Furniture shopping can be intimidating, even more so if you have laid aside a significant sum of money and expect to spend time researching.

Fortunately, you won’t have to conduct more research to determine the best credit cards for furniture purchases, as we’ve produced a list of the best.

We have the inside scoop on which credit cards offer the incentives you’re looking for, whether it’s a longer 0% financing term or a high spending limit.

However, before we do that, let’s review the characteristics of the credit card you should be considering.

What To Look for in a Credit Card for Buying Furniture

When making a big purchase, your first attention should be on acquiring strong buy protection, since skipping this step could result in thousands of dollars in losses without any consumer safeguards or a sigh of relief when you see that your credit card has you protected.

Additionally, you’ll want to earn as many points as possible – while there are a few credit cards that offer bonus cash back on purchases made at home improvement stores or department stores where you can purchase furniture, there are few credit cards that offer high-value point systems.

That is why using a credit card with high rewards on all purchases, rather than simply home remodeling and/or furnishings, is one of the reward program’s primary objectives.

Finally, one of the most critical factors is being able to secure a high credit limit; alternatively, you can focus on placing your money on a card with no spending limit to avoid worrying about one.

Let’s take a look at the best personal credit cards for furniture!


Citi Custom Cash℠ Card

Annual Fee


Cash Back


The Citi Custom Cash card, which is one of the credit card industry’s newest entrants, is our preferred credit card for furniture purchases.

You might think this card is uninteresting at first, but we’re here to tell you differently!

The Citi Custom Cash card is, without a doubt, the finest credit card for making furniture purchases. That will be discussed later in this post.

To begin, let’s clarify the big welcome offer given — Citi does not typically provide no-annual-fee credit cards with welcome bonuses, so this is a greatly appreciated incorrect assertion. Furthermore, you’ll be able to take advantage of a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases. The regular APR will apply after the promotional period,

Then, on a monthly basis, you’ll receive a maximum of 5% cash back on your purchases in your top qualified spend category (up to $500 spent). Following that, you’ll earn 1% cash back on all future transactions, as well as an infinite 1% return on all other purchases.

However, let’s look at the 5% cash-back benefit more closely. You’ll notice an impressive number of qualified categories if you pay attention:

  • Drugstores
  • Fitness clubs
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Home improvement stores
  • Live entertainment
  • Restaurants
  • Select streaming services
  • Select transit
  • Select travel

As a result, you may earn up to $500 each month at home improvement stores to receive the greatest 5% cash-back, which equals 2,500 ThankYou Points.

Furthermore, the Citi Custom Cash card comes with no fraud liability, a free FICO credit score, and access to Citi Entertainment.

Why Do We Enjoy Accumulating Citi ThankYou Rewards Points?

You can use the Citi Custom Cash card to get ThankYou Points when you make purchases.

The Citi Custom Cash card does not allow you to use it for transactions or online shopping, although rewards can be used at Amazon.

When you have two Citi cards, the first is always your Citi Business Platinum Card. However, when linked with another card, such as the Citi Premier® Card, you may use it to access the magic of Citi ThankYou Points.

Simply put, you can convert your points to travel partners and get fantastic airfares.

Citi ThankYou Points are valued at about 1.6 cents each, and converting your 5% cash-back to an 8% return on spending with a ThankYou Rewards credit card is easy!


Citi® Double Cash Card

Annual Fee


Cash Back


The Citibank Double Cash card, which took second place in our credit card ratings, is another example. With this underappreciated credit card, you may earn 2% cash-back (1% at the time of purchase and 1% when you pay down your balance).

2% cash-back on all purchases is nice, but the best part of having the Citi Premier credit card is that your rewards may be transformed to ThankYou Rewards Points if you have the Citi Premier card.

This implies that your 2 percent cash-back will be comparable to 2x ThankYou Points, which works out to a 3.2% return on your purchases!

Despite the fact that there is no sign-up incentive on this credit card, it does provide an introductory 0% APR period and customizable payment dates, in addition to a late charge pass, zero fraud responsibility, fraud monitoring, and other perks.