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American Express’s Blue Company® Plus Credit Card is a favorite among small business owners due to its low interest rates, generous rewards program, and lack of an annual fee. The rewards system is based on Membership Rewards, a proprietary platform owned by American Express that allows you to redeem for various goods and cash equivalents.

This Blue Business Plus program is designed for business owners with exceptional credit. It’s in the same league as Capital One Spark Miles for Company and a few other popular small business credit cards. In addition to competing with American Express’s other business credit cards (the Plum Card, Business Green Rewards, Business Gold Rewards, and Business Platinum Card), Blue Business Plus is color-coded.

Important Characteristics

These are the main benefits of using an American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card.

Welcome Bonus

Spend $3,000 on eligible purchases on the Card within the first three months of card enrollment and receive 15,000 Membership Rewards® points.

Member Benefits and Redemption

Profit from carrying on as normal. Spending on necessities like office supplies and client dinners can earn you double Membership Rewards® points. Up to the first $50,000 spent in a calendar year, you’ll get 2 points for every dollar spent.

The Membership Rewards area is where you can redeem your accrued points for things like gift cards, statement credits, travel, transportation (including Uber trips), and more. Products typically have a point value of $0.01 per point, while statement credits have a point value of $0.006 per point.

APR Introductory

For the first 12 months after your account is opened, your purchase interest rate will be 0%. Please see the American Express Blue Business® Plus Credit Card Rates & Fees page for more information. When the promotional time ends, the standard APR will kick in. Your creditworthiness and other criteria will determine your specific rate, which is presently fluctuating between 16.99% and 24.99%.

Important Charges

Additional employee cards for Blue Business Plus are also free of charge. The fee for all foreign trades is 2.7%. Payments that are returned as undeliverable might incur a fee of up to $39. For further information on costs, please refer to the pricing structure.

Spend More Than Your Credit Limit

There is a monthly spending cap with Blue Business Plus. If the overage is paid in full by the due date on the cardholder’s monthly statement, the cardholder is not required to request for a higher credit limit. Your ability to charge more than your limit “varies based on your usage of the Card, your payment history, credit record, financial resources known to American Express, and other criteria,” the company says.

Additional Business Advantages

With Blue Business Plus, you may select an employee as your account manager and dispute resolution point person, save receipts digitally, and tag and monitor expenses.

Credit Required

This card is only available to those with high to exceptional credit.


  1. There are not any yearly charges. There is no yearly cost associated with using Blue Business Plus. That stands out favorably in comparison to other common types of compact business cards.
  2. Extended Period of 0% APR Promotional Financing. There is a 12-month introductory period of 0% APR with Blue Business Plus. That’s on par with the best low-interest rate consumer credit cards and far more generous than the vast majority of rival business cards. The variable regular APR will kick on when the introductory APR term finishes.
  3. Helpful for Entrepreneurs who don’t have a perfect credit history. Blue Business Plus is not the most exclusive card because it does not demand perfect credit. There is a strong chance you will be accepted for this card if your credit history does not contain any big blemishes. Not so with American Express’s premium business offerings like Business Gold Rewards and Business Platinum.


  1. Includes a charge for transactions made in a foreign currency. Due to a 2.7% foreign transaction charge, Blue Company Plus is not recommended for business owners who often travel internationally. Try a Capital One Spark card if you need a payment method that won’t charge you more when you travel internationally.
  2. It’s a slow process to get points. After the first $50,000 annually in purchases, Blue Business Plus only receives 1 Membership Rewards point every $1 spent. That’s not as fast as the accumulation rate offered by cards like the Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card, which is a direct rival.
  3. Points May Have Low Values. The value of Membership Rewards points at redemption time depends on the item being redeemed for. Cash equivalents are sometimes valued substantially less than merchandise redemptions (about $0.005 or $0.006). Miles and cash back earned with the Capital One Spark family of cards are always worth $0.01, while points earned through the Chase Ink Business Preferred card have a maximum redemption value of $0.0125 and can be worth considerably more when transferred to travel partners. Check out that card if you’re searching for a firm that offers a rewarding customer loyalty program.

Bottom Line

Among credit card companies, American Express has earned a reputation for issuing premium cards with enviable perks, superior customer care, and rewarding loyalty programs. This reputation is mostly justified by the company’s high-end cards, while some of them fall short.

The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express is a solid rewards card in the middle ground, perfect for small businesses that don’t generate millions in annual revenue or have perfect credit. While the Blue Business Plus’s widespread acceptance does come with certain limitations, such as a mediocre rewards structure, there are worse cards out there. 

Not a terrible option if you can’t get approved for a more generous American Express card right now.

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