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How Do I Redeem My Priceline Points

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Designed specifically for customers, the Priceline RewardsTM Visa® Card is a no-annual-fee travel rewards credit card. For every dollar spent on, you’ll get five points back when using this card (with exceptions). For all other purchases, including those made at bargain travel booking sites, it awards 1 point for every $1 spent. Evaluate these rebates in light of the likes of the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.

You can get a return of up to 7.5% on your Priceline expenditure when you use your points for statement credits to pay for most purchases made on The bargain is even more enticing with a sign-up bonus that is within reach. Furthermore, points are permanent unless your account becomes delinquent.

One of the best things about the Barclaycard Priceline Rewards Visa Card is the rewards program, but that’s not all. It offers a competitive introductory 0% APR on balance transfers and a wealth of incentives for both frequent flyers and locals, courtesy of Visa.

Intrigued? Come with me as we take a deeper look at the Barclaycard Priceline Rewards Visa Card and see what all the hype is about.

Important Characteristics

Sign-up Bonus

Within the first 30 days of account opening, you can earn 5,000 additional Priceline rewards points after making a single transaction or balance transfer. For travel booked on Priceline, that’s worth up to $75, while for bookings made elsewhere, it’s worth up to $50.

How to Earn Priceline Rewards Points

The standard point accrual rate at Priceline is 5 points for every $1 spent, with no cap. A few hotel stays, cruise reservations, and auto rentals are exempt from this rule. You can earn an unlimited number of points for all other purchases at the rate of 1 point for every $1 spent.

Redeeming Priceline Rewards Points

You can redeem your accumulated points for statement credits against Priceline travel purchases, non-Priceline travel purchases, and general purchases, starting at a minimum redemption threshold of $25 (normally 2,500 points) (normally 2,500 points).

If you choose to redeem your points for something other than a statement credit on your Priceline bill, you can expect to get $0.01 per point. A point is worth about $0.0108 and can be redeemed for gift cards or other products.

1.5% Redemption Value on Priceline Purchase Statement Credits

If you want to get the most out of your points, you should use them to earn a credit on your account for future purchases from Priceline within four months (120 days). Instantly increase the value of your points by 50%, bringing the minimum number of points needed to redeem down to 1,667 from the original 3,000.

The categories that do not qualify for the 5 points per $1 tier are also not eligible for the 50% bonus points when redeeming.

10% Rebate on Priceline and Travel Purchase Redemptions

You’ll get a 10% discount whenever you use your accumulated points to pay for travel expenses, whether or not you booked them through Priceline. A net redemption of 22,500 points is achieved, for instance, when 25,000 points are redeemed and a bonus of 2,500 points is received.

This rebate applies to nearly all vacation purchases, even the less typical ones like timeshares, ferries, and camping spots. Taxis and ridesharing apps qualify as local possibilities, too.

Basics of APR

Balance transfers are eligible for a 0% APR promotion that lasts for 15 months from the account opening date.

Regular APR

When the introductory 15-month period for transferring balances ends, the new, variable APR for such transfers will be either 16.49%, 21.49%, or 26.49%, depending on your creditworthiness and the market rate at that time. The range of your purchase APR remains constant from the time you start your account. Starting on account opening day, the annual percentage rate (APR) for cash advances is 26.74%.

Important Charges

There is no yearly fee or international transaction cost. Balance transfers cost $5 or 3% of the transferred amount, while cash advances cost the greater of $10 or 5%. Late and returned payments cost up to $37.

Service as a Concierge

Concierge services, such as making difficult-to-get restaurant and airline reservations, providing local suggestions, logistics guidance, and troubleshooting while you’re away from home, are included at no additional cost with this card.

Credit Required

Excellent credit is required for this card.


  1. There is no annual fee.
  2. Excellent profit margin on Priceline purchases.
  3. When redeemed for most Priceline purchases, points are worth $0.015 each.
  4. Every Priceline and Travel Redemption includes a 10% rebate.
  5. Balance Transfer Promotion for 15 Months
  6. There are no foreign transaction fees.
  7. The Sign-Up Bonus Is Very Achievable
  8. Points Don’t Perish


  1. Certain Priceline purchases are ineligible for the higher redemption rate.
  2. The Value of Non-Statement Credit Redemptions Is Limited.
  3. Low Earnings Base Rate $25 Minimum Redemption Threshold

Bottom Line

It’s worth noting that cardholders who use their Priceline RewardsTM Visa® Card to book travel on other cheap sites like Expedia and Orbitz aren’t subject to hefty penalties.

Many site-branded cards don’t count transactions made on competing sites toward their reward programs, making the travel booking niche even more cutthroat than it already is. 

Branded cards in other competitive industries do the same thing; for example, many popular gas credit cards don’t cover petrol bought at warehouse clubs like Walmart or Costco.

However, the card’s reward system is geared on encouraging significant spending on, so using it won’t encourage you to shop at competitors. Applying for a travel rewards card that doesn’t discriminate makes the most sense if you have a keen eye for exclusive travel discounts only available through direct booking with specific airlines or hotels, or if you simply prefer to shop around.

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