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Tired of scouring the market for automobile insurance? Using QuoteWizard, you can have it done in a flash. There is a lot of work involved in finding the finest vehicle insurance policy, and the worst part is that it takes a lot of time. When it comes to finding the finest auto insurance rates and coverage options, go no farther than QuoteWizard, the nation’s leading lead source in the insurance industry.

QuoteWizard, a marketplace for insurance quotes, can link you to some of the most competitive offers in your region in just a few minutes. Interested? Stay tuned for our comprehensive assessment of QuoteWizard’s inexpensive insurance options.

About QuoteWizard

LendingTree owns QuoteWizard, an insurance marketplace. It was founded by Rob and Scott Peyree in Seattle, Washington, in 2006. With more than 50 million customers in the United States, the organization connects consumers to major insurance companies like Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide and Farmers. Since its inception in 2002, QuoteWizard has been ranked as the largest insurance-lead supplier in the country by the company’s website.

In addition to providing a wide range of services, QuoteWizard strives to make the process of locating and comparing renters’, homeowners’, life, health, and vehicle insurance rates as simple as possible. Using QuoteWizard’s online marketplace, you can quickly and easily compare quotations from a variety of major industry players. So you can evaluate offers side by side before picking the best one, the firm has its partner providers contact you directly rather than you contacting them one at a time.

However, despite the fact that QuoteWizard employs more than 150 people in three locations (Denver; Seattle; and Sacramento), the company’s executive team comprises the original founders as well as their father. On top of the company’s basic beliefs of providing individuals with the finest available options for vehicle insurance coverage, they also pride themselves on donating over $400,000 in previous years to their communities.

LendingTree, the nation’s largest loan marketplace, purchased the firm in 2018 and currently operates it as a completely owned subsidiary.

What is QuoteWizard’s feature?

QuoteWizard is an insurance marketplace that links customers with insurance brokers, not an insurance company, as previously stated. By comparing insurance policies from several providers, it might help you identify the most cost-effective option. In other words, you’ll never feel obligated to accept one of the coverage alternatives given to you because the firm functions independently of these partner insurance providers.

To help you get several insurance quotes quickly, QuoteWizard partners with businesses like Erie, USAA, GEICO and American Family Insurance. It works like this. To begin, you’ll need to provide the organization with some basic information about yourself, such as your marital status, your credit score, your birth date, and your location. The next step is to submit details about the vehicle you wish to insure, such as the model, year, and manufacture. Your existing policy and driving history will also be required.

QuoteWizard will begin collecting quotations from local insurance companies as soon as it receives this information. Auto insurance prices might vary greatly depending on your driving history and where you reside. Comparing quotations and choosing the best one for you will become easier once you begin receiving offers.

Additionally, QuoteWizard does a fantastic job of offering educational tools for drivers, such as thorough statistics on average insurance rates and the lowest insurance providers to deal with. Comprehensive vehicle insurance or full coverage car insurance can also be determined by reading the company’s substantial web literature.

How to get the most out of QuoteWizard’s auto insurance quote comparison service

If you’re wanting to get the finest auto insurance out there, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Mainly, it helps to understand how vehicle insurance works. In addition to helping you locate the cheapest prices, QuoteWizard can also help you understand the elements that impact auto insurance rates, including what you may anticipate to be given based on your driving profile, car, and other criteria.

As a general rule of thumb, persons with longer driving records obtain better quotes than newer drivers. Likewise, the sort of automobile you drive will also affect how much you end up spending, as certain vehicles have better safety ratings (and are historically operated in a safer fashion) than others. Another item that will save you money on auto insurance? Having a spotless driving record, as in no tickets, DUIs, or accidents.

Much like other kinds of insurance, vehicle insurance firms are all about risk assessment. The better your driving profile, the less of a risk you appear to be. Things like a strong driving history, a high credit score, and a safe automobile may all help you save money on car insurance.

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Who owns Quote Wizard?

The website QuoteWizard is owned by LendingTree, Inc.


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