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How Much Is 75000 Amex Points Worth

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There are several ways to earn American Express Membership Rewards points, and our extensive guide leads you through the best methods for booking your flights. It’s a good idea to keep American Express Membership Rewards points on hand for future trips. This is a benefit that is not unique to this credit card issuer, but American Express has partnered with a number of well-known airlines and hotels, that also have loyalty programs, with whom you may transfer your points.

As a result, when you’re reserving an airline ticket, you have a variety of alternatives for finding the most value for your money because there are multiple ways that you can redeem points. This is just one of many reasons why the American Express benefits may outweigh other credit card companies for you.

With 75,000 Amex points saved up, you are in a great spot to make the most out of your card membership; the points value does vary, of course, but 75000 Amex points comes out to roughly $1,500 USD. No way you’ll want to put that towards a statement credit!

Here are some examples of what you may do with your Membership Rewards to redeem for airfare.

Amex Membership Rewards may be transferred to airlines

Using American Express Membership Rewards points to transfer them to one of Amex’s airline and hotel partners is one of the finest ways to redeem your points. When it comes to transferring between hotels and airlines, American Express provides 19 options of prepaid fine hotels to choose from.

Transferring points to one of the 19 airline reward programs is another excellent way to get the most out of your points. When it comes to the actual cost of the ticket, purchasing Economy Class tickets might be a fantastic deal. Booking in business or first class, on the other hand, typically allows you to maximize the value of your points. Toward the end of this post, we’ll discuss some great suggestions for recouping your losses.

Of course, we should also mention that you don’t have to transfer points in order to reap the benefits of the rewards programs. You can also use these points as statement credits. This is a less popular way of redeeming points but it’s a great way to feel like your everyday spending costs you less.

Transfer bonuses provide extra value

Transfer incentives are offered by American Express on a regular basis. Taking advantage of these extras is a wonderful way to maximize the benefits of your Membership Rewards. American Express, for instance, has provided bonus transfer opportunities with JetBlue and Qantas.

Transferring your TrueBlue points to JetBlue entitles you to an additional 25% bonus (250 points instead of 200 when transferring 250 Membership Rewards). For every 500 American Express points transferred, Qantas awarded an additional 20% in bonus points in the form of 600 instead of the usual 500.

Unless you intend to book a journey, you should not transfer your points to these airline partners just to take advantage of the benefits. It’s advisable to keep your Membership Rewards points in your American Express account until it’s time to redeem them, rather than transferring them to a third party. This also enables you to avoid any airline point devaluations that may be implemented in the future.

The cost to transfer Amex Membership Rewards

Unlike Chase Ultimate Rewards and Citi ThankYou Points, American Express Membership Rewards points can be transferred to a partner without incurring a fee. The excise tax offset cost is $0.0006 per point (up to a maximum amount of $99). Transferring 10,000 American Express points to Delta Skymiles would cost you $6 (10,000 x.0006 = $6.00). Transferring 165,000 Membership Rewards points is required to reach the $99 maximum cost.

How to conduct a search to find great flight deals

To find the best discounts, you would have to look through all 19 of the airline transfer partners on your own. Instead, you could use an airline alliance to look for flights in groups. SkyTeam, Star Alliance, and Oneworld are the three primary alliances.

KLM’s website is the greatest spot to look for the SkyTeam award space. Air Canada’s Aeroplan website is the best place to look for Star Alliance reward space. Qantas is the place to go for Oneworld award redemptions.

Before transferring Membership Rewards points to a partner airline, always verify the pricing in points via Amex Travel. Redeeming an award ticket may be a better option than utilizing Pay with Points to pay for the travel and get points.

It’s also possible to use commercial services that make the procedure a little smoother. Five-day passes for $9.99 or monthly service for $29.99 may be purchased through Juicy Miles. You may look up flights and get an estimate of how many points you’ll need to need to make a reservation using this tool.

Alternatively, you can pay a nominal charge to have an award booking service schedule your award flights. If it can save you points or gasoline surcharges compared to what you can find on your own, it’s worth the money.

Examples of killer flight deals on partner airlines

As an example of what you can accomplish with American Express Membership Rewards points, here are some ideas.

Flights to Hawaii on United for 35,000 points round-trip.

Despite the fact that United Airlines is not a transfer partner of American Express, its alliance member Singapore Airlines is. As a result, anyone in the mainland United States may book a ticket to Hawaii for just 35,000 points in the economy. Transferring 60,000 points to Singapore Airlines can get you into Business Class.

Singapore Airlines suites for 85,000 points

To fly on Singapore Airlines, you need 85,000 miles or points. You may use Kris Flyer to purchase first-class flights between Singapore and Sydney. With points, flying in the Singapore Suites is one of the most luxurious options.

Delta One Business Class to Amsterdam for 50,000 points

To get the best bargain possible, choose one of Delta’s SkyTeam partners, which are transfer partners for Membership Rewards. In certain cases, Virgin Atlantic offers Delta Airlines trips for fewer points than Delta sells them for itself. For instance, a one-way business class flight from Detroit to Amsterdam on Delta One costs only 50,000 points. The identical flight would cost 80,000 miles if booked with Delta SkyMiles.

For 40,000 points, round-trip tickets from North America to Japan are available

Transferring Membership Rewards points to All Nippon Airways will allow you to fly roundtrips from the United States to Japan in economy class for only 40,000 points during the off-season. During the busiest times of the year, round-trip tickets can cost as much as 55,000 points, but that’s still a great deal.

Tickets in business class cost almost twice as much, with roundtrip flights starting at 75,000 points.

Los Angeles to Tahiti for 51,000 miles roundtrip

Flying Blue is a joint venture between Air France and KLM. Flying Blue offers round-trip economy flights from Los Angeles to Tahiti for as little as 51,000 miles. Flights in business class are also available, however, they cost more. Flights in business class from New York to Los Angeles cost only 147,000 miles one way.

How do you book travel through the Amex Travel portal?

Booking a trip with Amex Travel couldn’t be easier. Search for flights at Your Membership Rewards points can be used at checkout. A mix of points and cash can be used if you don’t have enough points (or wish to save some for the future).

Your points are worth one cent apiece when using Amex Travel to purchase your ticket. Membership Rewards points are equivalent to $10 off a $100 ticket. In comparison to airline websites and online travel agents, Amex Travel offers reasonable rates.

For Amex Travel bookings, keep in mind that the redemption values are predetermined. Booking using points will not provide you with any further value. Transferring to one of the American Express airline transfer partners is the best way to maximize your value. However, if you want to get the greatest deal, you should compare all of your booking possibilities.

How do you bid on flight upgrades?

The Upgrade with Points program was introduced as part of American Express program in May of this year. Travelers may use points or a mix of points and cash to bid on prospective upgrade opportunities on 21 different airlines.

The first step in upgrading your travel is to check with a participating airline to see whether your flight is qualified for an upgrade. If so, you may use your Membership Rewards points to bid for an upgrade at 1 cent per point. Depending on your bid, the website tells you if you have a fair, good, or fantastic chance of winning. 

Upgrades are available for both the outbound and inbound legs of a round-trip ticket. Cash and points can also be used to pay for goods and services. In order to pay for the upgrade in full, you’ll need to redeem a certain number of points. Your offer will be accepted or rejected within five days of your flight departure.

It may take some time to receive a response if you purchased your flight long in advance. Instead of bidding on upgrades, you might be better off conserving your points for award redemptions with partner airlines, as each point is only worth one penny these days.

How do you earn Amex points?

American Express has a wide range of credit cards for consumers and small businesses that make it easy to rack up Membership Rewards points. There’s bound to be a travel credit card that suits your preferences among the numerous available choices.

Members earn Amex points on eligible purchases, but the points per dollar spent that you do earn can vary depending on the specific American Express cards that you have. For some, you may only start to earn points after you spend a certain amount on your credit card; for others, you may find that your points value could vary depending on how many months of card membership you have.

It is a good idea to learn about how you credit card issuer handles points so you can earn the most on your purchases.

It is also typical that when you sign up for Membership Rewards on your credit card, you will receive a welcome bonus. Doing some research could lead you to a great welcome bonus offer for American Express membership and lead you well on your way to earn Amex points yourself!

American Express Gold Card

With the Amex Gold Card, families and travelers on the road may enjoy a wide range of benefits. To top it all off, the Gold Card offers $120 in yearly meal credits and goodies from the hotel collection, which saves you money in the long run. Select perks need enrolling.

Amex EveryDay Credit Card

The Amex EveryDay Credit Card is a great option for people who want to earn Membership Rewards points without having to pay an annual fee. A 20 percent bonus on points earned if you make 20 or more transactions in a billing cycle will be added to the usual rewards rate. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep this card in your wallet at all times.

The Platinum Card from American Express

The Platinum Card from American Express is an excellent option for regular fliers. In addition to the welcome bonus and spending benefits, this card comes with $200 for Uber and $100 for Saks Fifth Avenue yearly credits.

Aside from the refund for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck fees, you and all authorized users will get access to over 1,200 airport lounges. Some examples of lounge networks are the Centurion Lounges run by American Express, the Delta Sky Club, and Priority Pass Select. 

Benefit from free Gold status with Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honors hotel reward programs as well as Fine Hotels & Resorts and The Hotel Collection advantages. Enrollment is required for some benefits.

Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express

It’s possible you’ve heard of the Amex Trifecta, which includes the Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express. If you have an American Express credit card, you’ll be able to combine your benefits with those from your personal American Express credit cards.

The card features no annual fee and a 0% introductory APR on purchases for the first 12 months, after which the APR ranges from 13.49% to 21.49%. (variable)

Bottom Line

When using American Express Membership Rewards points to book a ticket, you have a number of alternatives. For a value of one cent per point, you may book flights via Amex Travel; transfer your points to one of the numerous airline transfer partners, or use your points to upgrade to qualifying travel.

American Express has over a dozen rewards cards that can help you earn additional points for these redemptions. Customers and small companies may choose from a wide range of benefits and ways to accrue points. For these reasons and more, you’ll find a credit card that earns American Express Membership Rewards miles that’s ideal for every sort of traveler.

Frequently asked questions

How many Amex points equal a dollar?

Even American Express will tell you, unfortunately, it isn't that simple. The amount of points that you earn per dollar spent varies on where you're actually spending those dollars.

You have the option to spend your Amex points shopping online, buying gift cards, as a statement credit, traveling, and by transferring them to another loyalty program.

In most cases, each point will give you a discount of at least half a cent, up to one cent per point in some cases. Users will get the most value out of their points using them for travel.

Can I redeem my Amex points for cash?

The easiest way to answer this is to say yes; however, not in any easy process. You will not be able to just turn your points into cash that you can withdraw from an ATM.

Instead, you can turn your points into "cash" in two ways: a statement credit, or with the Schwab Platinum card.

A statement credit is money that your credit card issuer, in this case American Express, issues to your account. Usually this is in the form of cash back. You can use your points to partially cover your monthly bill you receive with your credit statement, if you so choose.

The other way you can turn those points you've been saving into cash is with the Schwab Platinum card. This special card gives you the option to invest your points at a 1:1 ratio, meaning that every point you earn can be invested as one cent. You simply go to your account, follow the option to Invest With Rewards, and get started.

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