’s free app. It’s possible to build up points on a wide range of purchases, not only grocery shopping, thanks to the Drop program.

As a “fintech company,” the firm aims to reward millennials for their purchases without adding any more debt or expenses. When it comes to earning cash rewards, Drop may not be the most efficient method, but the fact that it’s free and pays for the purchases you’d do anyway makes it a personal finance software worth a look.

About Drop

The fact that Drop’s software was originally released in Canada is no surprise, given the company’s Toronto roots. A year later, in 2017, the app was launched in the United States. Beyond its Toronto headquarters, the firm includes a New York office and a staff that has worked for companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft in their previous positions.

Currently, there are over one million users of this app, and it has lately risen to No. 3 in Apple’s App Store’s Lifestyle category, according to its website. Through its mobile reward network, Drop hopes that millennials may earn incentives just by making purchases from their favorite businesses. Users of iOS devices may download the Drop app from the Apple App Store, and Android users can download it from the Google Play store as well.

This means you’ll have to hand up your debit or credit card information in order for Drop to provide flexible mobile incentives. Even yet, the organization employs the same level of encryption as banks to secure your personal information.

What’s the deal with Drop?

In-app purchases and credit/debit card integration let you rack up points without spending a dime. Drop now has over 300 prominent brands and merchants where you may earn points for your purchases. The firm’s brand offers are always changing, but the corporation attempts to feature significant brands that are likely to appeal to the majority of its customers. Walmart, Nordstrom, Apple, Expedia, Boxed, Groupon,, ASOS, and Warby Parker are some of its current brand offerings.

You won’t have to bother about uploading images of receipts to get points because your credit and debit cards are linked to the Drop app. In addition, calculating the value of a point is a simple process: Earning 1,000 points equates to $1 in cash.

For each brand, the quantity of points you may earn using Drop varies. Gap presently offers 30 points per dollar spent, whereas Topshop offers 50 points per dollar spent. If you spend $40 at Sephora, you’ll receive 40 points for every dollar spent. Signing up for subscription services like Blue Apron, which now offers 35,000 bonus points to first-time subscribers, is another way to earn points.

To earn points with Drop, you may shop with your connected credit cards and participate in the company’s in-app offers, which are tailored based on your current spending habits.
Any manufacturer may offer these deals, and all you have to do is make purchases within the app to take advantage of them (as opposed to online or in stores with your card). You may also be required to meet a purchasing threshold; for example, you may be required to spend at least $5 with the brand indicated. To be alerted to new in-app deals as soon as they appear, you can sign up to get an email or push alerts.

Using Drop’s point redemption system is a breeze. To redeem a prize, simply tap the Redeem button in the bottom right corner of your app. Gift cards to shops like Dunkin Donuts, Whole Foods Market, Amazon, Best Buy, and more have been given out in the past. Your app’s Wallet will display the selected reward at that point. Gift cards in the brand of your choice are the most common kind of incentive. Aside from in-app purchases, you may have to wait as long as three business days to get your rewards in your account or email.

Who can earn with Drop?

Aside from being at least eighteen years old and living in either the United States or Canada, you’ll need to have a credit or debit card to begin earning points on eligible transactions. The drop will use your cell phone number to begin a two-step security verification procedure when you link your card to your Drop account.

Those who currently spend a significant amount of money with Drop’s brand partners will be the most likely to benefit from the company’s rewards program. For example, if you frequently shop at Walmart or Boxed, as well as Nordstrom and Apple, Drop may be a good fit for your needs.

How to sign up for Drop

Once you’ve downloaded the Drop app and linked your debit or credit card, you’ll begin earning points on every transaction. In order to earn points on every transaction, you may attach as many credit cards to your account as you like, according to the business. Next, you’ll be asked to choose your top five brands, and then you can start shopping!

Begin accumulating points by utilizing your connected cards or making in-app purchases. Check your Rewards page periodically to see how many points you’ve accumulated and exchange them for gift cards.

How much can you earn with Drop?

Make sure to keep in mind that the 1,000 points to $1 conversion rate mean that you’ll have to spend a lot of money with your preferred companies before you earn anything back in gift cards. Earning 20,000 points, for example, may seem like a lot, but it only entitles you to a $20 gift card.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that different brands give different points per dollar, so your earnings may be limited if your preferred brand offers a low value for each dollar you spend. To see the current point values for your favorite brands before you join up, go to Drop’s website.

Maximizing your earnings with Drop

Drop offers several ways to increase your points total, some of which are more straightforward than others. Drops are a great way to save money.

  • Make sure all of the cards you plan on utilizing are linked to the brands you’ve chosen. Your points will accumulate quicker if you attach more cards since you get points on each card you hold with each qualified purchase.
  • Keep an eye out for in-app promotions and take advantage of extra incentives. Playing games and completing surveys are great ways to rack up bonus points. Look out for news of flash sales, as well (which replaced the older Power offers).
  • Referrals. You may earn up to 5,000 points for referring a friend who links a credit card and confirms their email address (these two steps are important).
  • Plan a vacation. Drop’s partner Rocketmiles, which can be accessed under your Profile by selecting the Integrations option, rewards you with additional points when you book flights using the Drop app.