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How Much Are Verizon Points Worth

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Should you get the Verizon Visa Card to save money on your Verizon bills, such as your monthly bill? What you need to know is provided here.

This credit card can help you deal with the rising costs connected with cell phones, phone accessories, phone bills, and more. Synchrony Bank, Visa, and Verizon have teamed together to create the Verizon Visa Card.

However, because the Verizon Dollars program is the only way to redeem rewards, this card may not be suitable for everyone.

Here, you’ll learn who should acquire the Verizon Visa Card, what its advantages and disadvantages are, as well as how you may earn and redeem your points.

This information will help you determine if the Verizon Visa Card is right for you.

Who should be eligible to receive the Verizon Visa Card?

There is little doubt that a travel rewards credit card may let you explore the world while saving you money, and that a cashback credit card can save you money on everyday shopping.

For Verizon customers, the Verizon Visa Card is likely the best alternative because of its everyday earning potential and specialized redemption possibilities.

You may earn Verizon Dollars when you buy groceries, petrol, and food at restaurants, including takeaway, using this card (including your monthly wireless bill).

In order to use Verizon Dollars, you must buy something from Verizon, such as a phone or tablet, or pay your Verizon payment.

For Verizon customers who wish to save money on these charges, the redemption choices are specialized but valuable.

Due to its lack of regular cash-back incentives, this card is unlikely to be a suitable fit for anyone with poor or no credit or those who seek additional redemption choices.

Additionally, Verizon Wireless users are only eligible for the Verizon Visa Card.

Benefits and Perks

  • The generous welcoming gift. Using this card to pay your Verizon payment each month might earn you a credit of up to $100.
  • Unlimited rewards. 4 percent on groceries and gas purchases; 3 percent on eating, including takeaway; 2 percent on Verizon purchases, including your monthly payment; and 1 percent on any other purchases may all be earned with limitless Verizon Dollars. This card’s value is enhanced since it offers a larger payback return on groceries and petrol purchases — 4% — than most other reward cards.
  • There is no yearly cost. This card has no annual fee, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s worth keeping each year.
  • Using your card to join Verizon’s AutoPay program can save you up to $10 per month per qualified account or line, up to a maximum of 10 lines on chosen plans.
  • This includes phones, accessories, and tablets, all of which may be purchased using Verizon Dollars. Redeem them to pay for your Verizon Wireless or Verizon Fios service.
  • As a Verizon Visa customer, you get two free TravelPass days each calendar year. With TravelPass, you get access to speak, text, and data in 185 countries across the world. If you’re calling from outside of your nation, you’ll only be able to make calls inside your own country and to the United States. Mexico and Canada charge $5/day for a TravelPass, whereas nations where TravelPass is available charge $10/day.
  • Benefits of a Visa Signature Card. The Visa Luxury Hotel Collection, Troon golf incentives, Sonoma County wine bonuses and access to the Visa Signature concierge service are just some of the perks available to Visa Signature cardholders.
  • The Verizon Visa Card is a metal card. Credit cards made of metal are more popular since they last longer than plastic ones. Unboxing feels more like getting a high-end credit card than a boring white envelope in the mail. For those who adore unwrapping, getting this card could be enjoyable.


  • You must be an account owner or manager of an account with ten lines or less to apply for the Verizon Visa Card.
  • Paying for your phone service with Verizon dollars You can save money on Verizon-related expenses if you want to earn Verizon Dollars, but not on ordinary purchases like award flights for a future holiday. The redemption possibilities are limited in this regard.
  • There is no protection for your cell phone: When it comes to mobile phone-related credit cards, you’d expect them to include cell phone insurance as one of the key perks. The Verizon Visa Card, on the other hand, does not allow this. However, there are just a few credit cards that offer cell phone protection.

Verizon Dollars: Redeeming and Earning

There are a variety of ways to earn and redeem Verizon Dollars. Read below to find out:

Potential Earnings in Years One and Two

Check out how the Verizon Visa credit card works with Verizon Dollars. We used a 1 cent point vCheck out how the Verizon Visa credit card works with Verizon Dollars. We used a 1 cent point valuation to obtain these figures.

Best Ways to Earn

Using the Verizon Visa Card to make transactions that yield the most rewards is the greatest way to rack up points.

This means that you’ll have the opportunity to earn tons of rewards on purchases that you’re currently making.

This will help you earn enough Verizon Dollars to redeem for lucrative redemptions on Verizon purchases or bills.

Making the Most of Your Rebates

As a result of the Verizon Visa Card, you’ll receive Verizon Dollars, which you may use to pay your monthly Verizon Wireless charge. Purchases made through a Verizon shop, such as a phone, tablet, or accessories, are also eligible for redemption.

You may also use Verizon Dollars to pay your Verizon Fios payment if you have Verizon Fios.

In order to optimize your Verizon Dollar redemptions, there is no precise strategy that you may follow. You may use your points to buy a new phone or to pay your Verizon bill each month, depending on how much you have in your account.

What kind of redemption makes the most sense for you is entirely up to you.

Verizon Up Rewards Program

Another way to add value to your Verizon account is to join the Verizon Up program. The Verizon Up program is available to all Verizon wireless customers, and it is a rewards program that can provide members with a variety of bonus rewards.

Verizon Up bonus rewards include various promotions, the chance to claim Super Tickets, the ability to purchase Verizon Up pre-sale tickets, and many other opportunities to earn rewards.

One reward that many people have questions about are the Super Tickets. A Super Ticket is a ticket to certain entertainment and sporting events nationwide, and can include special rewards that are not available to regular ticket holders.

Verizon Up members can earn more rewards based on any promotional event that Verizon may be running at any point in time. Verizon Up members generally give the program favorable reviews based on the value it can add to their device payment plan.

All Verizon customers are able to join the Verizon Up rewards program, but some activities and bonus rewards might only be available to the Verizon wireless account owner or the Verizon account manager.

Is it worth it to apply for the Verizon Visa Card?

If you’re a Verizon Wireless user looking to save money on frequent Verizon charges, the Verizon Visa Card is worth it.

This may include your monthly Verizon Wireless or Verizon Fios payments, as well as a purchase made in a Verizon shop, such as a new phone, tablet, or accessories.

The Verizon Visa Card features no annual fee and offers infinite earning potential on everyday transactions such as groceries and petrol, as well as dining, including takeaway.

Additionally, you may earn points when you make Verizon purchases (including your monthly wireless bill). These bonus categories make it simple to accumulate a large number of credits that may be used to save money on future Verizon purchases.

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