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How To Book Flights With Amex Points

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Booking your next vacation via Amex Travel might enhance your experience more than you realize. Charge cards and credit cards are likely to spring to mind when you think about American Express when you hear the name. Many individuals don’t understand that American Express has been in the travel agency industry since 1915 when they first started offering credit cards to consumers. American Express Travel, or Amex Travel, is the name of the service that was once available.

Anyone may make use of Amex Travel for a little cost. There are also extra incentives for those who hold American Express credit cards, such as waived fees and free checked luggage. Discover the basics of Amex Travel, including how much it will cost you, what services it provides, and most importantly, when you should use it. Especially if you have an American Express card.

What is Amex Travel?

An OTA (online travel agency) like Expedia or Orbitz, Amex Travel is an OTA. A variety of travel-related services, such as flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, flight + hotel packages, and even a full vacation, maybe arranged using this site. Amex cards, however, may make use of it to the most extent possible.

How to book with Amex Travel

Both online and phone reservations are available. Just go to the American Express Travel website to get started booking your flights and hotels. Amex Travel’s customer care may be reached toll-free at 800-297-2977 if you prefer.

Amex Travel fees

The charge is included in the ticket price, regardless of whether you book online or by phone. There is a $39 service charge if you want to talk with a travel agent to book your trip.
For those who hold an American Express Platinum Card, Business Platinum Card, or Centurion Card, these costs are waived.

To me, the costs are worth it because you’ll have access to a trained American Express person 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event that something goes wrong and you want immediate assistance.

Using Amex Travel for flights

Amex Travel’s flight search interface is similar to that of any other online travel agency. One-way, round-trip, and multi-city flights may all be found here. Amex Centurion Lounges are the first places I look for when I need to connect. Platinum and Centurion cards can use these lounges for free.

Select your departure and return dates, choose a three-day search, and look for the cheapest cost by searching for flights to and from specified cities or airports. As soon as the search results are shown, you’ll see that Delta is listed as a “featured carrier.” Because of Delta’s connection with American Express, this is possible (which has recently been extended through 2029). For the highlighted airline, the lowest tickets are listed first, followed by a list of all the other options. Select the number of stops, departure/arrival timings, exact flight number, or airline to narrow down your search.

In the event that you’re logged in, you may notice lower flights if you have enough Membership Rewards to pay for the flight, or an insider fare providing a deeper reduction. 

You should expect a value of one penny to 1.05 cents per point if you use your points to purchase a flight. It’s not always the best use of points, but it may work for you if you’re planning a trip. When transferring Membership Rewards to one of American Express’ many airline partners, I often get the best value.

Amex Travel fees to book flights

In addition to the price of the ticket, American Express charges a flat fee of $6.99 for domestic tickets and $10.99 for international tickets. Cardholders with Platinum and Centurion status are exempt from these charges.

Using Amex Travel for flight and hotel packages

Next, we’ll take a look at travel and lodging deals. As with other online travel agencies, Amex Travel offers airfare and hotel package deals. In addition to the excellent service, you may also be eligible for special promotions, discounts, and other incentives.

A total per person will display in the results box with the lowest choice at the top, including all taxes and fees. A specific flight can be selected after you have selected a hotel, and the price will be adjusted to reflect this.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can save a few hundred bucks by booking your flights and accommodations individually. If you purchase a package deal instead of booking separately, you’ll have fewer options, so be sure to read the fine print and think about the constraints before making a booking.

Amex Travel fees to book flight and hotel packages

It costs the same as making a flight reservation, thus a domestic flight costs $6.99 and an international flight costs $10.99. (bundled into the cost of the flight). Cardholders of the Platinum and Centurion tiers will not be charged any fees.

Using Amex Travel for hotels

Let’s move on to the part of Amex Travel where I do most of my searching – finding hotels.

Option 1: Standard booking

To begin your search, enter the city, dates, room count, and guest count. A “recommended” list will appear at the top of the search results based on price, reviews, and location.

Fees charged by Amex Travel to book hotels

Amex Travel doesn’t provide all fees and taxes associated with a reservation on the results page, which makes it difficult to compare rates (you have to select and click through to see them). Booking directly with a hotel is nearly always more expensive than using an internet travel agency like Expedia or

If you’re looking to book an independent hotel or aren’t a member of the loyalty program, this may be a good option for you. I like to take advantage of a separate Amex Travel program called Fine Hotels & Resorts, which I’ll discuss in more detail later.

Option 2: The Hotel Collection

When you book a prepaid rate via Amex Travel, you’ll get the best pricing and a few additional bonuses. Among the advantages are:

  • At check-in, guests can request room upgrades (based on availability)
    a $100 credit for the hotel (good for things like dining or the spa)
  • Membership Rewards points are doubled for Amex Gold Cardholders who make pre-booked travel reservations.
  • Prepaid reservations made with an Amex Platinum Card receive 5 times the usual Membership Rewards points.
  • Prepaid reservations may be reserved quickly and easily using your points.

Option 3: All-inclusive hotel and resort package

Amex Travel’s Fine Hotels & Resorts program is by far my favorite aspect. The Fine Hotels & Resorts program has some similarities to The Hotel Collection, but it’s geared more for the leisure traveler who is looking for a more luxurious experience. To name a few notable advantages:

  • Noon check-in time (based on availability)
  • Upgrades to the room (based on availability)
  • Breakfast for two every day
  • Late check-out guaranteed till 4 p.m.
  • Free Internet Access
  • Extravagant perk (typically a $100 spa or dining credit) is included.
  • These bonuses are available to members of hotel loyalty programs and may be redeemed for points or hotel stays (just be sure to add your loyalty number to the reservation)

In order to participate in the Fine Hotels & Resorts program, you must be a member of one of the following:

  • Platinum Card from American Express
  • Business Platinum Card from American Express

As a member of Fine Hotels & Resorts, you don’t have to pay in advance in order to get the privileges, and I’ve found that prices are usually always the same as if you booked directly with the hotel. Membership Rewards may now be used to book stays at Fine Hotels & Resorts for cardholders. A one-cent-per-point redemption may not be the most efficient use of points, but it’s an option to consider.

Using Amex Travel for rental cars

Entering an airport, city, or local address and then seeing a few possibilities appear immediately in the search results is how Amex Travel makes it easy to choose a rental car.
In a rural region, this might be extremely helpful in finding the nearest auto rental. I’ve found these costs to be in the same ballpark as reserving directly with the vehicle rental business, and in some cases much lower.

Using Amex Travel for cruises

Travelers who utilize Amex Travel’s cruise search feature may see all available cabin types and their pricing by hovering their cursor over the lowest available fare (cruises can be complex with so many cabin options). When using Amex Travel, I’ve found the pricing to be substantially equal to those obtained by reserving directly.

As an added benefit of booking an upcoming cruise via Amex Travel, you’ll receive a complimentary amenity, increased credit, or a bottle of fine champagne. Because this program is more limited than Fine Hotels and Resorts, it only applies to a limited number of ships.

Use Amex Travel at least 5 times

You value customer service above price

It’s no secret that Amex Travel is known for its top-notch customer service. This is especially important if you run into issues while on the road. Peace of mind may be gained by having access to a knowledgeable representative at all times. As the phrase goes, “You get what you pay for,” and that’s been the case with American Express in my experience.

As an American Express cardholder, you’ll receive additional benefits

As long as you’re an American Express cardholder, you may use Amex Travel without incurring any fees. You’ll not only be able to save money but you’ll also get rewarded for every dollar you spend. When planning your next vacation, this is an excellent method to boost your points balance.

You’ve booked a cruise and desire additional onboard benefits.

When booking a cruise via Amex Travel, you’ll be able to take advantage of additional benefits when you’re ready to sail. During your research, keep an eye out for any cruise specials.

You’re looking for luxury hotel perks and service

It’s possible to schedule hotel stays that are likely to delight without having to pay more for additional amenities and service if your travel style enjoys the finer things, like complimentary made-fresh breakfast and room upgrades with a view.

Price match

When reserving a prepaid hotel room, the price-match promise is a fantastic perk. Amex Travel will match a cheaper price if the specifics of your reservation are the same.

Is Amex Travel worth it?

When it comes to arranging a vacation, I’ve found that Amex Travel is the best option in many cases, especially if you have an Amex credit card.

If you don’t already have an Amex card, I strongly advise you to shop around for a better deal before making a reservation with Amex Travel. In certain cases, you may be able to save money if you book your vacations through a separate website rather than through the advantages and services provided by this site. It’s possible that this service would be an excellent alternative for those who want to plan an excursion that includes a premium support hotline.

An American Express credit card, which allows you to make reservations through Amex Travel, maybe worth considering if you travel frequently. These are also some of the finest credit cards for collecting points on your trip purchases. There are a number of choices, some of which do not charge international transaction fees or yearly fees. There are several ways in which you can utilize your Membership Rewards points to save money on travel purchases.

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