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How To Activate Chase Freedom Card

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Each quarter, activate your bonus categories to make some big money. It’s difficult to find a credit card that doesn’t charge an annual fee that offers more than 3% cashback in any of the categories. Customers may receive 5% cashback on certain purchases with the Chase Freedom and the Chase Freedom Flex Cards.

Every three months, Chase introduces a new spending category in a well-known industry, such as petrol stations or grocery shops. In order to receive your 5% cashback, you must enable the bonus categories; however, you will be able to accumulate points quicker by making purchases in selected categories.

What are the rotating bonus categories in Chase Freedom?

When Chase introduces a new bonus category before each quarter, the three months of the quarter will receive 5% cashback in that category. You have until the specified time to activate the bonus cash back categories in your account. For every $1,500 you spend in the bonus areas, you’ll receive a 5% cashback rebate. There is a potential for you to accrue 75 reward points a quarter, after which you will continue to receive limitless 1 percent cash back on any subsequent transactions.

You may use the bonus categories’ cash back just like any other cashback you’ve earned. As a result, you may use it to pay your bills, buy gift cards, go on vacation, or make purchases on Amazon using the money you save.

What Chase Freedom bonus categories will be available in 2021?

If you have several credit cards, you should be aware of the Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Flex bonus categories. Use your Chase Freedom or Freedom Flex credit card to make purchases in the bonus categories if the 5% cashback offer is better than the rewards you’ll earn with other cards.

Is there any way to activate the additional categories?

Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex bonus categories can be activated in a variety of ways each quarter.

  • Visit and click the “Activate your 5%” button to activate your savings. Enter your last name followed by the last four digits of your credit card number and the zip code where you pay. After that, click “Activate Now”.
  • Activate your bonus categories by sending an email reminder to the address you supply to Chase. You’ll only have to click the link in the email to get started.
  • Call the number on the back of your card to speak to a live person about activating your bonus categories.
  • A personal banker at any Chase branch can assist you if you prefer to speak to someone in person.
  • Use your Chase Freedom bonus categories while withdrawing cash from an ATM. It only takes one click.

Make sure you activate the additional categories before the deadline to get those reward points. To be sure you don’t forget, Chase can even assist you in setting up a calendar reminder for the event in question.

However, as long as you activate the categories before the deadline, it makes no difference when you do it. This means that even if you activate your rewards just a day before the deadline, all qualifying purchases made during this quarter will be included.

It’s a good idea to keep track of your bonus spending. That way, after you hit the $1,500 spending maximum for the 5% cashback incentives, you may switch to a card that gives you more points per dollar. Rewards you’ve accrued each month should appear on your monthly credit card statement. You may also use a budgeting program like Mint to keep track of your expenditures in certain areas.

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