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How To Get Free Wyndham Points

By David Krug 5 minute read

Free hotel stays and other advantages may be gained by signing up for Wyndham Rewards.
It makes sense to join a loyalty program if you frequently stay at hotels owned by the same company. By staying at several hotels, you’ll be able to accrue points that may be used at hotels in the same brand family. You may also be able to take advantage of additional benefits, such as free upgrades on your rental car.

The Wyndham Rewards program is a good example of a reward program for a hotel brand family. If you’re thinking about joining Wyndham’s loyalty program, here’s everything you need to know and how you can boost your status with the correct credit cards.


The Wyndham hotel chain’s rewards program, Wyndham Rewards, provides benefits in return for regular stays. As a member, you don’t pay a charge to join and you don’t pay for the privilege of staying.

Hotels participating in the program may reward guests by offering free hotel stays, gift cards, or even gas savings in exchange for their loyalty. If that wasn’t enough, you may also be eligible for additional incentives like upgraded rental cars and hotel rooms. There is a wide variety of lodging options, from low-cost motels to more opulent hotels and resorts. Participation in the rewards program is available to customers of all income levels thanks to this feature.

The levels of Wyndham Rewards

As is the case with most reward systems. There are many levels of Wyndham Rewards. Each level has its own set of perks and advantages. The more difficult it is to qualify, the higher the tier. An explanation of each membership level is provided below.


Upon signing up, you’ll be able to access this level. At the Blue level, you may save money by taking advantage of the Best Available Rate at over 8,000 Wyndham hotels (with the exception of La Quinta). Benefits such as:

  • Wireless Internet Access Is Available For No Charge
  • Never-ending nights of rollover
  • There is a discount on a local experience when you book an award night in a qualifying city.

Ten points per dollar spent, or 1,000 points—whichever is greater—are awarded to you for each eligible stay. Even if you’re staying at a lower-priced hotel, this can help you rack up points faster.


You only need to stay for five nights to become a Gold tier member. Similar to the Blue level, you get access to participating properties’ Best Available Rates. Free Wi-Fi and other benefits are also included. However, there are other perks, such as:

  • To receive a $10 discount when you book an award night in a qualifying city.
  • You’ll receive more individualized assistance with the help of our dedicated member services.
  • Favourite place to stay
  • Extenuating circumstances necessitate an

In addition, you’ll receive a bonus for stays that meet certain requirements. You gain 10% more points for those stays, increasing your chances of getting incentives you can redeem.


With 15 nights, you’re upgraded to Platinum status. At this point, you’ll begin to realize benefits that go above and beyond what you’d normally expect from a hotel stay. In addition to the Gold-level perks, you’ll receive the following as well:

  • Allows you to take advantage of bonuses at Caesars Entertainment casinos if you check in early.
  • Rental cars from Budget or Avis come with free upgrades (when available)

There are a lot of value-added benefits after you reach this level. For stays that qualify, you’ll get 15% additional points.


In order to get Diamond status, you must spend 40 nights at the hotel. Additionally, the Diamond level comes with the following additional perks:

  • When you book an award night in a qualifying city, you’ll get two complimentary tickets to a local activity.
  • When utilizing an award night, you will always be given the option to upgrade to a suite.
  • When you check in at selected hotels, you’ll get a complimentary beverage or snack.
    Each calendar year, give a Gold membership to a family member or a friend.

You also get 20% extra bonus points for qualifying stays, making it easier to rack up points. With Diamond level, you’ll have access to additional benefits, like the chance to accrue award nights more rapidly.

Improve your premium membership status by following these simple steps

Getting a Wyndham Rewards Earner Card or Wyndham Rewards Earner Plus Card is one of the quickest methods to climb up a membership tier. With each card, you get a status boost and the ability to earn free nights faster by boosting your points. To choose the finest hotel credit card for you, compare the two credit cards with the same name, but with different costs.

Wyndham Rewards Earner Card

When you apply for a no-annual-fee credit card, you’ll be given an immediate upgrade to Gold status. The following are some of the methods in which you may gain points quicker:

  • Spend $1,000 in the first 90 days and get 30,000 extra points.
  • Participating petrol stations will earn 5x points on qualified purchases. As well as by Wyndham hotel properties, Wyndham Vacation Rental North American properties, and Wyndham timeshares
  • Dining and grocery store purchases are eligible for double points (excluding Target and Walmart)
  • All other purchases are rewarded with 1X points.

With this card, you get Gold privileges right away and can quickly rack up points so you can redeem for free nights more quickly. Since it has an introductory APR (annual percentage rate) of 0% for transfers made during the first 45 days after account activation, you may even use this card as a balance transfer card for the first 15 billing cycles.

Wyndham Rewards Earner Plus Card

The annual charge for this version of the card is $75, but if you often travel and stay at Wyndham resorts, the benefits may be worth it. Having this card also qualifies you for Platinum status right away. Here’s how to maximize your credit card’s rewards points earning potential:

  • In the first 90 days, spend $1,000 and get 45,000 extra points.
  • Participating earns you six times as many points. With the help of Wyndham hotels, Wyndham Vacation Rental North America properties, Wyndham timeshares, and gas purchases
  • Eligible purchases from restaurants and supermarkets earn four times the points (excluding Target and Walmart)
  • All other purchases are rewarded with 1X points.
  • You’ll get an extra 6,000 bonus points on your anniversary as a cardholder.

For the first 45 days after account opening, this card offers a 0% intro APR on all transfers (after 15.74 percent to 24.99 percent (variable)).

Match your hotel loyalty status with another program’s.

Using your elite status with other hotel brands might be an even more straightforward approach to get Wyndham’s elite status. The Wyndham Rewards program will match your elite status if you’ve already achieved it through another hotel’s reward program. Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, and Marriott memberships are accepted. To get started, go to Wyndham’s status match page and log in.

You should be aware that the status match expires after 90 days. During the first three months, you must spend seven to fourteen nights in order to keep your Wyndham elite membership. For the remainder of its duration, your elite status will be enabled.